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The shadows seemed to overcome her with every day she stayed in this new yet very familiar territory. Everything had been taken away from her in just one droplet of the truth. Shyao… No… Now she was Lady Sohwa… had been deprived the home she had been so familiar with for a long time. Rey's presence was constant and secure; it made her feel welcome and protected. There were various times she wished that she could protect him from the dangers that haunt him.

Why was it she who must kill Rey? It's expected of her and the sages label it as essential, but how could she? The life that had surpassed this new one is overwhelming each day. Narrowing her brows, she shook her head once, "No, I can't kill him. He's not like the rest." She spoke this out loud as she realized there was someone lurking in the shadows just behind her. "Shouren, what if we're… What if you and the others are wrong?" She tilts her head ever so slightly, chocolate brown eyes blink into a sad expression. "What if none of this is exactly meant to be: I can't kill him and be the same person!"

"You have to… Need to." He corrected himself in the end, "We can't go with the 'what ifs' it'll lead us to destuction. He has the Pasa sword: he needs to be destroyed."

Lady Sohwa sucked in an angry breath, her voice dangerously low, "You don't know him."

"He's in possession of the Pasa sword, that's all I need to know," He paused, "He's human: human's get carried away at every chance of power they get, he's no different."

She heard his footsteps disappear; she bit her lip to keep herself from yelling something she might regret. 'It's not going to be this way, I can't…. I can't let it.'

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