Chapter 8: Dodging bullets

As Kagome and Sesshomaru walked to their next class, they talked and got to know each other a bit better, but Kagome still didn't trust him so she just covered the basics about herself; like favorite color, band, food, about her family, they even talked about her motorcycle and as it turns out Sesshomaru has one too. He has a custom made silver Suzuki like motorcycle that he built himself. Kagome was impressed, not many guys now a days can or will build their own vehicles from scratch, but when it came to the topic of why she moved here, Kagome gave a vague answer .

"So, Kagome why did you and your family move here?"

"Oh my mom felt like my old school was just not a good place for me that's all." Kagome answered trying to dodge the subject.

"Why what was wrong with your old school?" Sesshomaru knew Kagome was hiding something, he just didn't know what.

"It wasn't really a safe school. South side you know how that can be." Kagome laughed nervously.

"Kagome" Sesshomaru's arm shot out and blocked Kagome's path and when she tried to go around, his other arm came up so that both arms were on either side of her head evidently trapping her.

"Yes" she gulped out nervously

"What was wrong with your old school?" He was determined to get the truth.

"Well you see I-" RING! The bell rang cutting off her sentence, "Oops we better hurry or well be even later for class." Kagome said anxiously

Sesshomaru huffed, "Very well, but we will continue this conversation later."

Kagome rolled her eyes and walked past his arm, "Whatever" she inwardly gave a sigh of relief. 'Dodge that bullet'

Sesshomaru entered their next class which was physics and before Kagome could go into the room, she ran into Sesshomaru's back almost falling to the ground. Kagome gathered herself and approached Sesshomaru.

"Hey Sesshomaru warn someone before you randomly stop and-" she stopped talking when she heard Sesshomaru growl.

Kagome was confused as to what he was growling at so she followed his eye line and low and behold there sitting in their class was Naraku. He looked up and saw Kagome standing in the doorway; a sick grin worked its way on to his face as he looked Kagome up and down. Kagome felt a shiver of fear run up and down her spine; she backed up only to find Sesshomaru blocking her escape route. Kagome desperately wanted to run away and hide from this fiend, but the way his gaze fell on her it made it seem as if there was no place to hide that he couldn't find her. Sesshomaru sensing Kagome's discomfort, grabbed her by the elbow and led her away from Naraku; they sat down a could distance away from the bastard and just before Sesshomaru could start a conversation with Kagome, Sango came by and sat down next to her.

"Oh hey Kagome, hi Sesshomaru"

"Hi Sango" Kagome's voice sounded a little shaky, but seemed Sango couldn't tell.

"Hello Sango"

"I guess we have physics together." Kagome pointed out

"Yeah you, Sesshomaru, I and unfortunately that sleaze ball Naraku." Sango said with disgust dripping off of Naraku's name

"Yes that is quite unfortunate for us." Sesshomaru remarked sending a glare in Naraku's direction

"Tell me about it that guy gives me the creeps." Kagome shivered remembering her run in with him. Before any of them could say anything, the teacher walked in and began talking.

"Alright students listen up. Don't get too comfortable with the seats you have now because not only will there be assigned seats, but we will also have project partners that I will choose for you." The entire class groaned, "Ok here we go"

Fortunately for Kagome, she didn't have to sit next to Naraku, but she wasn't near either Sango or Sesshomaru. Sango and Sesshomaru were placed next to each other and Naraku was off next to someone else; that poor soul. Then it came time for the teacher to assign project partners.

"Now listen; whoever I assign you to that is who you will be with for the rest of the year, no switching partners, no asking for new ones, no nothing. You keep who you get unless there is a serious problem which in that case come speak to me about it directly." He read names off a list and again fortunately none of them got Naraku as a project partner, and Kagome and Sango got paired up, too bad that Sesshomaru got a fan girl for a partner.

"Go so class I'm going to give you an assignment and you're going to do it for the rest of the class with your partner and no one else. Are we clear?" There was a universal yes and everyone got to work.

Sango and Kagome worked fast so they could get done quickly and talk for the rest of the class; which they did, they were one of the first ones finished, and they turned in their assignment and began catching up.

"So, Kagome how have your classes been so far?"

"Ok I guess. Just as exciting as classes can be."

"Good point" Sango laughed quietly

"How many more classes do we have left?" Kagome asked


"Really? Wow that was fast. What's your last class?"

"Let's see I have theater production last."

"Me too!" Kagome was excited to have someone else other than Sesshomaru in some of her classes.

"Sweet do you want me to take you there?"

"Yes please I need to get away from Sesshomaru."

"Is he really being that obnoxious?" Sango asked even though she knew Sesshomaru could be quite a handful

"Not really I just need to doge a bullet that's all."


"Never mind it's just an expression I use."

"Oh, well whatever I'll show you how to get there, but you know whatever it is you can't evade it forever." Sango said

"I know, but I'm gunna get as much time as I can." Kagome said stubbornly

Once the bell rang, Kagome ran out of that class room with Sango being dragged behind her while they left Sesshomaru in the dust wondering how a human could move that fast. By the time he made it to theater production, Kagome had already taken a sit next to Sango and the only other open seat was on the other side of Sango, so Sesshomaru sat down in a huff mad that he couldn't continue his conversation with Kagome. When the teacher came into the room, Kagome was shocked at seeing the teacher. The teacher was a little old man with wild crazy hair and overly big glasses that just screamed insanity.

He told the students that for today's work he wanted them to write down their own ideas for a play that they should do for the spring show and that they were to turn in their ideas at the end of class. Everyone immediately began scribbling down a random movie or book that they thought would make a good play, but Kagome actually thought about her decision. Finally at almost the end of class, Kagome finally came up with an idea that she thought was good and wrote it down. The minute the bell rang signaling that class was over; Kagome was the first one to pass in her idea and sprint out of the school towards her bike. Sesshomaru knew that she was going to bolt the second the bell rang so, he figured that she would need to stop by her locker first and retrieve her things for homework. Sesshomaru ran to locker only to find that she had already been there and was heading out to her motorcycle.

'Damn this chick is faster than I thought.'

'Maybe our mate is part demon?'

'She is not our mate'


By the time Sesshomaru has finished talking with his inner beast, he had made it to where he knew her bike was parked just in time to see her pull out of the parking space and drive by him. As she drove off, Sesshomaru heard her call out to him.

"Later fluffy!"

As Kagome drove away from the school and Sesshomaru she looked ahead of herself and thought.

'And that ladies and gents is how you dodge a bullet.'