Choutaro, Who is THAT?

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Pairing(s) in this story: Shishido/Choutaro! (A normal one this time, oh well) a little Gakuto/Oshitari too...

"Alright practice is over!" The normal call in Hyoutei echoed through the whole tennis field.

"Phew, it's over?" Ootori Choutaro, second year from Hyoutei, said as he wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

He walked to the locker rooms where all the other Hyoutei regulars were. He changed really fast and walked out the door grabbing his tennis bag with him. (Sorry people, I'm not going to describe him changing!)

"Ne, Choutaro, why are you changing so fast?" Gakuto, Hyoutei's doubles player, asked.

"I'm meeting someone, sempai." Choutaro said, smiling, "I can't wait to see her." He closed the locker room door.

"'Her'? He has a girlfriend?" Gakuto asked to no one is particular.

"You hear that, Shishido? Gakuto said Choutaro has a girlfriend. Ore-sama guess's you just can't keep up…" Atobe said, shaking his head.

Shishido glared at Keigo, "Like you and Jiroh?"

Atobe twitched, "No. Not like Ore-sama and Jiroh. Our love is way different from you amateurs."

"Right. Right. Then why is Jiroh with Marui from Rikkaidai?" Gakuto asked.

"Where is Choutaro going?" Atobe asked, changing the subject.

"Let's follow him!" Gakuto announced, jumping up, and ended up being caught by Oshitari.

"I doubt it would go great." Said Yuushi's dull voice, "Also, Gakuto, don't put your arms around me."

"Sorry…but let go of me!" Gakuto cried, blushing.

Yuushi automatically dropped Gakuto; he landed on the ground with a "thump!"

"You didn't have to drop me…" He said, rubbing his head.

"Eto… is this the place?" Choutaro asked himself, scratching his head.

Meanwhile, behind a bush…

"There he is!" Gakuto whispered, pointing.

"Shush!" Shishido covered Gakuto's mouth, "Eww." He wiped his hand on Gakuto's shirt.

"Hey, he's moving!" Gakuto cried.

Looks like only Shishido and Gakuto were following Choutaro. I guess no one cared. Jiroh was with Bunta, obviously.

Let's go back to Choutaro, ok?

"Looks like this is the right bus stop." He looked at his watch, "It's almost time."

The bus came just in time, wow. They never seem to get in time! A young lady in her twenties stepped out. She was wearing a dress and had long brown hair. She was carrying a large brown bag.

Meanwhile, two strangely dressed people were watching the two interact. One was dressed in a girl's clothing. She somehow looked like Gakuto, except with a skirt. The other guy was wearing a fake mustache, and a giant coat.

"Why do I have to wear this mustache? It's so itchy!" Shishido complained.

"Shut up! That's her! His girlfriend!" Gakuto said.

A man walked over to Gakuto, "Hello, there. How would you--"

"Shush! I'm trying to see what his girlfriend looks like!" Gakuto pushed the stranger away.

"Look at her. With her brown hair and her dress. Wooing Choutaro like that…" Shishido growled and clenched his fist.

"Ano, Choutaro-kun, do you know them?" The woman asked, pointing to the two poorly disguised Hyoutei members.

"Shishido-san! Gakuto-san!" Choutaro cried, he had a shocked expression.

"I told you these were bad disguises!" Shishido whispered to Gakuto, "But you just had to make me wear it!"

"Hey, your disguise may not be good, but I'm simply adorable!" Gakuto replied, also whispering.

"Hello, who are you?" The woman greeted.

"Who are you?" Shishido replied rudely.

"Shishido-san, please this is my aunt, Akari-san, be nice." Choutaro scolded (but he's too nice, right?).

"You're…" Shishido stumbled on his words.

"YOU'RE HIS AUNT!?" Gakuto shouted, "You look like my cousins!"

"Oh, who are you? You're so pretty with your clothes, young lady." Akari said, patting Gakuto's head.

"Y-young lady?" Gakuto asked, blushing.

"Looks like your disguise is too convincing…" Shishido snickered.

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