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Scully woke up the next morning and failed at having any real good ideas about getting back at her cousin, she just wanted her out of her and Mulder's life and far away as possible. Looking up to the man's whose chest she slept on she found Mulder looking down at her smiling widely.

"Good morning." He said leaning down to place a soft kiss on the top of her head.

"Good morning." She answered back moving up along side his body to kiss him full on the lips.

"Any ideas on how to get even with your cousin?" He asked curiously.

"None, and I really don't care anymore, I just want her out of my life once and for all."

"Well we could push her off of a cliff." Mulder joked, but found it amusing when Scully began to ponder the thought, then shook her head saying 'No'.

It was later that day that Scully had finally made her way home. As she entered the apartment she was all alone and crying, tears stained her eyes as she walked past her cousin sitting on the couch watching 'Lifetime'.

"Hey, Dana. Where have you been all night?" She asked getting up fro, the couch to follow her into the room.

"You didn't get my message?" She asked crying into her hands.

"No, what message?"

"Mulder was in an accident last night, he's been hospitalized in critical care. Bill came over to my mom's house last night pissed off that Mulder had come onto you. He beat him up pretty bad and he left. I wouldn't let Mulder explain so he left home as well, only on the way he got into an accident; head on collision with a pick-up truck." She paused for dramatic effect before speaking again. "When I saw him, I didn't even know it was him, he was all beat up and bruised. He asked for you though, or said your name about something."

"What did he say?"

"just your name, that was it. I guess I should expect that, you know. He loved you, it was obvious, I was stupid enough to loose myself in the fantasy of him loving me, that I failed to see the truth. Just like with Christopher Wilkes back in college." She said falling onto the bed to hide her face in her pillow. "I'm just so glad you're here Danni. I know you would never hurt me, I know your honest and will spend the next week helping me recover. I just need someone."

"Actually, I told Michael I was coming home tomorrow, I couldn't deal with all the stress of what had happened." She said backing out of the room.

"But Danni, you're my cousin, my best friend, the only person I can trust. You can't just leave me here, I need you. Please?" She begged tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Dana, but I have to go, my flight leaves tonight." She said turning to run into her room and pack as Scully reached out for her. Once certain the door was closed she got on the phone and called Mulder up.

"OK, get up here and hurry." She hung up the phone and cried loudly as Danni exited her bedroom and headed for the door.

"I really am sorry, Dana, I'll call you once I get home, I promise." She said heading for the door and when she opened it she came face to face with a man, he stood a few inches taller than her, but his face was badly beaten with bruises, cuts and scraps. He reached his arms out to her and spoke.

"Danni, I love you." In the room Scully tried to hold back her laughter. "Please let me into your heart."

"OH MY GOD!" Danni screamed loudly dodging Mulder as he walked to her trying as hard as he could to try and hold her close. "Get away from me!" She screamed.

"Mulder! How could you? You know I never wanted to see you again." Scully cried from the hallway.

"I'm not here to see you, I'm here to see your cousin. I love her, not you." He yelled back.

"I thought you said he was in critical care." Danni yelled to Scully.

"They could not hold my love for you, I left to be with you." He said moving closer to her and watched as she screamed for her life as he got closer to her. Suddenly a loud gunshot could be heard and Mulder fell to the floor.

"If I can't have you nobody can." Scully said as Danni looked to her side and saw her holding a gun in front of her face pointed to where Mulder had stood. She gave a loud scream and bolted out of the apartment and to the elevator where she descended and disappeared.

"Is she gone?" Mulder asked from the floor, his eyes closed.

"Yeah, she ran out of here like a scared kitten." Scully said laughing while closing the door. Playing with her gun, it had been given empty bullets just to make the sound. "Gross Mulder." Scully said as he made his way over to her and began kissing her neck with the makeup and fake blood still on his face. The one area above his head where she had 'shot' him had a small blood tube and began pouring out as Mulder pushed the small button in his hand. "You're getting that on my carpet." She joked, not really caring.

"What? I'm leaving this on, I look awesome." He said looking to the mirror in the hall.

"You're such a male." Scully said laughing as he began picking pieces off of his face.

"I thought it was one of the many things you loved about me." He said shoving a piece of 'dead skin' in her face.

"It is, but gross." She said walking over to him to help him out of the makeup, before finding his lips, free of all bruises and blood, and kissed him passionately.

"Think she'll be back anytime soon?" He asked placing his hands around her waist as she played with the fake blood.

"Nope." She said laughing to herself. "Where did you get this stuff anyways?"

"The Lonegun men. They have stuff from Halloween's ago." He answered placing one the fake scabs on her cheek.

"Looks good on you." He joked just as there was a knock on the door.

The police had been called by a woman in hysterics saying somebody was shot at that address, she had hung up before giving a name or before they could get anything from her. After reassuring the police that they were FBI and witnessed nothing even close to that, they said their good byes and apologized for the misunderstanding.

Later that night Scully lay on the couch on Mulder's lap. His back rested to the arm rest and her head on his chest while the rest of her fell off him diagonally. In one hand was Spooky, while in the other was his. Though a movie played on the TV, Scully paid no attention and only listened to the sound of Mulder's beating heart, she found it unique that the beats of both theirs hearts were in perfect sync.

Leaning down Mulder whispered he loved her into her ear and kissed her lightly before laying on his back and pulled her to lay on top of him. They lay like that for a while before sleep finally overcame them. They were truly happy and nobody and nothing could change that, at least nothing they knew about.

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