Deadly Wedding

It's all very random is all I can say….

Natsume and Mikan are in a lovely Chapel and today, they are going to get married!!!

Mikan was walking down the aisle and she was so happy to know she is going to get married with the person she loves…

Fast Forward+

Priest: If anyone objects say it now or forever hold your-



Ruka: Not you, Mikan. Natsume…I-I…LOVE YOU!!! Not as a friend!!! Im INLOVE WITH YOU!!!

Natsume: What?! All these years?


Ruka: Actually it was a year ago when I realized Im gay.

Natsume: You kissed him before?

Mikan: It was years ago…

Suddenly a group of doctors with BIG needles came in the Chapel

Doctor: Has anyone seen this Man? (Showing a Picture of Ruka)

Doctor 2: He escaped the Mental Hospital 2 days ago

Ruka: You will never get me!!! NEVER!!! (running wildly outside)

Doctor: Get HIM!!!

Doctor: Sorry about the commotion! Carry on!

Mikan: Okay….From the start, Father!

Priest: NOW, if anyone objects—

Hotaru: Ahem. (Nodding at Yuu)

Hotaru pulled out a gun and Yuu caught Mikan away from Natsume

Mikan: Whats this, Hotaru?! NATSUME!!!

Yuu: Im sorry Mikan. Hotaru blackmailed me!

Hotaru: And this is for your own good.

Yuu pulled out a gun facing Natsume.

Yuu: Sorry, Natsume…

Yuu shot the gun and a WHAT!? Water squirted out the gun!

Yuu: A fake!? Darn! I got the wrong gun!!!

Yuu got out another gun and then:

Yuu: This time, Its for real!!!

Mikan: I thought your doing this?! I thought its because Hotaru was blackmailing you but it looks like you want to kill him!!!

Priest: Okay, That's It!!! I have a lot of thing to do and I don't want my time wasted!!!

Suddenly he took out his bomb and put it on himself!

Natsume: What?! A suicide bomber?

Yuu: Hotaru, I don't care if you tell my secret to the world!!! I don't want to do this anymore!!

Hotaru: Fine! Ill do the job myself!!!

Mikan: By the way, what is your secret?

Hotaru: He likes you!

Mikan: That's it?!

Yuu: err…

Mikan: I knew that was years ago! Hehe!

Yuu: Quit laughing! Theres a bomb!!!

Natsume: Don't do this!!!

Priest: I have to!!!

Hotaru suddenly shot the priest and it was an instant death! Then she pointed out the gun to Natsume. Hotaru suddenly shot the gun! Mikan went in front of Natsume and Mikan was shot by the bullet! BUT the bullet continued going through Mikan body and Shot Natsume too!!! It happened all too fast!!! Natsume died but Mikan was still breathing.

Hotaru: MIKAN!!! Before you go, I want you to-to

Mikan: Don't worry! I forgive you!

Hotaru: NOT THAT! I want your insurance! Sign this!!!

Mikan: You are such a- a-a…..

Mikan died!!!

Hotaru: NOOO!!!! Mikan!!! Don't be dead! What about ALL your debts!? WWAAHH!!!

Yuu: What a money digger…

It was the funeral of the Mikan and Natsume. Everybody was there.

Priest 2: Were gathered here today to remember the good times of this couple!

Suddenly Hotaru and Yuu got possessed

Hotaru: I am Mikan…

Yuu: Tch…Natsume

Hotaru: Com' on! You could at least act scary!

Anna: WWAAHHH!!!!

Nonoko: What are you doing here!

Yuu: Were here for revenge!

Hotaru: Were here to do this!

Suddenly the possessed Hotaru and Yuu kissed each other

Anna: Where is the revenge In that?!

Hotaru: We are also here to do this!

The Possessed Hotaru and Yuu got out a knife and started stabbing each other!!!

Nonoko: WAAHH!!!

Anna: WAAHH!!!

Nonoko and Anna: WAAHH!!! (fainted)

Priest 2: This always happens

Suddenly a ghost of the first priest showed up to the second priest and the ghost got a knife and stabbed the second priest!

Priest 2: What did you do that for?!

Priest: So That we can all be dead!!!

Mikan: Hey!

Hotaru: Great! Im a ghost!

Yuu: WAAH!!! Im dead!!!

Natsume: What a deadly Wedding….me like it! O..0