Disclaimer I do not own any of the Gundam Anime's I am using or the books or the comic or Mega or Robotech or any of the other shows that I'll use

Disclaimer I do not own any of the Gundam Anime's I am using or the books or the comic or Mega or Robotech or any of the other shows that I'll use.

Note pairing change, Kira x Flay and Athrun x Lacus and Meer and Heero x Relena and Cagalli note I know I changed it before but for my story to continue I have to change back I know some of you might think its pretty gross but give it a chance because my whole story revolves around these groups and Yzak x Shino.

Chapter 11.

Meetings in space and the to the land of Orb.

Up is space we find a blue OZ space shuttle on board the shuttle is Zechs who is currently piloting it and Noin who is the navigator. Currently they are the only two on the shuttle as it heads towards the orbiting 8th Fleet.

The reason why they're the only two on the shuttle is because Zechs is meeting with Admiral Halberton who is a loyalist to a lost Kingdom along with the rest of those in his fleet. The shuttle is currently carrying two mobile suits the fully operational Tallgeese and Noin's Taurus which has been painted white.

"It is hard to believe that two days ago you just arrived at Lake Victoria and now here we are in space meeting with a follower of your father." Said Noin.

"Yes it is I didn't think people could work so fast on getting Tallgeese's weapons systems running so fast. And I have to meet with him it's about the upcoming operation to take over Eurasia and that after that Sanc kingdom will be back and it will Need him and his fleet to help defend it. By the way how did they manage to get the weapons systems up and running so fast?" said Zechs.

"That simple I had every technician on the base diverted to that cause I'm surprised that they did it so fast though but no matter. Zechs I was wondering how you managed to get the okay to come up here I mean using the Mass driver of Lake Victoria takes clearance from the brass of Romeufaller?"

"Treize arranged for it."

"Why did he go through all the trouble? Despite the fact he knows who you are?"

"Well you see he contacted me the second day at Lake Victoria telling me that he believed the eighth Fleet would be in trouble soon as the Archangel was approaching them with a large contingent of Z.A.F.T forces following them they also have the stolen GAT series with them."

"That makes sense next to me , Une , Mr. Doral and his wife , Lord Uzumi , Siegel Clyne , the admiral and his fleet , your aunt which you should really tell you're still alive along with your sister and Mr. Treize are the only ones that know who you really are. By the way have we figured out who the pilots of the stolen machines are?"

"Yes they are the children of the top four people on the supreme Council in the plants." Said Zechs.

That means it's Athrun Zala , Dearka Elsman , Nicole Amalfi and…..Yzak Joule." Said Noin a little hesitant on the last name for fear of hurting Zechs.

"Yes." Said Zechs in a heavy voice as he thought of one of the pilots.

"Which machines do they pilot?" Questioned Noin.

"Athrun is the pilot of the Aegis whose best friend I pilots the Strike which is currently on the Archangel his name is Kira that is if the information your friend gave us is accurate. Dearka pilots the Buster. Nicole pilots the Blitz. And finally Yzak who pilots the Duel." Said Zechs with a heavy sigh on the last name.

Noin was about to say something when there radar went off.

Both looking at it they found that they had reached the eighth Fleet in record time.

As they approached they were contacted on normal Earth forces radio channel.

"This is Admiral Lewis Halberton to OZ shuttle you are in restricted space please turnaround."

Inside the shuttle Zechs smirked to himself he knew the admiral knew he was because he was the only one who use this type shuttle in Oz this was an act on his part not all he had to do was play one himself.

"This Lt. Zechs of OZ I wish I could turn around but my shuttle has had engine problems as of late and I fear we cannot leave without them being fixed I was wondering if you could repair them which is why we headed here for if you cannot fix them we might end up drifting in space." Said Zechs in a very serious voice waiting for the admiral to play his next part.

"You may bring your shuttle on board the Menelaos we will help in your repairs." Said the admiral playing his part perfectly.

"Thank you Admiral we are commencing docking procedures now." Said Zechs.

After he said that Zechs guided his shuttle into the large earth forces carriers hangar.

Once inside the hatch close behind the shuttle and the hangar was pressurized once more.

Once it was pressurized both OZ soldiers left the shuttle. Once they had left the shuttle they were greeted by the admiral his second-in-command.

The Admiral then walked over to Zechs and when he was in front of him he said.

"Greetings Zechs Marquise or should I say Milliardo Peacecraft?" said Lewis as he then hugged him.

"It's so good to see you. You sure have grown since the last time I saw you Milliaedo you're now the spitting image of your father." Said Lewis as he let the man go.

"Greetings and it is good to see you as well Lewis and of course have grown it has been about 12 years or so since the last time you saw me and think you for the compliment about looking like my father." Said Zechs as he removed his mask as he was now Milliaedo and would not be Zechs until he put the mask back on.

"Just stating the truth I also know that if your father was here right now he would be very proud of you even know you're not following the ideals of Sanc kingdom exactly."

"I would like to think I'm making my father proud." Said Milliaedo in a somewhat depressed voice as he thought about his deceased father.

"This I know he would be because I am now who is this lovely young lady."

"I am Lucrezia Noin but just call me Noin." Said Noin.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Noin. Now what to say we all get to my office and we can discuss why you're here." Said Lewis as he lead them out of the hangar and to his office.

Meanwhile down on Earth we find a small yacht two days away from Orb territorial waters.

The ship is very quiet as it is nightfall the only two people awake on Duo who is currently going over information on his mobile suit that Howard had sent to him in an encoded message.

While he was doing that elsewhere Heero was using the ship's computer in the hopes of contacting Dr. J. in order to ask him about what he should do about Duo who we found out was also a pilot of a Gundam Duo had also told him that his Gundam is currently in the hands of a possible enemy.

He soon was successful in contacting the doctor.

"What can I do for you Heero?"

"Dr. J. I regret to inform you of my Gundam right now is currently in the hands of an unknown party led by man how lives in Orb."

At hearing this Dr. J. did not look surprised as a matter of fact he looked rather cool about it.

"Does this man have a name?" Asked the doctor in a voice of knowing.

"Yes his name is Howard Simmons he as I said is currently in Orb territorial waters. Running a repairing facility for ships and salvage operations he does. But I believe that is just a front for some Orb spy network."

At hearing the name that he knew would be spoken Dr. J. let out a laugh.


"What is so funny Dr.?"

"Heero that man you speak of is an old acquaintance of mine. He was involved in mobile suit development just like I was as a matter of fact he knew I was creating your Gundam at L1 so do not worry about him doing anything with your Gundam as I trust him and his people with it as a matter of fact I hope he repairs it."

"So you're saying I can trust him with Wing Gundam. But I just remember there is another problem there is someone else here that knows about my Gundam his name is Duo Maxwell what should I do about him?"

"Heero I should've told you this before you left but you're not the only Gundam pilot there are four others next to you and Duo is one of them he comes from L2 his Gundam was built by a man called Professor G. you can trust him as a matter of fact I want you to join up with him as soon as your mobile suit is ready and his. I want the two of you to attack the ZAFT base in the town you just left as well as all the other assets they have in the area." Said Dr. J. in a voice that left no discussion.

"Yes Dr.J I well join up with him as soon as my mobile suit is up and running and then we will attack the base." Said Heero.

After he said that the screen went blank and Dr. J was gone after he was gone Heero heard someone entered the room where he was working turning he saw Duo who had a grin on his face.

"It looks like were partners now hey Heero I just got contacted by Professor G. he's a doctor who created my buddy. He told me that you were being told that we were to join forces and attack that base." Said Duo.

"You are right we are partners and we are going to attack the base. But that will have to wait until my mobile suit is fully functioning."

"If that's all that's stopping us you won't have to wait long before I came here I talked to Howard and asked him about yours and mine my. My Gundam wasn't damaged but it needed some maintenance yours on the other hand need quite a bit of work but he said it should be done three days. After we get there it will then take us about a day or so to get back to the base so I say we have five days until were both in action." Said Duo.

"The downtime is acceptable and it will allow us to make a plan of attack."

"You're right we'll see you later I am going to bed." Said Duo as he left the room and headed towards his quarters.

After he was gone Heero decided to do some investigating into the other identities of the other pilots.

While he was doing that back up at one of the L1 colonies Dr. J. after had finished talking with Heero had contacted the other doctors to get them in on a plan he had that would be beneficial to Orb the less radical faction of ZAFT and possibly to the survivors of Sanc Kingdom and of course it would be very beneficial to the L colony clusters.

He was currently talking with the last doctor he had yet to talk to Professor G..

"So you see the others are sending or already have their pilots at Quatre's base in the desert also here are the coordinates to the base. Now all we have to do is send ours there and when the time is right all five of them can launch an attack on ZAFT."

"This plan is reckless they have no idea how many units are stationed there? Even if all five attack they could easily be overwhelmed by a numerically superior force of at least 200 mobile suits as well as land battleships."

"That's already taken care of in a few days Quatre along with the pilot of Heavyarms will head to the city and do some investigating to see how many units there are."

"I still say it's foolhardy but if you and the others think it's a good idea I have no choice but to go along. I will contact Duo and tell him after his machines ready and yours to head to these coordinates you just sent me."

"Good I'll talk to Heero tomorrow and tell him the plan."

And with that the conversation ended and the communications screen went blank. After it went blank Dr. J. left the chair he was sitting in and made his way over to another terminal where he left at DNA information he had on Heero. As he read the DNA information he felt dirty about something which is hard to believe.

"I know I should tell him that he has a family but he might try to see them but I doubt that all tell him after the success of operation Desert Warriors."

He said that several pictures came on the screen they were of teenage girls and a women a little older then them and a man.

Meanwhile back with a fleet that was above Earth Millilaedo our should I say Zechs as he had his mask back on was on the ship's bridge along with Noin and the Admiral all three were watching the Archangel approach the eighth Fleet.

"So that is the Archangel?" Said Zechs as he looked at the ship.

"Yes it is." Said the Admiral as he looked at Zechs.

"It is a very formidable looking ship." Said Noin.

"It does not only look formidable it is very formidable now than would the two of you care to accompany me over to the ship?"

"We would be honored." Said Zechs.

And with that the three of them left the bridge and made their way to the shuttle bay where they boarded a shuttle and went to the Archangel.

On board the Archangel in the hangar bay some of the officers along with Kira and his friends had all gathered there after the shuttle had landed and the hangar bay was re-pressurized.

They watched as the Admiral and two other people exited the space shuttle.

After they exited the shuttle the group of three went over to the officers and civilian pilot and his friends.

"Hello Captain Ramius." Said the Admiral as he extended his right hand to the captain who gladly accepted it.

"Hello to you as well Admiral Halberton." Said Murrue as they shook hands once they were done she looked at the OZ officer she already recognized Noin but would pretend not to as it might cost problems if the Earth alliance author knows a OZ officer or vice versa. She also had a good inclination as to who the companion with Noin was only one man she knew of in all of OZ wore a mask.

"But why are there OZ officers with you?" Said Murrue.

"Their shuttle was damaged and required repair we had done the repairs when you arrived I decided that as an act of good faith between the Earth alliance and OZ I would allow them to come over here and to meet the crew of the latest ship of the Earth force." Said the Admiral.

"Of course that's a brilliant idea. Allow me to introduce myself I am Lieutenant Murrue Ramius." Said Murrue she followed by the rest of her officers that were there.

"I am Lieutenant Commander Mu La Flaga." Said Mu.


"I am Lieutenant Natarle Badgerule" said Natarle.

After they said that Zechs and Noin introduced themselves.

"I am Lt. Lucrezia Noin but you can just call me Noin as it is easier." Said Noin.

"I am Lieutenant Zechs Marquees." Said Zechs.

This drew quite a reaction from the three commanding officers.

"What is the lightning Baron doing here?" Thought Murrue.

"So this is the infamous Zechs Marquees the one that can supposedly rival Rau Le Cruset in mobile suit piloting." Thought Mu.

"I wonder what their true purpose here is there is no way OZ would send their absolute best pilot out here without a good reason?" Thought Natarle.

Thought the three officers to themselves suspiciously on the inside but on the outside.

"It is a pleasure to have you both here especially mobile suit pilot of your caliber Lieutenant Zechs. Now than if you would please accompany me to the captain's office?" Said Murrue.

"Thank you for the complement but if it's not too much trouble I would like to meet the pilot of the strike?" Said Zechs.

"Of course you can a pilot is the young boy with brown hair right over there Kira would you please come over here?" Said Murrue.

"Of course Captain." Said the young coordinator as he approached them.

After he reached them and they introduced themselves Zechs and Kira won off to a different part of the ship to have a discussion.

After they were gone Noin along with the Admiral went with the three officers to the captain's office.

Back with Kira and Zechs the two of them had just arrived at Kira's room for the two of them entered.

Once inside Zechs took the chair at one of the desks and sat down while Kira sat on his bed.

"So you're the pilot of the Strike the cordinater that fights for the Earth forces?" Said Zechs.

"Yes I am Sir but I am not a part of the Earth forces I'm only fighting to protect my friends that are on the ship. And after today I will not have to fight again." Said Kira.

"That's a very admirable goal but do you have what it takes to fight against ZAFT no I take that back you have what it takes the fight against your own best friend Athrun Zala?"

At hearing what he said Kira was very shocked.

"How did you know about my best friend?"

"I have my ways. Know the question is do you have what it takes?"

"I really don't know I love Athrun he is like a brother to me in everything except blood I rudely don't know if I could kill him? Or anyone else for that matter?"

"So you're telling me you fight against your best friend not knowing if you can kill him or anyone else that's pathetic truly you are a soldier act like one."

"How can you say that I am not a soldier I am a civilian volunteer?"

"You're no longer a civilian volunteer kid you're a soldier in the matter what you tell yourself you are a soldier you were a moment the second you got into that mobile suit and started piloting it. And a soldier's duty is to kill no matter who it is you're killing be it your brother sister father or mother it is your duty to kill on the battlefield."

"I am not a soldier. And I will never kill anybody" Screamed out Kira as he clenched his head and shut his eyes.

"So you're saying you would let your friends be killed because your enemies are soldiers they will not hesitate to kill you and destroy the ship which are carrying your precious friends."

"Athrun is not like that he would not kill needlessly I know it." Screamed out yet again Kira.

"It's not just Athrun he is only one person there is still the rest of ZAFT and I guarantee you they will not hesitate to destroy you or the ship because they know it will protect their homes."

"I still don't care all find a way to fight with out killing."

"That is naïve thinking Child and it will get you killed along with your friends just like it did Flay's dad."

"No you wrong it's the way I choose to fight and as for Flay's dad if I could do it over again I would gladly give up my life in exchange for her father."

"Really did you know that Flay's dad is a member of blue Cosmos and that he is responsible for the atrocity of the Roman city massacre as well as the attack on Sanc Kingdom?"

"No I did not but that does not change the fact that I would still gladly give my life in exchange for his just to make Flay happy again."

"You truly are a fool but what can I do you seem to be set in your ways anyway it has been a nice conversation I hope to have another one with you again soon." Said Zechs as he left the room leaving Kira alone to think about what they had discussed.

As Zechs left he noticed Flay was right outside the door staying hidden she had obviously listened in on their conversation.

Zechs gave her a quick glare as he walked past her.

After he was gone Flay was left with her thoughts as to what she had heard. She was beginning to think that maybe she was wrong about trying to use Kira. Considering he had to fight against his best friend whom he considered a brother.

She also thought that maybe her upbringing and that her father's rhetoric on coordinators was wrong and she had read about the Roman city massacre where 2000 coordinators were slaughtered from man to women to young children. She had also read about the fall of the peaceful monarchy of Sanc Kingdom.

And the fact that her father probably had a hand in it made her sick to her stomach.

A few minutes later she left to go back to her quarters where she would think about what has happened lately and how it has affected her.

Elsewhere in the captain's office the meeting was over and the only people left in the office for Murrue and Noin who after everyone left embraced each other like a pair of sisters would.

"It's good to see you again Noin how are you doing?" Said Murrue as she released her old friend.

"I'm doing good how about you?"

"I'm doing fine come and sit down again I'll get us something to drink."

And with that Noin sat down while Murrue got them both some coffee that was in one of those bottles that was for space. After that both women began to discuss just things in general.

"It's hard to believe it's been over 10 years I think since the fire at that L1 colony orphanage my parents ran." Said Murrue.

"Yes it has did you ever find out what happened to that little baby boy that used to love to be held by you?"

"I'm afraid not I really wish I could find out what happened he had the most beautiful blue eyes that had ever seen and the most soft pink hair ever."

"Yes he did it was a shame that the orphanage was destroyed by blue Cosmos well anyway I better get going I'm sure Zechs wished to get back to the Admiral ship so we can get out of here. It's been nice seeing you again Murrue." Said Noin as she got out of her chair.

She was soon followed by Murrue after both women were up they quickly embraced each other before Noin left the office put before she left she said.

"Oh and by the way I hope things between you and Natarle work out okay."

And with that Noin left the office.

Down in the hangar bay Noin entered the shuttle and noticed that the Admiral and Zechs were already on board and waiting for her.

After she buckled up Zechs contacted the bridge and the Archangel's launch bay was opened up allowing the shuttle to exit.

After it exited the shuttle went back to the Admiral ship.

Upon their arrival and departure of the shuttle red light started to go off.

The Admiral curious as to what was happening contacted the bridge.

"What's going on?" He said.

"Sir were under attack by ZAFT." Said his radio operator.

"What have all mobile armor's launch at once I'm on my way to the bridge now." Said the Admiral as he cut communications with the bridge.

He then turned towards the two OZ officers and said.

"The two of you should leave you do not want to be caught in this battle." Said the Admiral as he took off towards the bridge.

After he was gone Zechs and Noin went back to their shuttle where Noin went to the cockpit and pilot of the shuttle out of the ship. After a while she noticed that Zechs was not there so leaving the cockpit she noticed Zechs going towards the mobile suit Day stopping at the locker room changing into his space suit and then continuing on towards the hangar bay.

It did not take Noin long to realize what he was doing following his lead she went to her locker and changed to her spacesuit and then proceeded to follow him.

The two of them and to their respective mobile suits opening the hatch on their ship the two of them launched into space.

"This is Zechs Marquees Tallgeese launching." Said Zechs as he went into space.

"This is Noin prototype Taurus also launching." Said Noin and she too launched and then transformed into a fighter.

After that the two of them headed off towards the battlefield where they registered the four stolen GAT series.

The two of them quickly realize that this would be a battle between the Tallgeese and the GAT series as Noin's mobile suit was not powerful enough to handle them but it would be handling the Ginn's.

End of Chapter.

Next chapter the battle starts and the descent through the atmosphere.

As well as a battle between Wu Fei and Rondo and his Black frame in a vicious fight at one of the islands around Orb. Can Shenlong defeat Black Frame?