Ok this is just my second X-Files fic and I think this one is a little more romantic, hopefully. Well I haven't seen the X-files in like 10 years, I've just recently gotten interested in it again, kindergarten and first grade pulled me away from it in the first place. Now I haven't seen every ep. So if any of this is wrong, doesn't make sense or completely goes against what the show says, sorry, but I'm going to ignore it, just to have some fun. This takes place about sometime during season 6 or 7, so pls read and let me know what you think, thanks.


Scully lay sleeping on her desk as Mulder looked over the report his partner had written minutes before knocking out. They had had a rough case, little to no sleep had made them both tired, her more than him, however. It was the least he could do to let her sleep for a few hours, they had nothing much else to do until another case came up. Looking over to her he had noticed her red hair clung to her cheek as she sat hunched over her desk in a deep form of sleep. He had sat across from her watching her sleep in silence for the past few minutes, but soon the silence was shattered by the sound of her cell phone ringing. He made a reach for it only to find Scully pop her head up and grab the phone next to her head.

"9-1-1, what's your emergency?" she spoke into the phone half asleep, Mulder suppressed a laugh, but couldn't stop from smiling. "Sorry, Scully speaking." She quickly corrected herself as she through her pen at Mulder, luckily missing by a few millimeters.

There was another small silence in the room and Mulder had gone back to reading the report while Scully spoke on the phone. A few times she had wined to the other person and complained about not liking somebody only to agree and tell her mother good-bye.

"Damn it!" she swore throwing her phone on her desk before looking over to her partner.

"Care to share?" he asked smiling over to her. Normally he didn't ask about her phone calls, but they had become closer friends and she seemed rather upset by the call altogether.

"That was my mom." She stated the obvious; he nodded and gave her a look that asked for more detail. "She called telling me my cousin will be stopping by soon."

"What's wrong with that?" he asked giving up on the report and placed it on his desk.

"My cousin and I don't really see eye to eye. In fact one could say we hate each others guts." She gave him a smile as she fixed her messed up hair.

"You have to love your family, Scully." Mulder said joking, getting a smile from her.

"You don't understand my cousin is a spoiled only child with the looks of Miss America." She explained, her smile now long gone. "Ever since we were kids she always thought she was better than me. When we were five she was playing with Barbie while I hung out with my two best friends, who just so happened to be male. When we were eight she was entering beauty pageants while I was getting into some form of trouble. In high school she was the prettiest girl around, I was the nerd with some good looks, while she juggled three boyfriends, and I only had one. For prom she ended up going with the most popular guy while I went with my best friend. And while I went to college to get my doctorate, she went to performing arts school to become an actress. When I changed my mind for the FBI, my family was upset, when she changed her mind for fashion design they were happy to help her along. It's just were the exact opposite."

"Well it's not like you have to live with her." he offered some bright point to all this, he only now realized how trapped she was.

"Not really, my mom says she's coming down for the week and would appreciate it if I offered her my spare room, they just want us to get along."

"Well it's only for a week."

"Yeah, but it will be hell. She's always rubbing her life in my face telling me I have none and how I need to find some guy, get married and have kids." Her voice lowered towards the end. "She doesn't know."

"I wish I could help Scully, but it looks to me like you're on your own here."

"What? Mr. spooky doesn't have an answer?" she joked rising from her desk.

"Unless she's part alien, nope." He said watching her as she grabbed her coat.

"Well, I better go and prepare for the princess, if not I'll have hell to pay." She said heading towards the door.

"Have fun." He called after her trying desperately to get back to the report.

It was later that night that a knock came at the door, Scully walked out of the guest bedroom, she had just finished getting it ready. As she approached the door she looked out of the little hole and groaned before opening the door to find a petite blonde carrying a few bags, just a few inches taller than she was the woman threw out her arms and embraced Scully lovingly.

"Oh Dana I'm so glad to see you." She said happily making her way into the small apartment.

"Good to see you too, Danielle." She faked a smile and closed the door behind her.

"Charming little place." She mumbled looking around, dropping her black leather coat on the coat rack to reveal a pair of jeans and tight top that showed a little too much of her fake breasts. "Thought I fail to see a man's touch anywhere."

And so it begins. Scully thought taking a deep breath.

"I see you got the implants you wanted." She mumbled loud enough for her to hear.

"Yeah. I felt it was time I matured a bit." She said smiling. "So where do I sleep?"

"In the guest bedroom." She said leading her cousin to the room she had occupied moments before.

"oh." Danielle said once walking in and noticing the small room. "Well it's no Ritz Carlton, but I'll manage."

"Lucky me." she whispered under her breath.

"Auntie said you had a boyfriend, though I fail to see any pictures around."

"I don't have a boyfriend." She said turning to leave.

"Auntie said you did, said his name was 'Mulder' I think it was."

"He's my partner at work and nothing else." She said turning to face her cousin, slightly pissed her mom had told her such a thing, pissed her mother had mentioned Mulder at all.

"Jeeze, no boyfriend, just some partner; I have Michael back home, I just got over Christopher, terrible man." She ranted on; it was like this almost every time they came face-to-face. Danni would rant on about which boyfriend she dumped, rubbing them all in her face, while Scully was left with nothing to counteract, not that she would even if given the chance. "But a partner is nice." She mumbled on.

"Yeah well, he's just what I need. A friend." She said turning to leave the room again.

"Maybe you should try dating, Dana. You are getting older, you can only stay so young for so long." She called after her, that was it, the woman had been there not even fifteen minutes and was already invading her personal life, she hadn't known was caused her to say it, perhaps it was all the anger, the need to shut her up, or maybe she secretly wished it to be true.

"Yeah well, for the past few years Mulder has thought I look fine for my age hasn't pushed him away yet." The second the words left her mouth she regretted it, she had meant it though he really didn't care, and why should he they were only friends? But the look in Danni's eyes told her she took it another way.

"I knew auntie was right. She said you were just partners in the work area, but I knew that wasn't the only place. I'm proud of you Dana, finally living life. I can't wait to meet him, night." She said closing the door on her cousin.

"what have I done?" she asked herself making her way into her bedroom, better yet how was she going to tell Mulder? She could easily tell Danni the truth, that she had misunderstood, but she knew she wouldn't buy it and if by some miracle she did she would bug her for the rest of her life. Slowly making her way to bed, she knew she had to ask Mulder for the biggest favor in her life, pretend to be her boyfriend until her cousin left. Oh the hell she had just gotten herself into.

Ok well this is just chapter one, so let me know what you think and if I should continue on or not, ok thanks.