Vengeance be thy name



A creature of nightmares bent on revenge is stealing children. The hunters' vow to find out what's happening and stop the creature before it can strike again. The demented creature wants vengeance and Dean is its target. Can Sam bring his brother back from the edge of destruction before it's too late?

The usual disclaimers go here: I love this show, but I don't own them nor will I make any money from this little foray into the fic fandom land of the Supernatural.

Spoilers for Season 2 finale (All Hell Breaks Loose)

V1 Stolen

A dark shadow glided across the barren field. Tall and lithe it was cloaked in gray its skeletal head hidden beneath a dark hood. Long spidery hands extended from the tattered sleeves, fingers moving restlessly as it searched for new prey. It was hungry, ravenously hungry.

It had slept too long; desire had driven it to wakefulness. Anger still burned in its black heart, but vengeance was close at hand.

Slipping through the trees it stopped and stared up into the window of a two story wooden farmhouse. The lights blinked out and it gulped hungrily knowing she lay within preparing to sleep. It had seen her, desired her and it would have her. She was there waiting. So pretty, they couldn't have her. She belonged to it, was part of it. They would pay, but she would have her child back.

Silently it moved drifting upward. The wind carried it high across the rooftop until it stood outside the window. A small greenish light filtered through the window and it could see her silhouette on the pink walls. She drew it like a moth to a flame. Her essence was bright and alive, fodder for a starving beast.

Fingers again moved restlessly lifting the window on silent springs. Opening its maw it breathes a command. A cold gray mist filters into the room wrapping itself around the child. The tiny body convulsed eyes wide with terror as the mist slid down her throat and into her lungs. Her breath hung in the air gone suddenly frigid. She shivered the cold invading her body and drawing her from the now frost covered sheets.

She moved slowly at first on silent feet through the room and down the stairs. The door opened on whispering hinges as she walked through. The tiny body moved reluctantly her spirit stronger than it had anticipated all the more reason for taking her. Moving ahead of the child it beckoned knowing she had no choice but to follow. It could feel her fear and lifted its head into the air drinking in the scent.

Gliding across the ground it laid a compulsion on the child to follow. The command would hold her fast and lead her to its lair. It would have her soon. A black tongue flicked across thin purple lips as greenish gray drool slithering from the side of its mouth in anticipation. Her baby, they would never find her, they would never steal her again. They would pay.