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Dean paused outside the building, his eyes straining to see through the dirty glass window on the door. The first thing his eyes landed on were two guys about his age…kissing. "I'm, uh, kind of having second thoughts here."

Sam sighed from behind his brother and stepped around him, grabbing the doorknob. "Oh come on, we've came this far. Might as well grab a beer before heading back."

Dean nodded and followed Sam closely. Once inside he breathed in the familiar bar smell of beer and smoke. Maybe this wouldn't be too bad after all. He could live through a few beers as long as he didn't look around at the interesting couples. He glanced over to his side and saw a man probably a few years older than him eyeing him with what Dean feared might be lust.

"Dude!" Sam muttered with surprised as Dean's hand gripped his own. He rolled his eyes but turned to face his brother when Dean's grip nearly broke his hand. "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But I'm starting to think this idea was stupid," Dean told Sam in a whisper, glancing around at all of the bar customers with caution. "Let's just go to a normal bar…gays go to normal bars right?."

Sam frowned but didn't want to push the matter. The guys here did look kind of intimidating, and if they wanted into Dean's pants…well, Sam wanted to get them both out of there if that was the case. A quick look around showed that it was indeed the case for quite a few of the men. They were eyeing the Winchesters eagerly, and that did not bode well for the two brothers.

Sam bit his lip nervously as one made their way over to them, accompanied by his buddy, or maybe his boyfriend? Sam didn't know, hell, he didn't want to know. They were big too, as in muscular, not fat. Sam thought they kind of looked like football players, only more dangerous. He sighed then smiled as best as he could at the men.

"Hey there Sexy," said the man as he approached the brothers, directing his greeting at the older. Dean smiled back but hid slightly behind Sam. Great, Sam thought, Guess airplanes aren't the only thing he's afraid of.

"You two together?" the other asked, eyeing Sam, who found himself having to be the one to talk to these two since his brother was currently scoping the room for the nearest exit. "'cause we're not. And we were hoping we could chat to you two a bit."

"Um, well, yes actually," Sam said with his best smile. "We've been dating for a few months now, right, uh, Honey?"

Dean turned back to the conversation reluctantly. There was no escaping this, he didn't want Sammy to face the guys alone. After all, his brother was the more girly out of the two, so he would be the one in the most danger right? But did Sam really have to call him Honey?

"That's right Baby," Dean said, reluctantly bringing the hand he was holding up to his lips and placing a quick kiss on his little brother's fingers. "And I remember the first time we met. Trust me, you guys will love this story. I looked out the window of my house and there he was in my backyard, picking flowers. When I went out and confronted him about trespassing, he started crying and said he needed them to decorate his doll collection. It was so damn adorable, I just had to give him all the flowers."

The two men were smiling throughout the entire story, muttering faint "Aw"s throughout it. Sam on the other hand looked ready to murder Dean. One man gave a slight nod and said, "I see, well, we won't bother you anymore. I hope you two have a good time. See you." The two left then and both Winchesters breathed a sigh of relief. Dean followed the sigh with a slight smirk. "Damn, I'm good."

"Yeah, sure. You know, you can let go of my hand at anytime," Sam said with a small chuckle. Dean shook his head, "No way Sammy. Not until I know I'm safe from evil guys who will drag me and you off to do who knows what with them."

Sam could hear the genuine nervousness in his brothers and shook his head. "Dude, who are you and what have you done with my brother? Are you seriously that homophobic?"

"I'm not homophobic," Dean argued with a frown. "Just, uh, allergic to sex with guys."

"I'm sure," Sam said rolling his eyes and leading them to a table away from most of the crowd. He sat and his brother copied him across the table. Sam sighed. "Dude, seriously, let go of my hand."

Dean hesitated but let go, crossing his arms. "Fine Sammy, but if some scary man comes and drags you away, I'm not saving you."

"Sure you won't Dean," Sam answered with a knowing smile. He knew Dean would come to his rescue like always…Not that he needed rescuing or anything. "And it's Sam."

"Yeah, yeah," Dean said, his eyes traveling cautiously around the bar. There was a guy at the counter who seemed to be eyeing his little brother. Dean felt a low growl rise in his throat as he changed to protective older brother. No way was he letting any guy get to Sam. Even if he had to give a few black eyes to do it.

A waitress came over and smiled at the two. "Hey there boys. My name's Alisa, would you like anything?"

"Two beers," Sam said with a smile. He glanced at his big brother who was smiling charmingly at the girl. Dean opened his mouth to no doubt give one of his great pick-up lines but was cut off when Sam's foot connected rather painfully with Dean's leg.


The waitress looked at Dean with alarm as he said the word and leant down to rub his sore, and probably now bruised, leg. He smiled at her slightly and gave a slight shrug to signal he was fine. She turned and left them to get the drinks.

"That friggin' hurt Sam," Dean complained, leaving his leg alone now to cross his arms again.

"You were going to flirt with the waitress, had to stop you somehow right?" Sam said with a shrug.

"Jealous Sammy?" Dean said teasingly, but without a smile. His leg hurt now, dammit!

"Dude, shut up. This was your stupid plan. If you want to go ahead a blow it, fine, be my guest," Sam said, pouting with the usual look that made Dean feel like a complete ass when the look was made because of him.

"Alright, alright. Sorry, since you're actually going along with the plan without much complaining, I'll try to stick to it too," Dean said pouting slightly himself, though like usual it didn't have much of an effect on Sam. "But, dude, come on. She might have been bi, she might have had a girlfriend! Do you have any idea what that means? Threesomes Sam!"

"That's great Dean," Sam said with a sigh. "But I think you should be finding a way to escape from the cops rather than looking for girls. We can't act like a couple forever."

Dean sighed. "I suppose you're right. Alright, stay here and wait for our beers. I'll go ask around to see if anyone has noticed any high police activity. If you get too scared just yell for me, alright Sammy?"

Sam rolled his eyes but nodded and relaxed in his chair. Well, as much as a good-looking straight guy could relax in a gay bar. Not wanting to know if anybody was checking him out, he stared down at the table and just hoped Dean would be back soon.

"Hey there buddy," Dean said as he sat on the bar stool, a fake grin on his face. He glanced back at Sam, making sure he was alone and okay, then turned back to the man he was now sitting next to and said, "The name's Haze."

"Hey, I'm Jake," the guy said with a charming grin. Dean forced himself to keep his own smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you man," Dean said shook his head no to the bartender who asked if he needed anything to drink. He looked at Jake and said, "I saw you looking over at my table."

"Yeah..." Jake said, glancing back over to Sam with a great deal of interest. Dean moved slightly over to partially block the guy's view of his little brother. "You and him together?"

"Yeah, actually we are, sorry," Dean said with a superior grin. The man just grinned back and said, "Oh, really? Because you and him don't really seem all that in love."

"Excuse me?" Dean asked, the smile fading from his face.

"I think I'll go over there and have a little chat with him," Jake told him as he got up and moved toward Sam. Dean clenched his hand into a fist and resisted pounding his fist against the counter and making a scene. "Like hell you will."

Sammy looked up when he heard someone near him. He prayed it would be Dean, but it seemed luck wasn't on his side and he was staring up at some guy around his age. The guy smiled. "Yo, I'm Jake."

"Reid," the youngest Winchester said in greeting, shaking the hand that was offered to him. He flinched in disgusted surprise when Jake lifted his hand up and kissed it. He heard his brother before he saw him. "Get the hell away from him, you freak!"

Dean was at Jake's side now and grabbed Sam's wrist, pulling it away from Jake's hand. He glared daggers at Jake as he positioned himself inbetween him and his little brother. Sam glanced around at the small crowd that had gathered around them, looking for a good show.

"Someone's a tad bit possessive," Jake teased Dean without a smile. He looked at Sam again and then back to the older. "I feel sorry for the guy, having a boyfriend like you."

"Screw you," Dean snapped, pushing the guy back and Sam got up from his seat. "Hey, uh...Haze, cool it," he told his older brother, but Dean only ignored him.

"Why don't we let Reid decide who he likes best?" Jake asked with a smirk, obviously confident in his good looks. He looked at Sam. "Alright? You pick whoever you want. But I gotta tell you, I could make you feel things that this guy never could."

Dean looked over to Sam and saw his face had paled considerably with that last comment. Poor Sammy, having to stomach such a revolting thought. Sam looked at Dean and then back to Jake. "I-I pick Haze, of course," he told Jake, reaching down for his brother's hand and taking it loosely in his own. Dean smiled triumphantly. "Ha, looks like i win." He ignored the fact that it was an odd thing to win.

Jake glared at Dean for a moment, and seemed as though he was studying him. "You know, it's weird, but I don't seem to be getting the vibe from you..."

"Vibe?" Dean muttered, confused.

"I don't think you're really gay," Jake challenged, looking at Dean with a smug look. Dean mouth hung open slightly, but then started to form an arguement. Before he could though, Jake simply added, "Prove it."

"Prove it? How the hell would we do that?" Dean asked angrily. He swore he was gonna give this guy a black eye before the night was through.

"Kiss him," Jake said with a sigh, making it seem like the most obvious thing in the world. Both Winchester brother's eyes widened and Jake added, "On the lips I mean, no cheating. And you'd better be able to prove it, 'Cause you don't even wanna know what we do with straight guys in here." The crowd chuckled knowingly at this and Dean gulped. It seemed this guy wasnt bluffing.

"K-kiss, come on, we don't need to prove any-" Sam started but was cut off as Dean reached up and brought Sam's face down to his and their lips met. Both Sam and Dean resisted the urge to gag. For some reason, the first thought that came to Sam's mind was Dean's baby, the impala, and how much fun it might be to run his brother over with it. Dean's thoughts consisted only of mouthwash.

The brothers pulled away from the kiss at the same time, breathless. It was everything Sam could do not to look like he desperately needed to find the nearest bathroom and be sick. Dean tried his hardest to imagine it had been a chick he'd just kissed and not his little brother. One thing was certain, they were definetly never mentioning this again.

"Happy?" Dean asked Jake, sounding incredibly ticked. Jake shrugged. "Yeah, I guess."

"Good," Dean muttered, relieved that the creepy, evil gay guys weren't going to hurt them...or do something worse. "C'mon Reid, we're leaving."

"Yeah," Sam agreed right away, walking immedietly towards the exit. Thankfully, no one tried to stop him. Dean waited til Sam was almost to the exit to turn back to Jake. "And this is for eyeing my guy," he said as he sent a fist into Jake's face, certain it would result in a black eye. He grinned as he took of running to the exit. He passed Sam on his way out and grabbed his little brother's arm, pulling him along. They both got into the impala and Dean started it up immedietly, taking off.

Sam sighed as he relaxed back in the seat, glad to get away from that place.

"So Dean, we're heading back to the motel then?" he asked, looking at his brother.

"Are you serious?" Dean asked looking over at Sam quickly to give him a look as though he were crazy. "I just kissed my goddamn brother. I need a beer."

Sam laughed and silently agreed. Looks like they were going to a straight bar after all.

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