"Gibbs," Ziva practically yelled down the phone as her and McGee sprinted back to the entrance of the forest "we're heading back to the cabin near the road now, give us 10 minutes"

"DiNozzo may not have 10 minutes Ziva" Gibbs replied.

"Ok give me 5 minutes," Ziva sighed before taking a glance back at McGee "McGee will be more like 10"

"Just hurry" Gibbs snapped before hanging up the phone.

"Come on McGee" Ziva yelled back trying to hurry her colleague up. McGee was not the fittest agent and was struggling with running the long distance not to mention all the shrubbery and uneven ground he had to run over also.

"Just go get Tony Ziva," McGee yelled back taking a quick break by a tree "I'll catch up"

Ziva nodded at McGee and increased her speed realising she hadn't been going as fast as she could so McGee could keep up, Ziva just hoped she wasn't too late

Gibbs replaced his cell in his pocket and turned back to Kate who was looking at him expectantly.

"They worked it out Kate," Gibbs said placing a hand on her shoulder "They will have Tony back in a few minutes"

"But will they have him back alive Gibbs?" Kate replied anxiously.

Gibbs crouched down to Kate's level and looked her straight in the eyes so she knew he wasn't lying.

"They will get Tony back alive Kate," Gibbs explained "And he will be back in time to see his daughter be born"

Kate nodded and grabbed Gibbs hand tightly as another contraction coursed through her body.

"That's it," Gibbs exclaimed "you are going to the hospital"

Kate shook her head frantically before replying "not until Tony is back"

"Look Kate," Gibbs sighed "chances are Tony will still be under the influence of the Arduan and have some injuries so he will be going straight to the hospital himself, Ziva and McGee are on their way to get him now so by the time you get to the hospital he will be on his way"

Kate thought about what Gibbs said for a moment until she finally sighed and nodded.

"DUCK," Gibbs yelled causing Ducky, Palmer and Michael to come back into the room "Kate's going to the hospital, help me get her into my car"

Kate watched as everyone rushed into action, Palmer and Michael came over and helped Kate to her feet while Gibbs started to rush out to get the car ready.

Ducky rushed over to Kate as another contraction hit her ands he sank back down to the autopsy table.

"Jethro," Ducky yelled before Gibbs could get out of earshot "Kate isn't going anywhere"

"What do you mean?" Gibbs exclaimed coming back into the room.

"Her contractions are too close together she won't make it to the hospital I'm going to have to deliver her baby here" Ducky explained and started collecting everything he needed.

"No...no...no" Kate gasped clutching Michael's hand "I...am...not... having...my baby...in autopsy"

"I'm sorry Caitlin," Ducky said sympathetically "but this is not up for discussion"

"Gibbs," Kate sobbed causing Gibbs to walk over and grip her other hand "I can't do this without Tony"

"Yes you can Kate," Gibbs replied sternly "Palmer has called an ambulance and it will be here ready to take you and your baby to see Tony"

"You promise?" Kate asked knowing that if Gibbs promised something chances are it was true"

"I promise," Gibbs replied gripping Kate's hand tighter "Duck she's ready"

"Alright Caitlin on the next contraction I want you to push" Ducky explained and took his position.

Kate took a deep breath and waited until the next contraction all the while hoping that Ziva and McGee would get to Tony in time.

Tony wiggled his fingers a little trying to get some feeling back in his numb body. Over the course of the last hour or so the feeling in the top half of his body was starting to come back, but his legs were still completely paralysed and without them there would be no chance of escape.

Just as Tony was assessing his options Sullivan entered the room with another syringe in his hand and a large butcher's knife.

"Well Agent DiNozzo the time has come for me to feast on your insides," Sullivan said creepily and very cheerfully "I've never eaten a copper before, I'm sure you'll be delicious"

Sullivan licked his lips and placed down the knife on the table where the checkout operators organs were only a few minutes beforehand.

"Firstly I have to make sure you are completely still and can't try anything stupid" Sullivan explained nodding towards Tony's hand which was still moving slightly.

Sullivan approached Tony menacingly and plunged the full syringe into Tony's thigh. Sullivan emptied half the syringe into Tony before a sound outside caught his attention.

"I guess I'll have to hurry things up" Sullivan said and leaving the syringe in Tony's thigh grabbed the knife and raised it above his head preparing to plunge it into Tony's chest.

"Dammit" Ziva cursed as she felt yet another branch cut into her skin. Ziva knew she would be covered in multiple cuts by the time she got to Tony but she didn't care she just ran as fast as she could towards the cabin.

Just as Ziva manoeuvred around another tree the cabin came into view, Ziva tried to see if she could see what was going on form where she was but there didn't seem to be any windows and form what she could gather the only entrance was the front door.

Ziva sighed as she came to a stop in front of the door and while she unholstered her weapon and took of the safety took the opportunity to catch her breath. Ziva's lungs were burning and her legs felt like jelly but at the moment all she cared about was getting Tony out of that cabin.

Ziva raised her gun and silently turned the doorknob, just as Ziva was about to enter the cabin she heard the rustling of bushes behind her and the sound of someone taking deep gulps of air.

"Wow McGee," Ziva whispered "you got here a lot faster than I thought you would"

"Is….he…in…..there" McGee replied taking gulps of air between each word.

"I don't know yet I was just about to go in," Ziva said waiting for McGee to get out his weapon. Once Ziva heard the click of the safety on his gun she asked "you ready?" and turned to see McGee nod his head.

"ARRRRRRRGH" Kate screamed as another contraction ripped through her body only a few minuted after the last one. She knew that she was probably crushing Gibb's hand but she didn't care she was in pain and all she could think about was that it should be Tony's hand been crushed every time she had a contraction.

"You said he would be here by now" Kate gasped with tears and sweat dripping down her face.

"I know," Gibbs replied "and I promise you he will be here soon"

"Alive?" Kate asked with hope filling her eyes, she knew that the chances of Tony coming back alive were very slim and that she may get her fiancé back in pieces.

"Kate," Gibbs said sternly tightening his grip on Kate's hand "I promise you we will get Tony back alive and he will be here when this is over"

Kate nodded and screamed as yet another contraction hit her.

"I'm sorry Caitlin," Ducky said "but this baby is coming now, I need you to start pushing"

"No," Kate exclaimed "not without Tony, I can't do this without him"

"Yes you can Kate," Gibbs replied "you are strong and you will see Tony soon, you can't stop this baby from coming so you need to push ok"

Kate nodded and put her chin to her chest and grunted and screamed as she started to give birth.

Tony could feel the Arduan starting to take effect and hoped that the fact that he only had half the syringe pumped into him meant he may have some chance of getting away.

Tony tried to get some part of his body to move, just one arm he thought something to stop this knife from plunging into him.

Tony glanced up and saw the knife getting closer and closer, it seemed like everything was happening in slow motion. Tony shut his eyes any waited for the impact to come.

"I'm sorry Kate" Tony whispered just as he felt the knife pierce his skin, at least that's what should of happened, instead just as he mumbled that sentence a gun shot rang out and Tony heard the knife hit the floor next to him followed by a thump.

Tony slowly opened his eyes to see the Sullivan was lying in a pool of blood on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head, Tony looked towards the doorway and saw Ziva lowering her gun and her and McGee rushing towards him.

"Oh my god," Ziva exclaimed "Are you alright?"

"Took you long enough" Tony replied with a smirk and then seeing that Ziva wasn't amused added "Yeah I think so, could you please get that thing out of me?"

Ziva looked down towards Tony's leg and pulled out the half empty syringe.

"Can you move at all?" Ziva asked obviously noticing that Tony wasn't making any effort to get out of the cabin.

"Not really," Tony answered I can probably manage my arms but anything below that is still numb"

"McGee give me a hand" Ziva ordered and placed one of Tony's arms over her should while McGee took the other one.

"You're going to carry me all the way back to the car?" Tony asked thinking they were strong but not that strong.

"Actually the car is only a few metres away;" Ziva explained "he was hiding in plain sight all this time"

"Oh," Tony said "fancy that"

"Alright enough talking," Ziva barked "we are taking you to the hospital"

Tony didn't know how he managed it but he managed to lift his head and shake it frantically.

"No, no way," Tony exclaimed "the only place I'm going is to see Kate"

"Well Kate is in labour," Ziva said bluntly "so she will probably be there herself by now, let's go"

Before Tony could protest Ziva and McGee had lifted him up off the table and where dragging him out towards the car and towards his new baby.