Chapter 8

A couple of nights following the Green Hornet's narrow escape from Detroit police, the Black Beauty patrolled the streets like a feral beast. The Hornet and his philipino acolyte were still in search of Fonzello. The problem was, so were the cops. Britt Reid had made a mistake when he decided to circulate an article for the Daily Sentinel, a few days ago, claiming that the police knew where Fonzello's hideout was located. This gave Fonzello the upper hand. Like any good criminal scum, he would stay hidden for a while, if he knew what was good for him.

As the Black Beauty turned on a street, Kato activated the car's built in police scanner. The device beeped softly but rapidly as the car turned another corner. The car slowed to a crawl as Kato leapt out and posted a number of flyers on the side of buildings that were part of the familiar downtown strip. The flyers included a picture of Fonzello and a caption that read: "Wanted By Green Hornet… Casper Fonzello, AT ALL COST!" Quicker than he was out, the short philipino man reentered the Black Beauty, and the car sped away.

The next morning, Britt Reid sat in his office, at the Sentinel, talking with Gunnigan and Mike Axford.

"I tell you Reid, this gang war between the Hornet and Fonzello is scaring everyone in town. It's pretty hard to be a good crime reporter when all the leads you get, turn out to be nothing on account of everyone's afraid to talk. Why I went to see a witness the other day that wouldn't tell me nothin' I could use, on account of fear."

"Well Mike, keep trying. You're the best reporter I've got. And I know Mike Axford isn't shy when it comes to the Green Hornet," Reid smirked at Mike then followed it with a laugh.

"He's right Mike," Gunnigan chimed in. "You never have been scared of the Green Hornet."

"Holy Crow, I tell you… If I ever get my hands on that devil, I'll," Axford ate his words as soon as he looked at Reid and Gunnigan grinning to each other at the sight of how much this jolly old reporter gets upset at too much talk of the Green Hornet."

"Careful Mike, you're blood pressure might rise too high. The Sentinel's medical benefits aren't that great," Gunnigan half whispered jokingly, so his boss wouldn't hear.

"Well gentlemen, I don't pay you to sit around and talk to the boss all day, get back to work," Reid ordered.

"One of these days Reid, the police will have that Hornet," Axford declared stepping out of the office behind Gunnigan.

"One of these days Mike," Reid agreed, relieved at the sound of the door slamming behind his employees.

He picked up the phone and called Frank Scanlon. He grew a bit tense as it rang. "Hi Frank," Reid greeted at the sound of his friend's hello.

"Britt, I was just about to call you. You wouldn't believe it," Scanlon muttered excitedly.

"What is it Frank?"

"The police telephone lines have somehow crossed with Fonzello's. Law enforcement keeps the line open, to eavesdrop on his gang, every time they make a phone call."

"Well, out with it Frank. Have they been able to pinpoint his location?

"Unfortunately no, they trace the phone call, and every time the line is cut there is no evidence that a call even took place. It's almost as if their phone line doesn't exist," Frank Scanlon informed.

"Hmm, that is strange," Reid exclaimed to his friend, unable to believe what he was hearing. "Well, if the lines are crossing, then we know he's close. This means he hasn't left town."

"Good news for the Green Hornet," Scanlon affirmed.

"That's the trouble, every time the Green Hornet tries to get some kind of information, the police, not to mention the Fed's are right there at my heels. I don't usually have this problem. Fonzello is a big name in this town. Everybody wants a piece of this guy."

"Well if he's too big for his britches, let's cut 'em down to size," the attorney proclaimed.

"I need to set another trap. Gaining his confidence is not an option because of this gang war, so we can't bring him down from the inside. We need to hurry Frank. Everyday that he remains free, is more time he has to carry out his fiendish plans."

"What are you going to do?" Scanlon wondered.

"I think tonight, the Green Hornet is going to set a trap. I'll keep you posted Frank."

"Right Britt. I'll talk to you later, I'm late for a meeting."

"Okay Frank, later," Britt acknowledged hanging up the phone.

A few hours later, the Green Hornet and Kato lingered outside Fonzello's nightclub The Big Score. As they entered through the back, they heard a group of men talking in the next room.

"Well Romano, we're doing a great job of keeping the boss hidden. The cops don't suspect a thing," Frankie Casteline declared to his partners, Romano Versini and Salvatore Locino.

"Look Frankie, the boss could care less about the cops. It's the Green Hornet he wants. He's -."

Suddenly, the apparent meeting was interrupted as the door to the place was shattered by Kato's iron fist. As the heavy wooden door was shattered, Kato and the Green Hornet stepped through the entryway.

"Well, if it isn't the Green Hornet," Romano Versini acknowledged.

"So, your boss wants me heh? Well I want him too," the Hornet pronounced.

"A match made in heaven," Frankie Casteline uttered.

"What are you doin' here Hornet? The boss isn't here," Salvatore Locino spoke up.

"Fonzello's affairs have ruined my plans for long enough. He's through, and so is this gang."

"Don't be so sure of that Hornet," Romano asserted pulling out a small pistol.

Suddenly from Kato's pocket came a handful of the hornet-shaped darts. With careful precision, Romano Versini fired a shot in the Hornet's direction. The Green Hornet lunged out of the way. In turn, Kato aimed and fired the darts, striking Versini in the shoulder, knee and hand, forcing the armed goon to lose his shooter. Quickly, the Green Hornet made a beeline for Versini, striking an uppercut to the chin. Versini fell backwards collapsing into the right corner of the room. Salvatore Locino and Frankie Casteline both darted behind the large meeting table in the center of the room.

With a daring kick of his feet, Kato leapt to the top of the table. Soon the skilled valet danced across the table as a sudden spray of gunfire came through. The Green Hornet somersaulted across the floor, firing his gas gun in the direction of the armed goons under the table. Kato sprang from the table with an impressive back flip, landing next to the battered entrance to which he and his master had entered moments before. Locino and Casteline quickly rose to the floor, and while maneuvering through the gas, retreated through another door on the other side of the large room. Kato quickly leapt over the damaged table in pursuit, but the Hornet had other plans.

"Kato, let them go," the Green Hornet commanded. "We've got Fonzello's right-hand man."

Kato immediately picked up the unconscious Versini from the floor and threw him over his shoulder. Suddenly, two rather large bouncers entered the room from the door that the gangsters fled through. Kato and the Hornet made a hasty exit out the back door and to the Black Beauty. Kato threw Versini in the back of the long black car and hopped into the front passenger seat. As the Green Hornet pressed a button the great car roared into life. With impressive speed the Black Beauty shot out of the parking lot and through a narrow alleyway, onto the street, and into the night.

The Green Hornet put the Black Beauty on autopilot and put in a call to Frank Scanlon.

"Hello Frank," the Hornet spoke through the mask. "No, we have Fonzello's number one guy. We're dropping him off with the police in hopes that the police will understand that the Green Hornet is not connected with the Fonzello racket in any way. Right Frank… okay Hornet out."

The Black Beauty slowed to a crawl as it neared the police station. Kato hurriedly attached the Hornet seal to Romano Versini's forehead, from the back seat. As the Black Beauty passed by the front of the headquarters the hornet-like buzz sounded and Kato hurled the goon out the back of the long limousine. The unconscious Versini hit the sidewalk's cool pavement with a thud as a crowd of cops rushed out the front of headquarters.

"It's the Green Hornet," one said as the Black Beauty sped off in the distance. "Maybe he's not in cahoots with the Fonzello gang after all," he continued looking on, as his fellow officers rounded up the unconscious gangster.

Chapter 9

The next morning, Britt Reid sat in his office with Frank Scanlon and a Detroit cop named Jack Smith.

"Basically Mr. Reid," the cop began, "I'm serving you as well as every other newspaper in the city a cease and desist order. The chief of police knows that news like this will spread. He doesn't want anyone publishing the story of last night's apprehension of that gangster. He's afraid you will put your own biased spin on things as you news types often do."

"Well Officer Smith, I can't say that I blame the police. I don't want anything to get in the way of your boys investigation. Although it will be a shame to not jump on such a terrific story," Reid said, leading the cop on.

"Wow… Mr. Reid, this is surely the easiest news I've delivered all day. The people over at the other paper's I've spoken with threw a fit."

"Well I can assure you officer that there is one reporter working for me that if he knew this news, and knew that he couldn't publish it, he'd throw a nasty fit as well. I'm just glad Mike's not here yet," Reid turned his attention to Frank Scanlon.

"Well Britt, we're closer than ever… All these gentleman need to do is get me Fonzello and I'll make sure he gets his just desserts," Scanlon responded.

"That's fine… Mr. Smith, you don't have to worry about any news of this from the Sentinel. You have my word."

"Oh yes, and Britt always keeps his word," Scanlon assured the cop.

"Thank you Mr. Reid, and if you don't mind my saying so, this is Detroit's best newspaper," Officer Smith smiled to Reid as he got up and left the office.

Frank Scanlon leaned back in his chair as Reid arose from the desk.

"You know Frank, the Green Hornet was very fortunate to have captured Fonzello's main goon. Have the cops gotten any cooperation from this guy?"

"I'm not sure yet Britt, I haven't been down to the station yet. I would imagine that the cops have their work cut out for them. He's probably going to be very loyal to his man and not talk much."

"Well, the cops have ways of making people squeal."

"That they do Britt, that they do. Look friend, I'm gonna get out of here and let you get some work done," Scanlon affirmed as he got up and walked to the office door.

"Sure thing Frank, you're a busy man as well, I imagine."

"Indeed. Bye Britt," Scanlon greeted and walked out, closing the door behind him.

"Bye," Britt whispered with a wave. The night before had been a busy night. Perhaps tonight the Green Hornet would have even greater luck.

Meanwhile, at police headquarters, Romano Versini sat alone, in a darkly lit, quiet interrogation room. Three police detectives entered, and quickly began giving Versini the business about his affairs with Casper Fonzello.

"So Mr. Versini, we're going to make this easy on you," one determined detective proclaimed. "You can either be cooperative and tell us what you know, or there is of course the hard way of doing things."

"That's right, you better talk Romano, or you'll be sorry," another of the detectives said.

"You people ain't getting' shit from me," the nervous gangster blabbed. "I would never sell out the most powerful man in Detroit."

"You're wrong Romano," a detective declared, getting in the gangster's face. "He was the most powerful man in Detroit. Since his conviction, his empire has crumbled. Anyway, you don't need to worry about him. You'll get police protection."

"Heh, that's a laugh. Anyway, you're wrong. Casper ain't no fool. He's building contacts. If it is as you say," Romano declared, "then he'll be back on top in no time."

"What about the Green Hornet?" another detective questioned.

"What about him? That guy gets in every gangster's way that comes through this town, because he wants to be the reigning crime boss of Detroit. That's why he brought me here. He and Fonzello got a big rivalry goin'."

"Really? Well, we were under the impression from every newspaper in the city that they were in this together."

"Yeah, you cops think you know everything don't you."

"Look Romano, we aren't gonna ask you again, where's your boss."

"You ain't gettin' nothin' from me. I ain't no wise guy."

"Listen Romano, we already know that Fonzello killed a federal agent. It's over."

"Hey where are the Fed's," Romano questioned.

"We'll ask the questions here Versini."

"Look, you're little interrogation is through. I ain't talkin', Romano repeated.

"Alright Versini have it you're way," a frustrated detective said motioning to outside of the room.

Three novice cops walked into the room and grabbed the uncooperative Romano Versini.

"Get 'em outta here boys," a cop ordered turning to Versini. "You disgust me Romano."

"Hey the hell with you copper," a raving Versini screamed as he was led out of the interrogation room, and back to his cell."

Suddenly, a mystified Mike Axford walked by staring the detectives up and down.

"Say, was that Fonzello's right hand guy?" the eager reporter questioned.

"Why yes it was," one of the detectives spoke up.

"Well then what are you waitin' for, spill it."

"Sorry sir, we can't give you reporter's anything right now. Wait until the case is closed."

"Holy crow," a furious Mike Axford blew up. "You mean to tell me, you don't have anything?"

"Sorry pal, we can't get the media involved right now."

"Thanks for doin' your job guy. I'll have you know I used to be a police detective and… Oh never mind," Axford proclaimed, storming out of the police station, headed for his car.

That afternoon at the Daily Sentinel, Britt Reid, Kato and Lenore Case all sat in the privacy of Reid's office talking.

"This has been the longest and most frustrating case in the Green Hornet's career. Finding Fonzello is like finding a needle in a hay stack," Britt Reid declared from behind his desk.

"Well what do you expect, he's got all those goons to move him around if he is ever in danger of being caught. Don't beat yourself up boss," Miss Case spoke, flashing a smile in her boss' direction.

"That's the problem Miss Case, we need to get a lock on him and get him before he has another chance to escape," Reid explained.

With great fury, Mike Axford abruptly bursts into the room, slamming the door behind him. "Hi Reid, Hi Kato, Hi Casey," the frantic reporter acknowledged, nearly out of breath. "You won't believe it Reid. I found Fonzello. I found him."

"Mr. Axford we were having an important meeting," Kato spoke up.

"Yes Axford what's this all about."

"Well, I arrived at the police station just as that gangster that the cops nabbed was being interrogated. And what did I hear? Well as I was leaving, that goon was on the phone getting his one phone call see, and I heard him say an address… Fourteen Seventy One something… Holy Crow the name escapes me."

"C'mon Axford what is it? Think," Reid exclaimed.

"Four… Four… Fourteen Seventy-One Hangman's Court. That's it Reid… that's it."

"Oh Mike, Hangman's court. That's the abandoned warehouse that the G-men seized. That's Fonzello's old hideout. There's nothing there," Reid uttered, a bit disappointed.

"Mike, if Mr. Reid prints that, he'll be sued for libel."

"It's just a hot tip Casey, he ain't gonna be sued. Reid if you don't want anymore tips from this ace reporter, then just say so."

"Ace reporter, yeah right," Miss Case mumbled under her breath.

"It's fine Axford, leave me in peace," he said, motioning for both his reporter and secretary to leave the office.

As they left, Reid wrote down the address that Mike Axford had given him. Kato looked at Reid from across the desk, and could tell that his master had something in mind for tonight as the Green Hornet.

"Kato, it might be a good idea to check that warehouse again. Those goons might have migrated back there, under the Fed's noses. There's no time to lose. Return home and get everything ready. I'll meet you there shortly."

"Sure thing Mr. Britt," Kato exclaimed before exiting the spacious office.

Chapter 10

That night the Black Beauty pulled into the familiar yet rundown complex that was the Fonzello warehouse. The Green Hornet jumped out of the passenger side and disappeared into the blackness of night as the Black Beauty sped around to the back of the massive building. Kato noticed two large armored vans and two luxurious black sedans that were parked in various parts of the back parking lot. He wasn't sure if the vehicles belonged to federal agents or gangsters.

He exited the Black Beauty and entered the back door. He activated a small flashlight to make his way up the shadowy staircase. He could tell that no one was likely at the warehouse, but he needed to be sure, so he advanced up the stairs. As he came to an open door, he stepped inside. Realizing the room was the familiar boardroom that he and the Green Hornet had seen before, he waved his light around in search of anything suspicious. The place seemed dead. Everything was too quiet. He moved over to the large crates at the edge of the room. There was nothing. The room was definitely empty.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, the swing of a crowbar caught the noble valet off guard. The tip of the weapon struck him on the back of the neck, and with a loud thud Kato fell to the floor.

Meanwhile, the Green Hornet was in the basement of the apparently deserted warehouse. He had found a fuse box and turned on the lights to the warehouse's old, musty lowest level. He couldn't find anything implicating. The Fed's had cleaned out the large drug shipment that was supposed to take place. This basement was definitely where Fonzello handled all of his illegal operations. The Hornet failed to understand how Mike Axford could have overheard Romano Versini give someone the address of this abandoned warehouse. He also couldn't figure out why no Fed's kept an eye on this place.

Suddenly the Hornet heard a loud hum come from all around. Someone was using the elevator. He didn't want to take a chance that it might not be Kato approaching, so he dashed to the fuse box and cut the lights. As the gate to the old fashioned lift opened, the Hornet took cover behind a solid steel table that was no doubt used for drug trafficking.

"Well Salvatore, tell the Boss that the Hornet has definitely been here. We have his partner. I heard a noise up here in the basement so I thought I'd check it out. No don't worry, I'll be right down," the Green Hornet heard Frankie Casteline utter into an intercom on the wall.

Without any hesitation, the Green Hornet jumped out from behind the table.

"It's you." Casteline uttered in surprise.

"So you've got my partner. Well I want him back."

"No way Hornet… an eye for an eye. You gave Romano to the cops. It's a done deal."

"Alright then tough guy, you and me," the Hornet exclaimed moving towards Casteline.

"Back off Hornet," Frankie commanded drawing a revolver.

With great haste the Hornet threw his foot up and with a powerful kick sent the firearm sailing through the air. The Hornet moved in grabbing Casteline by the shirt.

"Alright pal, where is Fonzello hiding?"

"I ain't sayin' nothin'," Casteline persisted.

The Green Hornet threw the gangster to the wall. "Talk or you're through," he demanded throwing Casteline to the floor and kicking him in the gut. "Talk now," the Hornet ordered losing his patience.

Out of fear, Casteline finally broke, "below us there is a sub basement that the gang took refuge in. No one knows about it, but us. The Boss had it put in for emergency use," Casteline uttered losing his breath.

"How do I get down there?" the Hornet questioned.

"I ain't talking, you don't know what he'll do to me."

Tell me, or I'll do worse," the Hornet said giving another swift kick to Casteline's ribs.

"Okay, okay... The wall to the far left opens up and a staircase takes you there," Casteline declared trying to get up from the floor.

"Stay down," the Hornet warned.

He raced to the far wall, feeling along with his hand for a lever or a switch or something to release the barrier. He came upon a small button that was nearly invisible and pressed it. Suddenly the wall parted from the middle revealing a narrow doorway that gave way to a dark staircase.

The Hornet quickly returned to Casteline feeding him some gas from the gas gun, then darted down the stairs.

Moments later, Casper Fonzello himself was in the center of the large sub basement. This area was so big, that it probably spanned from one end of the entire complex to the other. Fonzello had his usual demeanor. He was arrogant but classy and hunched over in his chair, as if it were a throne, with cigar in mouth. Salvatore Locino sat at a nearby table reading the latest issue of the Daily Sentinel and drinking a cup of coffee. Many of Fonzello's lower level thugs were stationed at various points throughout the room. And the most disturbing thing was Kato, apparently unconscious, strapped to a table by his hands, feet and torso.

A random thug moved towards Kato's direction and doused the poor man with ice-cold water. Moments later, Kato began to stir.

"Ah, you're awake. How nice of you to join us. Where is the Green Hornet?" Fonzello questioned, moving towards Kato.

"I'll never tell you," Kato countered, getting a bit nervous.

"That's not what I want to hear, and I don't think you are in any position to be telling me what I don't want to hear… Boys go ahead," Fonzello said ordering them to do something obviously terrible.

One of many very large goons stepped out from nowhere with a bottle of Everclear one hundred proof alcohol.

"Alright mister, now tell us where the Hornet is. And we'll have a drink," Fonzello uttered sarcastically, laughing to himself.

"Never," Kato exclaimed, always loyal to his master.

"Perhaps a drink will loosen you up," Fonzello declared as the rather large crony with the liquor began forcing down Kato's throat.

Kato choked and gagged, gasping for air, while spitting the strong alcohol into the goon's face. Suddenly from out of nowhere came the Green Hornet, with a flying kick, knocking down Salvatore Locino.

"Hornet. So we meet again," Fonzello sneered.

"You let my partner go."

"Oh Hornet, it's not that easy. See, you took Romano from me. There is no way, I'm just gonna give up."

"Have it your way Casper old boy," the Hornet accepted, as a few various goons began surrounding him.

As the goons got closer and closer, encircling him, the Hornet lashed out with a terrific right hook to one goon's jaw. Another quickly grabbed the Hornet from behind with the grip of a bear. As the goon lifted the Hornet from the floor slightly, the Hornet kicked another goon as hard as he could in the ribs. The Hornet managed to get his left arm free and jammed his elbow into the goon's stomach. The goon released his bear grip and the Hornet quickly threw him over his shoulder.

From the corner of his eye the Hornet could see Fonzello escaping through an exit on the other side of the massive locale. Kato was still bound to the table as another goon grabbed a Tommy gun and pointed it at the Hornet with minimum range. The Hornet quickly drew his gas gun and fired. The goon fired the Tommy gun a few rounds hitting a few other goons before dropping to the floor. The Hornet heaved out of the way and took solace behind the table that Kato was bound to. The Hornet, realizing that all the goons were taken care of, freed Kato from the table. As the Hornet and Kato were about to leave, Kato heard a click come from behind. In a moment's notice Kato whipped around and shot a hornet shaped dart into the neck of an armed goon that wasn't quite finished off. The goon dropped his piece and fell to the floor in pain.

The Hornet and Kato quickly exited through the access that Fonzello used. They headed up an extensive staircase. Once they were at the top, they realized the door wouldn't budge. It didn't seem locked, but it was as if something barricaded it from the other side. Kato gave it a kick. Then the Hornet followed with a kick. Then with all their might, both men backed up and ran for it, pounding through the barricade. On the other side of the door was the outside of the complex. It turned out there was no barricade, just a heavy, steel door with a digital voice activated lock.

Before they knew what was going on, one of the large armored vans carrying the gangsters sped by them from out of the complex. But just as Fonzello and his crew were escaping, three long black federal cars pulled into the complex. The Green Hornet and Kato decided it was time to leave. They had enough problems apprehending Fonzello; the last thing they needed was the cops and Fed's on their tail. Kato drew a key ring from his pocket and activated the remote control. In a matter of seconds, the Black Beauty sped from behind the complex to collect the Hornet and Kato. Soon they were off, in pursuit of Fonzello.

Chapter 11

The pursuit of Fonzello was a long time in the making. The Green Hornet had run into trouble with the police and federal agents. It seemed that nearly every lead the Hornet got on Fonzello had been spoiled by law enforcement. Not tonight however… Tonight was going to be the night that the Green Hornet got his man.

The Black Beauty was rigged for silent running and followed Fonzello's armored van closely, cloaked in darkness. A few moments earlier, the Black Beauty was met with some opposition from behind, as a federal car gave the Green Hornet and Kato some trouble. A couple of explosive charges, from the Black Beauty's bumper, took care of the nuisance Fed's, leaving them stranded on the side of the dark road. This made it easier for the Green Hornet and Kato to operate.

As the armored van pulled on a long strip of road, the Black Beauty continued to trail behind it, out of sight. The armored van drove through what appeared to be another complex. The van stalled for a moment as Fonzello and a few cronies got out. The Green Hornet recognized the area. This was an old, abandoned airstrip that supposedly hadn't been used since World War II.

It suddenly hit the Green Hornet like a ton of bricks. Fonzello's plan was to escape by air. He was going to use one of the many old bomber's, that were housed at this airstrip, to flee the city. Suddenly, the Black Beauty sped out of the darkness as Fonzello and his cronies had already boarded the colossal bomber. Without warning, the massive plane exploded out of one of the hangers. As it left the landing bay, and entered the runway, the plane picked up speed.

Suddenly two federal cars came out of nowhere. The Green Hornet hadn't evaded them like he thought. They hurried through the airstrip on the runway to try to nab the Black Beauty as well as the fast, bulky bomber plane. Shots rang out across the runway as the Fed's tried to apprehend two of Detroit's most wanted men. The Green Hornet hit the brakes and the Black Beauty fell behind the convoy of moving vehicles. Kato used the Black Beauty's built in targeting computer to aim the built in missile launchers at the bomber. The Green Hornet stalled the vehicle completely as Kato waited for the right moment, and then fired.

Two missiles shot through the night sky like fireworks. It took a moment for the missiles to reach their destination, but after a few moments each of the bomber plane's turbines had been decimated by the blast. The plane howled as the twisted metal stalled its massive frame. The Fed's exited their vehicles and raced to the bomber.

"Hit the deck," one of them called out as Fonzello fired his machine gun at the approaching G-men.

From overhead, came another flaring missile from the Black Beauty, and the plane was impacted with a small explosion. The Black Beauty sped past the Fed's sounding the infamous Hornet buzz. Suddenly the Black Beauty was gone. The Green Hornet knew the Fed's had the situation under control and was more interested in fleeing the scene to avoid capture, especially since the plane was ruined. Fonzello had nowhere to go.

The small group of Federal agents approached the plane cautiously. There was a giant opening in the side of the plane, just near the front of the right wing, from the small explosion. Fonzello climbed out of the plane firing his machine gun. Abruptly, a G-man crept from behind and fired a neutralizing shot, striking Fonzello in the leg. As Fonzello fell to the ground in pain, his firearm hit the ground. Two federal agents towered over him, anxious to make an arrest, while the remaining Fed's entered the battered plane to round up the rest of Fonzello's thugs. Suddenly another federal car and a host of police squad cars came on the scene as one of the agents read Fonzello his rights. The nightmare was finally over.

The next day, a meeting was being held in Britt Reid's office at the Daily Sentinel. Frank Scanlon was heading the meeting that consisted of Britt Reid, Kato, Mike Axford, Lenore Case and Gunnigan.

"Well, all is well, the police nabbed Fonzello last night and now they've got all his men too. He will have a retrial tomorrow and I've spoken to the judge. Since the grand jury has made a previous decision, the judge is gonna rule them out and give him the chair. I had a surprise for the Sentinel. I arranged for law enforcement to keep the news pretty hush-hush. This paper deserves to be the first to print the news. But you guys better hurry. Some cop down at the station might be selling it to your rivals," Scanlon stated with a long breath.

"Thanks a lot Frank. We like to believe around here that no crime could ever be solved without help from the Sentinel. But Frank there is still something you and your boys haven't done," Mike Axford declared.

"Oh yeah Mike what's that?" Scanlon asked.

"Catch the Hornet. Ha Ha Ha. He's too smart for you people and much too smart for Detroit," Axford stated in a sarcastic tone.

"We'll work on it Mike," Scanlon said smiling at Reid.

"Alright everyone," Reid spoke up. "Get to work on the news. Meeting's over."

As the small crowd exited Reid's office, only Reid, Kato Frank Scanlon and Lenore Case remained.

"Well Kato, you and Britt have done a lot for this city."

"Thanks Frank, it wasn't easy. But now justice will be served."

"Well Mr. Reid, now that the Green Hornet has nabbed the city's biggest crime boss, would he like to take a girl to dinner?" Miss Case questioned, blushing. "We could celebrate."

"Um, that sounds great Casey. Why not, I'll have the first night off that I've had in a long while," Britt agreed.

"Well now, sounds like you two have a big night planned," Scanlon said. "I'll see you both at the retrial tomorrow," he said, waving goodbye and leaving Reid's office.

"Well gang, we did it," Reid pronounced, looking at Kato then at Miss Case."

"So what's next for the Green Hornet Boss?" Miss Case questioned in a slightly flirty tone.

"Dinner with his secretary," Reid shrugged as the three walked out of his office.