Chapter 43:

"Oh no." Billy gasped waking up to an excruciating pain. She reached out gasping for air snatching her cell phone from the night table next to her bed. Warren was at work on a.m. intern duties for the next two weeks. She hit five and send.

"Hello?" Came the sleepy response.


"Billy, it's three a.m. what…"

"My water broke." Billy said quickly gripping her stomach with her free hand biting back a scream.

Elena gasped. "Oh…ok Warren…where's Warren?"

"Fire house." Billy bit. "I told that git of a boss of his that I was due any time…" She said bitterly. Billy had gone in to see Warren one day with Cooper cause Warren had promised to show Cooper the fire trucks and his boss was telling her he'd be on night duties, well she told him she'd much prefer him on days just cause she'd given birth in the middle of the night the first time and predicted it would probably be much of the same the next time around.

But he gave Warren night shift anyways.

"Ok I'm gonna come over and drive you to the hospital."

"Cooper." Billy groaned.

"He'll come too."

"Oh god…Elle…" She cried into the phone. Elena stayed on the phone with her as she drove the short five-minute drive to Warren and Billy's and walked in using her key running up the stairs closing the phone.

"Billy come on." Elena smiled at her and helped her up from her bed. "I can't carry you, will you make it down the stairs?"

Billy nodded gulping deeply. Cooper's door opened and he stepped out. "Momma what's wrong? Baby alright?"

Elena turned to him. "Cooper stay here I'll be back for you ok?"

"Ok granma." Elena got Billy downstairs and out side to the car and then rushed in getting Cooper. Elena had traded in her truck for a car at some point. She got Cooper situated in his seat as quickly as possibly and made sure Billy was buckled in before driving off like a mad woman.

"Deep breaths Billy." Elena told her. "Deep calming breaths." Billy did as she asked but was racked with another contraction and screamed.

"Momma!" Cooper called from the back worried.

"Momma's ok sweetie it's just a little pain. Momma's fine." Elena told him and grabbed her cell phone and called Warren.



"Leave a message." Elena groaned and tried the firehouse.

"Hello?" Came the goofy cheerful male voice.

"Hi is Warren there?" Elena asked in an unnaturally calm voice.

"May I ask who's calling?" Came the sarcastic reply.

"Just put him on." Elena said in exasperation.

"Man give me the phone." She heard Warren, a small tussle and then… "Hello?"


"Hey mom look…."

"You need to get to the hospital right now." Elena said before he could dismiss her call and hang up.

"What?" Warren asked.

"Hospital now." Elena said. "Billy's…" Billy screamed in agony as another contraction hit and she could hear a loud clatter and then the line went dead. "Well that did it." Elena mused to herself.

"I hate him…" Billy growled.

"You don't mean that."

"Right now I really do."

"Why does momma hate daddy?" Cooper asked from the back seat.

Elena sighed as she soon pulled up to the hospital and ran in to the front desk. "My daughter in law is having a baby."

"Ma'am where is she?" The nurse at the front desk asked.

"In the car…"

Ten Minutes Later:

Warren ran in to the second floor of the hospital where he'd been told Billy had been taken and found Elena standing with Cooper by the desk. "Mom! Where is she?" Warren asked breathlessly.

Elena pointed to the room and Warren walked in without question and the nurse inside tried to stop him. "Sir you can't…"

"She's my wife." Warren growled at the lady control his powers.

"Warren?" He heard Billy mumbled and he stepped around the nurse taking a few strides towards Billy grabbing her hand.

"Sorry." He said.

Billy laughed. "I told you." She mocked him.

Warren chuckled lightly bending and kissing her sweat covered forehead. "Yeah you did."

"Mr. Peace I'm going to have to ask you to put this on." Another nurse said hand him some teal scrubs and Warren looked at Billy and grinned.

"Be right back."



Five and a Half hours later:

"One more push Ms. Peace." That's all her doctor seemed to know how to say. Warren was holding her hand and hadn't complained one bit about that fact it might possibly have broken under her intense grip.

Billy gave one more push with all the strength she could muster and then collapsed back to the hospital bed where she lay as she heard the soft cries of her child and couldn't help but smirk inwardly remembering how they'd told their parents.

"Mom, Dad, Elle we have something to tell you." Billy started and then looked to Warren expectantly and he frowned at her.

"You're the woman."

"Honey tell them the good news." She said squeezing his thigh hard in her iron like grip.

Warren looked to them and smiled nervously. "Uh…Billy's pregnant."

"What?" They all asked looking at them dumbfounded. Billy bit her lip and nodded.

"What happened to, after you both were settle in to careers and…" Karen started.

Elena laughed slightly. "Wasn't expecting that." She said out loud.

"Momma what does pregnant mean?" Cooper asked climbing up on the couch next to her.

"It means momma's going to have another baby, just like she had you." Billy said poking his nose and he scrunched away from her finger, she knew he didn't like that, much like Warren didn't.

But Cooper smiled non the less. "I get a babysitter."

Everyone laughed. "Baby sister?" Billy asked him and he nodded.

"That's what I said. Babysitter."

Billy shrugged. "Or a baby brother."

"No babysitter." Cooper said.

Warren and Billy laughed lightly shaking their heads. "Ok Coop if you say so…"

"It's a girl." The doctor announced. Billy sighed panting heavily.

"Warren?" She breathed.

Warren looked at her. "Yeah."

"I really hate you." She said a small smirk forming on her lips.

Warren laughed kissing her forehead again. "I love you B."

"You better." She whispered before drifting off to sleep.


Billy slowly woke up her eyes half closed, blocking out the bright lights over her head. "Crap." She whispered feeling the kink in her neck.

"Nice of you to finally wake up."

"Shut the fuck up before I knock you out Sam." Billy growled.

"Testy." Sammi laughed softly. "I'm sorry. Ria and I came as soon as we heard, she's adorable."

Billy finally opened her eyes all the way. "Where's Warren and everyone?"

"I'm on duty right now while he takes the rest of the group to see the baby. The nurse said she'd bring her in here once you woke up, but he just couldn't wait."

Billy laughed. "It's funny Warren never liked kids."

"Yeah but Cooper's a spitting image of him and that little girl has his blood running threw her." Sammi smiled at her. "How you feeling?"

"Like shit, but besides that peachy I guess. Milk and Stephan with you guys?"

"No they had to work, they couldn't afford to run out and loose their jobs."

"Take pictures with your camera phone and send them to em k?"

"I've already done it."

"What's she look like?" Billy asked her.

Sammi laughed softly and stood up and started walking around the room. "A perfect mix of you and hothead." She told her. "Dark, dark brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, light olive tinted skin…"

"I want to see her." Billy sighed contently.

"We were hoping you'd say that." Billy looked over and saw Warren walking in holding a tiny bundle in pink in his arms.

Billy smiled at him and he slipped the little girl in to her arms carefully while some of the other's filed in to the room. Billy moved the pink blanket covering her face slightly and grinned. "What do you know? Cooper was right."

"Told ya." Cooper said standing next to Elena.

Billy looked over at him and smiled. "Yes you did."

"She needs a name." Warren told her.

Everyone looked at her expectantly. "What?" Billy asked. "Oh for crying out loud...he had a hand in this too you know." She pointed to Warren being sure the baby was perfectly supported in her arms.

Warren chuckled at her. Billy smirked back. "Alright everyone out so they can talk this out." Karen said jokingly and ushered everyone out of the room.

Once alone Warren looked back at Billy. "So…"

"Riley." Billy offered. Warren nodded.

"I like that." He said.

Billy got an idea and grinned. "Alexis for her middle name. Your fathers middle name was Alex."

Warren smiled at her and nodded. "Riley Alexis it is than."

"Now can we discuss what an insensitive git your boss is?"

Warren laughed. "Baby I'm sorry ok."

"You owe me a triple fudge chocolate brownie delight from dairy queen on the way home." She said pouting her lip.

"Why didn't you just call an ambulance?"

"Oh yeah cause a paramedic poking and prodding and asking ridiculous questions like 'how far a long are you ma'am?' was really on my list of things to experience."

"I think you'll be just fine." Warren said giving her a kiss. "I talked to your professors this morning and they agreed to send your final assignments to your email so you can finish them up and send them in from home."

"Good, I don't feel like going to school. I'm so sore."

"The doctor said it shouldn't be as bad as after Cooper was born."

"Well duh I've already popped one kid out I should've been use to it." They both laughed and woke the baby. She started fussing and Billy sighed. She gently rocked her back to sleep and looked over at Warrens hand. His fingers were wrapped. "Sorry about the hand."

Warren shrugged it off. "Nothings broken."

"I don't know my own strength, cause sometimes my…"

"Billy I know. And I already said its nothing to worry about." Warren told her kindly.

Billy nodded her head. "Ok." She said and looked down at her little girl again. "Riley Alexis Peace."

"She's a spitting image of you." Warren said.

"No she's a spitting image of us. Five bucks says she breaks that pyrokinesis is for boys barrier?" Billy joked.

Warren smiled. "I wouldn't mind that."

"She's going to be a hellion." Billy giggled looking at the little girl.

"Well if she's anything like you she will be."

"Our friends need to hurry up and have kids so Cooper and Riley have other kids to play with." Billy said jokingly.

"Funny you should mention that." Warren said. "I'm not supposed to say anything, but Stripper shared some interesting news after getting here."

"No way?" Billy said flabbergasted looking at her husband in utter astonishment.

Warren nodded. "Yeah. I talked it out of her when she was staring pensively at the babies in the nursery."

Billy smiled. "Interesting."

"Yeah. So you ready to tell everyone the name you picked out."


"No you. Both were your idea, but I agree they suit her." Warren grinned. "My little coyote."

"Wiley coyote, always was your favorite cartoon character." Billy smiled.

Warren grinned. "Yeah."

A Week Later:

Warren and Billy were finally adjusting to life at home with a new born and a three year old son. "Momma I wanna play wit Riley." Cooper whined.

"Baby she's not big enough to play with yet." Billy told him feeding her daughter a bottle of breast pumped milk.

"Momma!" Cooper whined.

"Cooper Andrew Peace…" Billy said sternly in a hushed voice and Cooper went back to his room. Billy sighed she hated being stern with him over this, but he needed to learn that Riley wasn't something to play with.

Warren was home a little while later and billy was rocking Riley in the rocking chair in her room when she heard Coopers little feet stampeding down the stairs to Warren.

"Daddy!" He squealed with delight. "Can we play now?"

"Daddy wants to check on mommy and Riley upstairs before that ok?" Cooper pouted and Warren smirked at him. "What's the matter?" He asked carrying the boy upstairs.

"Momma wont let me play wit Riley." He pouted.

"Riley's very fragile Coop, she's just a baby and she can get hurt very easily."

"But she's my babysitter, if I don't play wit her now when will I be able too?" He asked looking at Warren confused.

Warren smiled. "Not long from now she'll be big enough so you can play ok?"

"Fine." Warren kissed his temple and turned in to Riley's room and Billy looked up at them and smiled.

"Hi." Warren said smiling.

"Hi." Billy replied grinning back. "She's asleep." She whispered pointing to the small basinet next to her.

Warren smiled and leaned over kissing her cheek and stealing a glance inside the basinet. "You want something form the paper lantern for dinner."

"Spring rolls." Billy said with a dreamy eyed look.

Warren nodded. "Ok Cooper and I will go order dinner. I'll come get you when it gets here, go to bed for a little while."


"Billy Maree…."

"Ooo daddy used da middle name…" Cooper said playfully. Warren smirked and him laughing slightly and Billy stood from the rocker looking at her daughter once more before kissing both boys on the cheek and walking in to her own room.

"Wake me if she…"

"She won't. You feed her she's sleeping it'll be fine." Warren urged her. Billy smiled and went to bed.

Later on that Night:

Warren walked in to his bedroom, Billy was propped up in bed reading a mystery novel and he was holding his daughter in his arms trying to rock her back to sleep. Cooper was getting dressed for bed showing Billy each of his pajama's before expertly putting them on backwards. Billy would laugh and help him fix his mistake.

"Warren do you need some help?" Billy asked.

"She doesn't want to sleep." Warren complained.

Billy rolled her eyes. "It's been a while since she ate, she's probably just hungry let me have her." She held out her arms and they carefully switched the baby in to her arms. Billy held her close to her chest as she pulled grabbed the bottle from her nightstand and brought it to her daughters lips. Instantly Riley started suckling the warm liquid, which Billy had prepared before heading upstairs.

"How do you do that?" Warren asked sitting down the bed pulling Cooper up into his lap.

"You'll learn." Billy told him smiling kindly. He laid down and Cooper lay with him on his chest and they fell asleep. When Riley's suckling ceased Billy didn't have the energy to carry her to her room so she maneuvered carefully and laid down with her little girl.

Oblivious to the fact that Warren hadn't been completely asleep and awoke when the lamplight switched off and he watched her. "B?"

Billy was slightly started but looked at him and smiled all the same. "Hmm?"

"Thank you for giving me this family."

"I love you Flame boy."

"I love you too B."

"That's the only thanks I need, that and you never leaving me or them." She said looking at her two kids.

Warren smiled. "Why would I ever leave this? I love you all too much to leave."

"We love you too flame boy. Goodnight."

"Night B." Warren said and soon heard her soft snore and it lulled him to sleep as well, holding Cooper in his arms and Billy close to his side with Riley in her arms, both sleeping peacefully.

Yeah he had everything he wanted and he'd never be alone again. And he'd never hurt Billy like Mike had. She'd never again have to deal with that and he would always be with her and their kids. No matter what.

His last thoughts drifted off as sleep over took him for the night, being completely exhausted. But he fell asleep with a picture of his wife and kids engraved in his minds eye.


AN: Ok there you have it the last chapter…I do plan a sequel for the kids, but I have no idea when it will be up, I'm working in other areas right now…soo hope you enjoyed and that's all folks!