Summary: She still has the dreams, even though it's over... Oneshot, Post-Family of Blood

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. If I did, I would have it broadcast worldwide at the same time as the BBC's original run.

Author's notes: I wrote this fairly angsty piece based around a British sci-fi drama during my Humor in American Literature class. Go figure.


By Dagniro Vanaliel

She still has the dreams.

Once it was over, she'd thought it would stop. She thought they could go back. But they can't. And the dreams don't stop.

They come without warning. Sometimes several nights in a row, then sometimes they disappear for weeks. In the end, they always return.

She wakes in a sweat, heart pounding in her chest. She swallows, and finds her throat isn't hoarse. Thank God for that, at least. She's stopped screaming in her sleep.

Her face is wet, drenched with sweat and tears and pain. She wants it to end.

Now and then, she still dreams. She dreams of the end of the world, dreams of the aliens in human form, dreams of two months of hell. And she sees him--sees him scream in pain and fall in love and weep with the burden of a choice. She sees how little she meant.

And in her dreams she doesn't see her friend. She doesn't see the man she loves but who doesn't look at her. She sees a stranger.

And John Smith sees her.