Summary: To possibly save his life, two years earlier than prepared for, Harry James Potter Snape Dumbledore Riddle has to receive his magical inheritance … but first, he has a few things to learn about his ancestry, starting with his four fathers.

Rating: T

Warnings: One small reference to M-Preg. It's not even slash.

Disclaimer: I don't even own the plot – not really. This is an answer to Aurilia's challenge (see her FFnet profile for rules) and the only thing I did that doesn't fit is make Harry receive his inheritance early, because I didn't want to wait till he was 17. Plus, having Umbridge around when there's a secret to discover is always fun! So this is an AU. Oh, and I used a tiny bit of creative licence with the spell – the motive is slightly different to what Aurilia implied, but I'm not sure it contradicts what she actually said. I'll have to double-check the rules.

Author's Notes: This prologue is short, and to make up for that I'm posting Chapter One with it. I will either expand or replace the prologue at some point but when I don't know. When inspiration strikes me. I've got several half-completed one sitting on my hard drive, I'll try and do something with them.


Thicker than Water

By Alexannah


One simple, well-known phrase. "Blood is thicker than water."

Is it, though?

Seriously, how much does blood really count? If it's everything, how come there are adoptive families out there just as happy as blood relations? And if it doesn't matter at all, why do most people love their relatives unconditionally, even though if they weren't related they would hate them?

There has to be an answer somewhere. One that explains both the problems above. In my experience, blood seems to be important but not the most important factor in family relationships. It affects our feelings up to a point. And it also depends on personality and experience of the person in question.

But then, I'm Harry James Potter – an orphan with only the Dursleys to judge on. What do I know?