Gakuto Tells a Story

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The Hyoutei tennis team decided to train more. So, Atobe called his people… and they arrived at a camp (also known as Atobe's summer cottage). It was 10 at night. Everyone got ready for bed.

Gakuto, Oshitari, Choutaro, and Shishido shared a room. Atobe, after many attempts, got Jiroh to share a room with him. Poor old Hiyoshi, no one seems to care about him so he had his own room. Have you ever noticed that not many people in his team actually remember him? He ended up having his own room. He didn't care really. He rather not be any to do with Mukahi Gakuto, his ideas are so irrational. When did his ideas usually work?

Choutaro was getting ready for bed, but as soon as he got in, he couldn't sleep. The bed felt so different then the one at home.

After desperate attempts to make the bed more comfortable, he quit.

"Choutaro, are you ok? You keep turning around." Shishido asked.

"I'm fine, it's just that… I'm not used to sleeping in this bed." He answered.

"Ne, how about a bed time story?" Gakuto asked, "Maybe that would work."

Shishido snickered, "You? Tell a story? I wonder what it would be, maybe the 'I'm so stupid because I am' story."

Gakuto glared at Shishido, "I'll tell you the story I like the most."

Oshitari raised an eyebrow.

With that, Gakuto started his story, "One there was a girl. She was so pretty that everyone died. The king was mad. Then one day a giant atomic bomb blew her up. Everyone lived again! The End! There, did that make you feel better?"

Choutaro stared at Gakuto, "No."

Shishido glared at Gakuto, "You just told the worst, and I mean the worst, story of the year."

Oshitari decided to keep quiet, why did he want any part of this? What good is there?

Gakuto shook his head in defeat, "You guys just have bad taste in stories."

"I think I'm going to sleep now…" Choutaro said quietly. He snuggled into the uncomfortable bed. He couldn't sleep, but it was better than hearing one of the stupidest arguments ever.

Oshitari turned to his book. It was way more interesting than Gakuto's baby stories. On the outside may be a thick looking book, but he was actually hiding manga. Wonder why Gakuto never noticed that, but then again, who knows how big Gakuto's attention span was.

"As I said before, Shishido, you just have bad taste in stories." Gakuto said.

This argument continued on for maybe hours.

"Ore-sama wishes that Mukahi and Shishido would stop arguing so Ore-sama can actually sleep." Atobe thought. He looked over to Jiroh's bed. The guy was sound asleep. How cute, if Atobe was a fangirl (which he was glad he wasn't) he would've glomped Jiroh or something.

Over at Hiyoshi's side, he was busy reading a new book to realize that the two sempai-tachi were arguing. He just heard small noises, but then again, why would he care what they were doing? He had way more fun than with a group.