AOL SIGN: Logan is now signed in

KP: Hey Wolvie!

Logan: Hey Kitty :0)

KP: What'ch ya doin?

Logan: Nothing…

AOL SIGN: Marie, Bobby, Jubilee and KP would like to join you in a four person chat. Will you accept?

Logan: "Hits yes button"

Marie: Hey Logan "waves"

Jubilee: Yeah! Hey Logan!

Logan: Hey guys…

Bobby: What are you doin?

Logan: Why does it seem as though everyone is interested in what I'm doin'?

Jubilee: Never know. You could be watching…certain movies…

Logan: Not in the mansion…

KP: EW! "makes a disgusted look"

Logan: LMAO

Bobby: I don't know. Because you seem like the kinda guy that just sits on his a…

Logan: Watch it!

Bobby: Butt…

KP: "giggles"

Logan: Better…

Bobby: And doesn't do anything.

Marie: No he does.

Logan: Thank you Marie


Logan: No…I was actually writing some stuff…

Jubilee: Like…in a diary?

Bobby: The Wolverine doesn't keep a diary Jubes.

Logan: "clears throat"

Jubilee: Well, you never know!

KP: Yeah!

Jubilee: See? Kitty agrees with me.

Bobby: That doesn't matter. Logan is a big rough man…

Logan: "Clears throat again"

Marie: So what if he keeps a diary?! He can do whatever he wants!

Logan: Excuse me!

Marie: "looks at Logan"

Bobby: "ditto"

Jubilee: "ditto"

KP: "ditto"

Logan: It's not a diary. It's a journal…there's a difference. "laughs"

Jubilee: See! I told you!

Bobby: Shut up…