Chapter 1:

Ugh the first day of school is tomorrow. Billy thought silently to herself as she rolled over in bed and slammed her hand down on her alarm clock. I wonder what my story is this time?

Billy's phone started ringing and she reached over for her sidekick mobile and answered the call. "Morning mo…m." She yawned heavily.

"We've talked to the principle. You'll be a senior."

"What's my story?"

"We've been living in France for the last year and a half."

Billy sighed. "Mom I'm sick of lying to everyone. He's not…"

"Than I guess you'll remember we do what we do because we're your parents." Her mother said angrily. "After you graduate you can scream it at the top of your lungs."

"You don't think I could make it through college?" Billy asked slightly wounded.

Her mother sighed. "Sweetheart, college is a different place, no one will judge your situation in such a large place, but in a small school like sky high…"

"Yeah mom I know."

"You remember Elena Peace and her son Warren don't you?"

"How could I not? It took two years for my hair to grow out properly from his unwanted hair trimming." Billy grunted.

"Warren attends sky high as a senior as well. He's in the hero class." Her mother said hopefully.

"Mother if he's in the hero class than I'll be sure to dull down my power to be in the hero support classes." Billy said agitatedly. "Look I have to go, call me later."

"You're father and I will be coming in at the end of the week with Cooper to see you."

Billy nodded to herself rubbing the cartilage of her nose. "Yes mom." She said softly.

"Alright than I'll see you later."

Billy hung up and put her face in her pillow. "I hate my LIFE!!!!!!!" She screamed into her pillow and then got up quickly and headed for the bathroom.

Standing before the mirror she tilted her head to and fro glimpsing her appearance. She was five foot six, taller than most girls but not freakish, she had long dark auburn hair that was straight as a pin that stopped just bellow her shoulder blades. She had beautiful emerald green eyes that matched the two streaks in her hair on the right side. Billy's ears were pierced heavily, three in each cartilage and four on each lobe.

She had a decent bust noticeable in her tight white tank that showed she wore a green bra beneath it, her body was curvy and she wasn't some stick figure model. She enjoyed her curves. Billy ate and she was proud of it. Her stomach wasn't flabby but she wasn't flat either. Her legs were long and shapely and her arms were long and flowing down to her sea green nail polish.

On the two inch patch of skin where her shirt didn't meet her pajama boxers, right above her left hip she had a nautical star tattoo in black and green and smaller black and white ones that fell down further than the line of her boxers like sprinkled pixie dust. No one will know, at least they wont figure it out. She thought looking at herself.

Billy shook her head and left the bathroom getting some clothes and then went back into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

After showering, dressing and applying a little make-up Billy decided to leave the house. She walked down to her car and climbed in. She drove a dark green 1967 GT 350 Mustang Shelby. She drove to the heart of 'hero land' as she decided to call LA. (AN: Didn't actually catch the name of the city they lived in so…LA it is)

Billy looked from place to place and decided to just head for the beach. She hadn't brought her board or she would go out and surf, but the beach was always calming for her.

Later On:

Billy walked through her front door and about screamed. "Jesus christ Elena!" She said loudly clutching at her chest. "How did you get in here?"

Elena Peace, Warren Peace's mother, and Barron Battles wife. Actually ex-wife. "Billy you're mother sent me a key. I came to check and make sure you had gotten moved in alright." She said. Billy knew Elena was one of the few that new the truth about the last year and a half.

"Yes Elena I'm fine." Billy said slightly annoyed but she couldn't hate the woman, she had been so nice to her in the past. "Where's your heathen child?" She asked walking into the kitchen dropping her keys on the counter.

"Warren is out with some friends. You two really should make up." Elena said.

"Peace made peace with people and got friends. Ignore the pun. And no. I know you use to have high hopes about us getting married, but that wont happen." Billy said looking in her fridge. "Would you like a soda?" She asked.

Elena shook her head. "No thanks. Warren has a girlfriend you know?"

Billy shrugged. "Good for him." She said not really caring. Once upon a time she had actually, sort of, maybe had a crush on Warren Peace, but those days were long since over. "She been barbequed yet?"

"No." Elena actually giggled. "No her name is Elizabeth Frost."

"No pun intended her but does her power have anything to do with…ice?" Billy deadpanned smirking.

Elena smiled and nodded. "She's a lovely girl I think you two would get along."

"Can't stand her boyfriend so trust me we wont."

"Billy Warren has changed."

"I'm sorry Elena but revenge on a person who did you know harm does not sit well with me. And it took me two years to grow my hair back and you know how awful my face looks with short hair. My boyfriend dumped me cause of him."

Elena grinned. "I highly doubt that dear."

"Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit and I was fourteen having a boyfriend wasn't that big of a deal, but he is still not on my good guy…" She paused. "I mean…"

"Oh dear it's ok. I knew what you meant." She smiled. "Well I better get going. If you need anything you remember the number don't you?"

"Yes Elena I remember. Thank you for stopping by but it wasn't necessary."

"Well you know I care. How 'bout you join me for dinner tomorrow night?"

"I dunno. I have school tomorrow and…"

"Than another night?" Elena insisted.

Billy mentally groaned she knew she wasn't getting out of a dinner invite even if she was on a hospital bed dying of some rare decease only contracted in the eastern continents. "Tomorrow would be wonderful." She smiled fakely.

"Alright. I'll see myself out. Lock up and remember don't hesitate to call." Billy nodded and watched Elena leave. She waved her hand at the front door and the lock turned. She than waved her hand at the blinds, they closed and again at the soda on the counter in the kitchen and it floated over to her.

"Powers are great." She grinned and headed for her room to sleep.

Next Day:

After getting up, getting ready and heading the bus stop Billy was a little anxious. She hadn't been able to attend sky high do to her move a few years back and now she was back and going.

She wore tight faded jeans with torn wholes in the knee and black faded Metallica shirt that didn't quite meet the top of her jeans and exposed at least an inch bellow and above her belly button. She wore a white and black checked belt with a skull and cross bone belt buckle. And it all matched perfectly with her black leather jack that was form fitting and stopped just at the bottom of her belt.

The bus came screaming to a halt and she climbed on. "Ron Wilson bus driver here to take you to sky high!" The guy in the drivers seat said. Billy rolled her eyes and took a seat a few rows back and sank down putting her headphones in and listening to her latest bout of downloads that interested her.

After an annoying flight to the school Billy got off the bus and was quite away of people staring at her. It was also obvious this school was not her style, it was more…her mother. If she had to describe it she'd say clean, proper, punctual looking and yet here she was in black leather and torn jeans.

She began walking toward the school and was stopped suddenly by a very bright cheery girl. "Hi you must be…" She looked at her slip of paper. "Billy Cornwall, I'm Layla Williams your guide for the day."

Billy pulled her headphones out and shook the girls hand. "How did you know exactly what I'd look like?"

"Oh I took a guess." Layla informed her with a smile.

Billy nodded uncaringly. "So?" She asked.

Layla smiled again. "Oh sorry, let's get you to power placement." She said.

Billy groaned. "Do I really have to do that?" She asked.

"Well yeah everyone does." Layla said. Billy nodded and followed her to the gymnasium.

"Whatever." Billy muttered.

"Wow you remind me of someone I know." Layla muttered.

Billy shrugged. "That's kind of hard to believe with this school and all, but whatever." Layla was going to say something else when Billy walked right into the gym and interrupted Coach Boomer speaking with his class assistant. And the bell rung.

There was a whole line of freshmen waiting and Billy had to be the first one up.

Layla stood off to the side and was started when two hands grabbed her sides. "Gotcha!"

"Will knock it off." Layla giggled. Warren came up alongside them.

"You two make me sick."

"Still no word from Liz?" Layla asked.

Warren looked at her and glared. "I told you I broke it off, why would she call me?"

"Sheesh just asking." Layla said. "What are you two doing here?"

"Watching the new kids get placed." Will said. "It's a seniority perk." He grinned cheekily. "So that girl you're supposed to guide around today what's she like?"

"A female version of Warren." Layla said smiling over at him.

He looked at her and frowned. "Excuse me?"

"She's got this hell on wheels attitude. Reminds me of you." Layla said. She looked up and saw Billy go up on the platform. "She's up."

"Demonstrate your power please." Coach Boomer said.

Billy shrugged. "Why?" She asked cheekily pretending to not know.

"So I can place you in Hero or hero support classes so get on with it." He said impatiently.

"Ok." Billy lifted her arm and he rose off the ground ten feet. "Is that satisfactory or would you like me to continue?" She asked before dropping him on his ass.

Coach boomer stood with an angry scowl and began writing on his clipboard. "Hero." He muttered under his breath and Billy got down from the pedestal stage thing and walked towards Layla.

"Cool you'll be in classes with Warren here." Layla said smiling. "He can help you out."

Billy rolled her eyes and looked over at Warren, he had definitely changed since she last saw him when she was fourteen and a half. "Doesn't look like the helping type and besides I think I'll manage just fine on my own. I'll find my class solo." She walked passed the three and out of the gym.

"What's her name?" Warren asked glaring at the door.

"Billy Cornwall." Layla informed him.


Warren walked into class and headed for his usual seat in the back and to his surprise and slightly dismay Billy was in the seat next to him. "Cornball." He muttered.

"I wondered when you'd remember piss head." Billy replied.

"What are you doing here?" He snarled.

"Oh get over yourself Peace. Seriously." Billy snided. "You're deep glaring and piss ass attitude don't scare me. I grew up with you remember?"

"Yeah and I really remember you making a fool out of me the last time we had something civil to say." Warren growled.

Billy looked over at him a glared intensely. "I didn't trip you. You stumbled over your own feet." Billy would've said more had the class bell not rung and had the teacher not come in.

"Hello class! For those of you that are new transfers to Sky High I'm Mr. Winslow (AN: Making up new teachers deal with it) and welcome to your senior year."

"Much to perky." Billy muttered to herself.

Class continued and Billy began paying less and less attention she grabbed her sidekick from her pocket and flipped it opened after receiving a buzz indicating a text message.

Found this early this morning thought you should know. M. Billy read silently to herself and then played the video message she had emailed her. At first she couldn't make out what was on the video but being that she had forgotten to turn the sound off on her phone she heard it. "Holy fuck!" Billy exclaimed almost shrieking in shock. She flipped her phone shut and jumped up from her desk and started out of class. "Emergency bathroom now!" She said and ran out of the classroom.

Lockers flung open as she walked down the hall in a rush and belongings were being strewn all over the place. She ran into the girls bathroom and went to a stall slamming the door. She flipped her phone open and called her friend. "Hello?"

"Maria?" Billy asked.

"Billy I got that in an email this morning, apparently it's been forwarded to everyone here at school and according to my findings people are continuing to forward it. It's on you tube and myspace, I'm sorry."

Billy felt tears starting to sting her eyes. "How could he do this? What did I do?"

"He didn't his new play doll did. It originated from her computer, even though she used a faulty email I was able to track it."

"Maria what am I gonna do I can't have a sex video of me all over the internet and going from phone to phone." Billy said the tears rolling down her cheeks silently.

Maria sighed. "I'm trying to get rid of it believe me, but people are forwarding faster than I can eliminate."

"Shit." Billy said leaning back against the stall wall. The bathroom door opened and she straightened up. "M I gotta go." She whispered.

"K call me later. We'll figure something out." They both hung up and Billy left the stall to see none other than Warren Peace standing just inside the girls bathroom.

"Are you lost?" She asked glaring at him.

"Teacher sent me to find you. Seems I've become the fetch boy."

"Go away Peace." Billy said shaking her head and turning away wiping tears away from her cheeks.

Warren took a few more steps in. "You made quite the mess in the hallway." He said.

Billy through her hands up exasperatedly. "What gave you the impression that we were friends? We stopped being friends remember?" She asked angrily.

"No we stopped talking. We never said we weren't friends." Billy knew she was one of the few people Warren hadn't closed off after everything that had happened with his father. They had been friends, maybe cause they were so much alike or maybe cause when you grow up together you just grow close.

"What's the difference? You don't know anything about me anymore and I can say the same." Billy said she walked over to the sink and started mindlessly washing her hands.

Warren gave a slight nod as he crossed his arms over his chest. Billy was back and oddly enough for his brooding darkest tendencies in the latest years of his life he felt like he had missed her. He'd never really admit it, but he had. "I know you don't upset that easily."

"So what? You haven't spoken to me in over almost three years. And you wouldn't be speaking to me now if I hadn't come to sky high." Billy spat.

Warren groaned. "You're going to make me say it aren't you."

"Say what? Why are you always so fucking cryptic?" Billy shot looking up at him as she grabbed some towels to dry her hands.

"I'm sorry I singed your hair." He said through clenched teeth.

"Oh I'm feeling the love and ruefulness from that apology." Billy bit out dripped with disdain and sarcasm.

Warren didn't know why she was the only person he was in a word 'nice' too, but he was. "Billy you know it's the best I can do." He snarled.

Billy sighed. "I don't want to fight. Not right now not ever."

"Can we talk civilly?"

"Since when do you talk to anyone? The only person you use to relatively look at without that pissed off glare was me and I figured when I left friends was out of the question." Billy said with a sarcastic smirk on her face.

Warren kept his face plain. "Things change."

"Not that much obviously." Billy replied she leaned on the porcelain sink.

"I don't remember your powers ever being that…" Warren paused looking for the word.

"Dangerous?" Billy asked.

Warren shrugged. "For lack of a better word."

"Things happen, some people change." Billy replied looking down at her feet.

"So are you going to tell me what's got you so upset?" Warren said.

Billy glared at the tile flooring. "Why? You could probably figure it out after a few hours I'm sure someone somewhere has your email address."

"What?" Warren asked confused.

Billy flipped open her phone pulled the video message up and handed it to him. "It can't embarrass me anymore showing it to you, I'm sure half the world has seen it by now." Warren took the phone and watched the video.

"Is this…" He trailed off seeing the brunette in the video and he shut it off.

Billy sighed. "Go ahead tell me how stupid I am, tell me how I could've been so irresponsible, tell me…"

"What's his name I'll go roast him?" Warren said agitated

Billy looked at him giving him a wavering smile. "As much as I would like to it wasn't him. It was his new play toy."

"Play toy?" Warren asked.

"Girlfriend whatever!" Billy exclaimed. "That bitch posted that on the internet."

"So what are you going to do about it?" Warren asked.

Billy sank to the floor. "I don't know."

"Are you feeling alright?" Warren asked.


"The Billy Cornwall, cornball I know always knew how to get back at people." Warren smirked sitting down next to her.

Billy looked at him shaking her head. "I can't kill the bitch so what are my other options."

"Fight fire with fire." Warren replied.

"No pun intended right?" Billy grinned.

"Well. Anyways so what are you going to do?"

"Let people watch my stupid mistake and deal with the whistles and catcalls I get on the street." Billy replied. Warren started to speak when she continued. "And…let people watch their stupid mistake."

Warren gave her a smirk. "Their mistake?"

Billy took her phone back from him and dialed a number. "I get great reception here." She joked.


"M you still have that video you guys shot when you were following Mike around?"

"Yeah. The one of him getting it on with the bitch?"

"Yeah that one. Post it."


"Post it Ria. Please?"

Maria laughed evilly. "You got it babe! Fighting fire with fire I see."

"An old friend told me to. He should know." She said glancing at Warren.

"He? Ooo is he cute?"

"Bye M." Billy hung up and put her phone in her pocket. "Guess we better get back to class."

"What's the excuse for being gone?" Warren asked.

Billy smirked. "Well I don't think anybody will believe us making out in the janitors closet so lets go with I ate something that didn't agree with me and you hung around to make sure I didn't need to see the nurse."

"Awe…" Warren cooed sarcastically. "How sickening."

"No doubt." Billy replied and they left the girls bathroom bound for class.


"You are not making me sit with them." Billy said looking at Warren.

Warren shrugged. "They aren't all bad."

"Oh my god." Billy turned and started to leave the lunchroom when Warren grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Let go."

Warren chuckled and shook his head. "Nope." He dragged her over to his table, where Will, Layla, Magenta, Zach and Ethan were sitting.

"About time you got here man we're discussing plans for this weekend." Will said.

Warren sat pulling Billy down next to him. "Billy how do you like your classes so far?" Layla asked.

Billy looked at her. "You are far to perky. This is school we're talking about."

"Layla likes school." A young girl said. She had purple streaks in her black hair and she was obviously of Asian decent. "Hi I'm Magenta. This is Zach and Ethan."

"And I'm Will." They all looked at her expectantly.

"Billy." She said. "And classes are ok, but I can think of at least one place I would much rather be than here."

Just then a taller blonde haired girl came over to the table holding a couple of paperback books. "Warren." She said casually.

"Liz." He replied.

She handed him the books. "These are yours thought I'd return them."

Warren nodded and the girl walked off.

"If that wasn't as cold as ice I don't know what was." Billy said smirking at him. "You're mom know you two broke up?"

"How do you know we were even together?" Warren asked in return.

"Your mom stopped by last night, bragged a little about you having a girlfriend." Billy answered.

Warren groaned. "I haven't exactly told her yet."

"Well dinner tonight should be fun." Billy grinned.


"Yep I got invited to the Peace household for dinner despite my efforts." Billy replied.

"Not to sound nosy but how do you know Warren's mom?" Will asked.

"We grew up together until about three years ago when she moved away." Warren answered for her.

"I told you he had friends as a child." Layla said looking at Will. Warren looked at him and frowned meanly. Things at lunch seemed to go smoothly along with the rest of the day and then students loaded onto the bus and headed home.

"Come to the back." Warren instructed. Billy sat in the back with him and he looked over at her as she put her headphones in. "Is it just me or have you become more anti social?"

"You let people in you get hurt." Billy replied and turned her I-pod on and sank down in her seat. She was nudged a while later when the bus came to a halt and Warren stood and gestured for her to come with. Billy did just cause spending the afternoon alone didn't seem as appealing as rekindling and old friendship that she had in deed missed.

Once they were walking down the street Billy removed her headphones and put her I-pod back in her pocket. "Care to explain your last comment?" Warren asked looking ahead.

Billy sighed. "The guy from the video we dated for about eight months and then he dumped me for the bitch. I let him in and I got burned."

"I get the feeling that isn't the whole story." Warren said casually.

"I can't share the whole story so don't ask."

Warren nodded he wasn't one to put his nose where people didn't want it. If she wanted him to know she would tell him. "What's this girl got that you don't?"

"Don't know." Billy said. They reached Warren's house and he opened the door and stepped aside holding the door open letting her in. "Nice. I forgot how big this place was."

Warren nodded. "Too big sometimes."

"So what happened with you and that ice girl?" Billy said turning the talking tables on him.

"She wants long term and I don't and we just don't have that much in common." He said as Billy followed him into the kitchen. "I need someone who understands me. Understands that if I don't want to I'm not going to."

Billy grinned. "That always was you."

"Still is. I haven't changed much, just grown up a bit more." Warren said. Billy hopped onto the counter next to the sink and watched as he started looking through cupboards. "So you said you've changed?"

"Oh hey kids." Elena came into the kitchen. "Thought I heard Warren rummaging. "Billy what are you doing here?"

"Hanging." Billy replied simply. "Better than being bored at my place."

"You're mother called."

"Yeah what'd she want?"

"Oh just to tell me that at the end of the week her, your father and Cooper will need a lift from the airport."

"Who's Cooper?" Warren asked. Billy looked at him.

"Mom and dad adopted this little boy a few months back." She said covering. Elena gave her a look and Billy shook her head.

Warren saw this. He knew she was hiding something it was years of being friends that led him to that conclusion, but what? And how could he get her to tell him.