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After the Tournament

Chapter 8: The day has come.

Yoh Asakura the Shaman King was preparing for the biggest day of his life. The day he would marry Anna, the girl he loved at a very young age. Unlike most men before their marriage, Yoh was very calm. Manta and Amidamaru were helping him prepare. It seemed that Manta was making up for Yoh's lack of being nervous.

"Yoh how can you be so calm on the most important day of your life?" Manta asked.

"I thought you knew me better Manta." Yoh said to his friend.

"What do you mean by that?" Manta asked.

"It's like I always say, everything will out in the end." Yoh said calmly.

"No matter how much I spend time with you, I may never understand your nature." Manta said.

"Everyone has their own way of living life Manta." Amidamaru said.

"Thanks Amidamaru." Yoh said.

"Your welcome Yoh-dono, I'm always happy help you." Amidamaru said.

"Sorry about questioning you Yoh, I just felt like it was my duty to check on you as the best man." Manta said.

"It's alright buddy, it just means you care about your friends." Yoh said.

"Enough about that, lets finish you up, the wedding is in a few hours." Manta said.

"I guess your right." Yoh began. "I can't believe the day has finally come though." Yoh said.

While Yoh was preparing for the wedding, the bride was nearly finished. Much like the groom, she had no signs of nervousness.

"Anna I find it amazing that you're so calm on a day like today." Pirka said to Anna.

"I would go crazy on a day like today, how are you so calm Anna?" Tamao asked.

"When you truly love someone you have a lot of faith in that person," Anna began. "I have faith in Yoh and our relationship."

"Once again, anazing." Pirka said.

"Enough chit-chat, help me get ready, it's almost time for my wedding." Anna pionted out.

"We're on it." The two girls said at once.

The wedding was about to begin. Yoh was at the alter with his best man Manta. Amidamaru was also with Yoh because they felt it would be proper. Yohmei was the one who would wed the young couple due to to the fact he was head of the Asakura clan. The others were waiting for the ceremony to begin. As soon as the music began everyone looked to the back and saw Anna walking with Kino. (She is the closest thing to a parent for Anna.) One could have sworn they saw Yoh's jaw hit the ground while he was gazing at his soon-to-be wife.

"She's so beatiful." Yoh thought to himself.

Anna finished walking to the alter when Yohmei began the wedding.

"Friends and family, brothers and sister, we are gathered here today to unite Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyoyama in holy matrimony. If anyone thinks these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." Yohmei said.

And a split second after he said that Anna said "Speak and die."

There was nothing but silence for a few moments after Anna said that. Yoh was trying to calm the others with a smile showing them that everything would be fine.

"Even on a day like today, Anna will still be the ice queen." Yoh thought.

"Before we continue, will the bride and the groom please say their vows." Yohmei said.

"Anna, I've loved you since the moment I met you, even though you've acted cold to me I could tell you were lonely, I felt that I had to be with you. You are the reason I became Shaman King, you are the reason I pushed myself to the limit, it was so I could make you happy and so I could live my life with you." Yoh said.

"Yoh, I was indeed lonely at first, but then I met you. I also fell in love with you when I first met you, I just didn't know what love was at the time. After being with you I learned what love is and I couldn't be happier with anybody else but you Yoh." Anna said

"Now that you have persented your voes." Yohmei began "Yoh do you take Anna to be your wife, to love and to hold, to care for her when she is ill, to always be there for her."

"I do." Yoh said.

"And do you Anna take Yoh to be your husband, to love and to hold, to care for him when he is ill, to always be there for him." Yohmei said.

"I do." Anna said.

"Then by the power vested in me by our ancestors of the Asakura clan, I pronounce you man and wife.You may kiss the bride." Yohmei said.

As soon as he said that Yoh gave Anna the most passionate kiss he had ever givin her, it even got her by surprise. Everyone was cheering for them when the kiss started. Everyone was happy that the two were finally toghether as husband and wife. Right when Yoh finished the kiss Anna just looked at him and quickly gave him a kiss of her own getting Yoh by surprise.

The reception went very well. Everyone was enjoying themselves eating, drinking, and laughing about events of the past. Ren was enjoying a glass of milk, Horohoro and Ryu had another eating contest with a result similar to the New Year party, Pirka, Tomao, and Jun were gossiping. The members of the Asakura family were enjoing themselves with the newest member of the family, Anna Kyoyama Asakura was siting next to her husband Yoh.

"Congradulations little bro." Hao said to his brother.

"Thanks Hao." Yoh said.

"Oh, and Anna don't worry I've already found a new place to stay." Hao began. "I will no longer be living in the Inn with you two." Hao said.

"I never told you to leave." Anna said.

"Your husband said you would prefer it that I left the house." Hao said.

Anna was a bit shocked at this but she relaxed when she saw Yoh wink at her as he was peeling an orange. This was just one of Yoh's ways of showing he would do anything for her. Anna just gave her a quick kiss as a way to thank him.

Yoh and Anna decided to return home after a long night. They reached their house at a very late hour and decided it was time to get some sleep.

"Yoh, I so glad that the two of us are finally married." Anna said.

"Me too Anna." Yoh said as they prepared to sleep.

"I love you Yoh." Anna said giving Yoh a good night kiss.

"I love you too Anna, good night." Yoh said as they weent to sleep.

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