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Chapter 2

"I'm so glad you two could make it down here," said Jacob Moore, the owner of the restaurant the Winchesters were currently at. Golden walls and cherry-wood flooring surrounded them, as well as the many tables scattered around the room.

"No problem," Sam said with a smile, looking around the large eating area. "So, you said it was a spirit, right? How much damage has it caused exactly?"

"Too much," Mr. Moore answered quickly. He leaned against a chair behind him and sighed. "The spirit already made a stove explode. Do you realize how much damage that caused, and not to mention how many injuries there were because of it? Then it sent all the tables, complete with people's dinners up to the ceiling and hung them all upside down. My restaurant is starting to lose its good reputation because of this thing!"

"We understand that Mr. Moore. Now, can you tell us if anyone has died in this restaurant, or anywhere near here?" Dean asked, both trying to keep the man calm and investigate the scene.

"No, no one. Folks end up hurt, but never killed," he said with a sigh, sitting in the chair. He shook his head. "I thought I was done with all this ghost business back when I quit being a hunter."

"You were a hunter?" Sam asked with surprise.

"Of course I was, how else do you boys think I knew your father?" Mr. Moore asked.

"Well, we thought that maybe you were just one of the people Dad helped in the past. We had no idea you had worked with him," Dean explained.

"Nope, I was a hunter, not one o' the best of course, but a hunter," he sighed. "Was being the keyword there. I quit about two years ago. Wanted the normal life, no more ghost huntin'. So I opened my own restaurant. And what happens? Some ghosty decides it would be fun to torment a retired hunter."

"We're sorry to hear that, Mr. Moore. We'll try to get rid of the spirit as soon as possible," Sam said with a comforting smile. Mr. Moore nodded his thanks and stood up. "Then I'm gonna be heading home. You need me, just call the number I gave you."

"Will do," Dean called after him, and waited til he had left before turning to Sam. "I'll check out the eating area, you take the kitchen."

Sam sighed, but nodded, and turned to the kitchen doors and walked toward them. He looked around as the door closed behind him and took a few steps forward. The room was brightly lit up and the lights seemed to dance before his eyes. He held onto a counter for support but it didn't stop the world from spinning.

"Dean!" he tried to call, but his open mouth made no sound. How could the spirit be having the much of an effect on him? The thought came to him that maybe this wasn't the spirit, maybe it was part of that deal...

"Hey, Sammy! C'mere, I found something!" Dean shouted from the other room and Sam turned to follow his big brother's voice but his head was spinning and his legs were like jello, unable to move. He suddenly cried out in pain as a strange, painful burning sensation shot through his entire body. He lost his balance and fell to the floor, closing his eyes in pain as his head connected to the side of a metal table and everything became dark.


"Wake up Sam! C'mon, dude, this is no time for a nap!"

Sam weakly opened his eyes, just to close them immedietly from the bright kitchen lights overhead. Why did it feel like he'd just been through a oven?

"Sammy, what happened?" Dean asked and the younger could feel his big brother place a hand on his forehead. "Dude, you're hot."

Sam grinned slightly from Dean's statement but before he could respond, Dean added, "Don't even say it. You know I'm the one that got all the looks."

"Whatever, jerk," Sam said, his voice amused, but raspy. He tried to ignore that his throat currently felt like it was on fire, though that didn't stop him from wincing in pain. "Ugh, my head is killing me."

"What happened? When you didn't respond I got worried," Dean explained, staring down at his little brother, who's head was currently resting on his brother's lap. "And then I found you on the floor."

"Maybe I'm coming down with something," Sam lied casually, struggling to sit up. He wouldn't tell Dean what he really thought, not when it involved a certain crossroads demon. "It's no big deal."

"Sammy, you're burning up. And not just your forehead," he touched Sam's arm, revealed by his t-shirt, and quickly took his hand away. "It feels like you just went through a fire. Not only that, you're skin is red."

Sam looked down at his hands and arms and frowned with confusion. It really did look red, like a nasty sunburn. "That's just great."

"I'll be damned if you get any hotties to talk to you looking like that," Dean said with a slight grin. "Looks like your sex life just came to a end."

"Shut up Dean," Sam said with a sigh, standing up as his brother did the same. The same dizzy feeling came over him and he rocked slightly before falling again, this time caught by his brother.

"Woah there Sammy," Dean said, his voice changing from amused to concerned in a second. He lowered Sam to the floor slowly. "Maybe you should just rest for a bit."

Sam hesitated but shook his head slowly. "Just help me to the car, okay? I'll be fine."

Dean sighed but helped Sam up, putting one of his little brother's arms around his shoulder to help balance him. He led the way to his Impala parked just outside the building. After dumping Sam in the passenger seat, he went around and got into the driver's side. Starting up the car, he backed up and drove toward their motel.

Once parked in the spot outside their room, Dean helped Sam in and the younger collapsed on the bed. Dean sat down next to him.

"Did that spirit do something to you?" Dean asked, his eyes moving slowly down his brother's body to check for injuries of anykind. "Cause if he did, I'll go right back there and kill that sorry son of a bitch."

"That's sweet Dean," Sam muttered, closing his eyes. Everything was hot and he could feel the sweat drip down his face onto the sheets below him. "But no, I just felt dizzy. I doubt it was the spirit."

"Well, what else could it have been?" Dean asked with a sigh, shaking his head. Sam didn't answer. He didn't want to admit it, but he was pretty sure what was causing all this. And it definetly wasn't something he wanted Dean to know.

"Well, maybe you'll feel better with some sleep, eh?" Dean asked, getting off the bed and moving over to his own. Sam nodded and moved up to lay his head on the pillows. He was torn between the need to sleep and the desire to take a cold shower. Sleep won out in the end.


It was 6:32 am when Dean was awoken by the ring of his cell phone. He yawned loudly, reaching over to take it from the nightstand, open it, and put it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Dean? It's Sam."

Dean looked over to his brother's bed to find it empty and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Sammy? Where are you?"

"In an alley, near Bachman St.," Sam told him, his voice slightly shakey.

"You okay?" Dean asked, much more awake now that he heard his brother's nervous tone. "You need me to come pick you up?"

"Yeah, Dean, thanks," Sam said and hung up. Sam put the phone back into his pocket and stared at the scene in front of him. A man's corpse covered in blood laid on the ground and a bloody knife rested only a foot or so from Sam. Half of him wanted his brother to hurry up, not wanting anyone else to see what he had done. The other half hoped Dean took his time; he really didn't want to tell his brother he had become a murderer.

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