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Operation Wincest

Chapter One: I call it Wincest

"Dean, explain the plan to me again," Sam Winchester said as he and his older brother pulled into the parking lot of some motel. It was late and they had been driving for two days straight. Both were tired and needed some sleep before taking off again. To where, neither were sure. But they had recently broken out of prison, and the police were hot on their trail somehow. "I don't really get it."

"Sammy, how many times am I going to have to go through this?" Dean asked his little brother with a sigh. He parked his '67 Impala and turned to look at Sam. "The police are after two brothers, right?"

"Yeah," Sam replied, not really seeing how this explained anything. "They have our names, our appearances, and some of our family information."

"Right, well, we change our names-"

"Which they'll be expecting," Sam interrupted.

"And the way they described us was way too vague, no one will guess it's us," Dean continued as if he hadn't been cut off. "And these people don't know shit about our family."

"How is that a plan exactly?" Sam asked, crossing his arms.

"Well, uh, oh come on. You'll just have to wait and see Sammy," Dean said with a grin and got out of the car. Sam sighed and followed him, climbing out of the car as well and walking into the lobby. Inside, a man with bright red hair and too many freckles greeted them.

"Hey there," Dean said with the grin still on his face, "one room."

The man's mouth formed a frown as he looked at the two. He reached down to a cabinet under his desk and pulled out a sheet of paper. His eyes scanned the paper and he looked up at the two. "Winchesters?"

"Nope, my name is Haze Vozinelik, and this here is Reid Sanders," Dean said with a fake grin this time. Sam could tell Dean was putting his plan, whatever his great plan was, into motion. Now all the younger could do was watch his big brother work.

"Right. Well, you know you two sound an awful lot like those Winchester criminals," the man said handing them the paper. Dean scanned it, feigning interest. Sam sighed as he read it over Dean's shoulder and thought 'Too vague my ass.'

"Well, that is strange isn't it?" Dean said with a mock surprise. "But these two, as good-looking as this Dean guy sounds, have one big difference from us. They're brothers."

"Yeah? And how do I know you two aren't brothers?" the motel manager asked Dean skeptically. "For all I know you could be the Winchesters just pretending to be friends."

"Friends?" Dean said, raising his eyebrows. "I never said we were friends."

"Oh yeah, then what are you?" the man asked, reaching over to the telephone. "Because let me tell you, I'm all set and ready to phone the cops."

"Hey, no need for that. All you had to do was ask." Dean reached over to Sam and wrapped one of his arms around the younger's waist, pulling his brother close to him. "We're boyfriends."

The man looked between the two, slightly surprised. Slowly, he moved his hand away from the phone. Dean grinned at his plan working perfectly. Sam did his best attempt at a smile, which was hard when his big brother's hand was now on his ass. He nodded and added, "Yeah, this guy and me, inseparable."

"Inseparable," Dean repeated in agreement, pulling his brother as close to him as humanly possible. "So, can we have a room or not? It's been a long day."

The man's frown deepened in thought, but he finally put his attention on the guest book in front of him. "All right, a king-sized then?"

"Yeah, one king, please," Dean said with his most charming smile. The man made an annoyed noise and wrote some stuff down in his book. "How long you need the room for?"

"A week," Sam said suddenly, making Dean look at him with a raised eyebrow. Sam just gave him the puppy-dog look he was so good at. So Dean shrugged and looked back at the guy. "You heard my man."

"Right, $190.00 then," the man said, looking at them both still with distaste. But Dean wasn't sure now if it was because he thought they were liars or because he thought they were gay. Either way it didn't really matter, as long as they got a room without the police coming to check them out. He took out his wallet with the hand not currently grabbing Sam's ass, and flipped it open, taking out the needed amount.

Sam watched his brother with slight interest as to why Dean wasn't using a credit card scam like usual. After all, he'd hustled that money in a poker game just a few days ago, before they had took off from the cops. And Dean was always protective of the money he earned, so it made Sam wonder. He decided it was probably another way to lose the cops though.

"Enjoy your stay," the man said in a way that told the two he really didn't mean it. He handed them two keys.

"Thanks, uh," Dean said, leaning forward slightly to read the guy's nametag as he took the keys, "Jimmy. And don't worry about it not being enjoyable," Dean added as he pulled Sam to him again. Sam really wanted to slug him, especially as Dean leaned up and gave the younger a quick peck on the cheek. Dean continued with, "I mean, 'Cause this guy here, he's great in bed. I mean, he screams like a gir-"

Dean was cut off as his little brother's foot stomped down on his own. He winced, but looked at the motel manager, Jimmy, and laughed it off. "Guess I've said too much. See ya' later Jimbo."

Dean turned with his arm still around his little brother and led them both out of the door into the chilly night air. As soon as they were out Jimmy's sight, Dean whipped his arm away from Sam and said, "Dude, get off me!"

"Whatever man, you were the one all over me," Sam said taking a few steps away from Dean as they continued to their room. "So this was your brilliant plan? Make us look like a gay couple?"

"It's good, huh?" Dean said looking to Sam with a grin, obviously proud of his plan.

Sam sighed and shook his head. "Yeah, Dean, brilliant."

"Damn straight," Dean said as they got to their room and he unlocked the door. They entered and took a quick look around the checkerboard design on the walls, floor, and furniture before Dean went to the bed and turned back to Sam. "I call bed."

"Yeah, I figured you might," Sam said, closing the door and locking it. "But, that's too bad, because I'm calling it."

"I called it first!" Dean argued, blocking the bed protectively. "You get the floor!"

"Like Hell I do!" Sam said trying to push past his brother, but when Dean refused to let him pass, he tackled him onto the bed.

"Get off!" Dean said, struggling under Sam, who replied with, "No, you're the one getting off!"

They struggled like that a few more minutes until there was a knock on the door. Dean, who had just been flipped onto his back, and was currently under Sam, looked to the door with curiosity. "Maid! Anyone here?"

Sam sighed and started getting up to open the door, but stopped when he felt Dean grab his wrist. He looked down at Dean and Dean placed his hand over Sam's mouth with his hand that wasn't grabbing his little brother's wrist. There was another short knock on the door and Dean took a deep breath with a grin to Sam.

"Oh, God, Sam!" Dean moaned, and Sam was sure people five rooms over heard him. The younger blushed and tried to shut Dean up, but it was hopeless. "Sam, ah, that hurts!"

A faint "oh my!" was heard outside the door and the sound of footsteps hurrying away. Someone pounded on the wall across from them, yelling to keep it down. Dean just laughed and let go of Sam's wrist. Sam jumped up from the bed and walked quickly to the bathroom, catching a glimpse of his beet-red face in a mirror and sighing. He was going to kill Dean for that, plain and simple.

"Taking a shower Sammy? Want me to join you?" Dean teased as he stretched out on the bed, deciding that he had won the rights to use it for the night.

"No, I think I'll do fine by myself Dean," Sam said, slamming the bathroom door behind him. Dean laughed and shook his head. He heard the water start up and closed his eyes. A few minutes later he opened his eyes and shouted, "Hey, Sam!"

"What Dean?" Sam asked, his voice rising above the sound of the shower.

"Come here!"

"Kind of in the middle of something!" Sam replied.

"Come on Sammy! It's an emergency!" Dean yelled and waited only a few seconds before Sam ran out. Dean raised his eyebrows and looked up at the ceiling. "Dude, you could have put something on."

"You said it was an emergency," Sam said and grabbed the towel near the bathroom doorway, wrapping it around his waist. "So, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Dean said with a shrug, his eyes going back to look at Sam. "I just thought of something."

Sam sighed. "Oh God. What?"

"Well, I call it wincest," Dean said with a grin, proud of himself for discovering the word.


"Yeah, Winchester incest," Dean replied with the same victorious grin. "Cool huh?"

"Cool? Dude, that's just weird," Sam replied turning to go back into the bathroom. "Why don't you think about something useful for a change? Like how to lose the cops."

"This is a way to lose the cops. Operation Wincest," Dean argued. He sat up and gestured towards the lobby. "Remember the guy from the lobby? We had him completely fooled."

"Yeah, well, I don't know. I'm going to go finish my shower now, alright?" Sam said and shut the door behind him.

"Alright, hurry up! I want to go to the bar!"

"Yeah, fine! But, Dean, there might be a slight problem with that."

"What? What kind of problem?"

"Well, you know. With Operation Wincest and everything, I'm just wondering, the bar we're going to…gay or straight?"

"Shit, didn't think about that. Uh…gay?"

"Just kill me now, alright?"

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