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Summary: Mikan and Natsume and the gang meets new students... and love surrounds gakuen alice and here are the pairings MxN RxM (new character) HxT (nc.) and more...

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Untitled Love

Chapter 1 – My New Friends

Years passed and Mikan, Natsume and the gang were now in Class B - middle school division and Mr. Narumi is again their homeroom teacher.

One morning …

Kringg !!! The alarm clock beside Mikan rang.

"Oh, I am almost late! I better hurry before our class starts" she cried, and hurrying fixing herself.

"Good Morning everyone!" she shouted as she opened their classroom door.

"Good Morning, Mikan!" they all loudly replied.

"My beloved, Hotaru!" Mikan shouted again and running towards her best friend.

"Don't hug me, idiot" Hotaru said while shooting Mikan with her Baka Gun.

Baka! Baka! Baka!

Then Ruka and Natsume passed by the pair.

"Good Morning Ruka, Natsume!" Mikan greeted.

"Oh, Good Morning, Mikan" Ruka replied while holding his pet rabbit.

And Natsume … he just ignored her and slept in his seat covering his face with his shounen manga.

Mr. Narumi then entered the classroom.

"Ohayo, class!" Mr. Narumi greeted. (Ohayo is Japanese for Good Morning)

"Ohayo, Narumi-sensei!" They all replied (except Natsume).

"Today, meet your new classmates … Miyoshi Senko and Tanaka Senko" Mr. Narumi said.

Miyoshi is a blonde-curly haired girl and her brother, Tanaka, is a brunette and his hairstyle is like Natsume's.

"Miyoshi, you may introduce yourself now and class feel free to ask them questions to ask them questions" Mr. Narumi added.

"Good day, I am Miyoshi Senko. I am 14 years old. I am really happy to be here!" Miyoshi said smiling to them.

"Miyoshi-san, what is your alice?" Yuu asked.

"My alice is 'animal speech' I can talk to all kind of animals, I really love them also. I also have a pet rabbit, here, it is!" Miyoshi replied and showed her rabbit to everyone.

Ruka's rabbit then leaped and Miyoshi's rabbit is leaping too. And they played.

She then asked innocently "Narumi-sensei, who is the owner of this rabbit?"

"Oh, he's Ruka Nogi!" Narumi replied.

"I see!" Miyoshi said as she smiled at Ruka while Ruka turned red and bowed down to cover his face.

"Hey, I thought I like Mikan, but why I am feeling something special between her?" Ruka asked himself. And Miyoshi thought "Wow, he's really cute and maybe he is great with animals!"

"Now, it's your turn Tanaka!" Mr. Narumi said

"Hello, I am Miyoshi's Onni-chan (Older brother in Japanese.), I have the alice of planning for inventions & etc. and problem solving. I am pleasured to meet you all" Tanaka explained.

"Oh! They're really great!" Mikan said.

"Dummy!" Hotaru whispered to herself.

"Now I'll choose partners for the both of you!" Narumi said and added "Okay, Miyoshi you're partner would be Ruka Nogi and for you Tanaka, Hotaru Imai."

Ruka then turned red again and so did Miyoshi. Hotaru was still her emotionless self and Tanaka was too! What a coincidence right?

"Wow! Hotaru, your partners with Tanaka, you look so good together!" Mikan teased.

"Shut up idiot!" Hotaru said shooting Mikan to an even larger Baka gun.

"Okay class, I'd better go, we, teachers have a meeting, so you'll have free time" Mr. Narumi said.

"Great!" Mikan shouted.

"Don't be too loud, polka-dots! I am sleeping here!" Natsume said angrily and glared at Mikan as he gets his manga off his face.

"You shouldn't sleep here dummy, this is a classroom not your bedroom!" Mikan shouted.

"Come on Ruka, let's get out of here, some idiot with strawberry printed panties, is too loud" he added.

Mikan, then sticked out her tongue facing Natsume.

"Baka youjo" Natsume said. (its stupid little girl)

"Excuse me, am I going too with Nogi-san, he's my partner right?" Miyoshi asked.

"Well, I think so" Mikan replied doubtfully. "Hey by the way I am Mikan Sakura! You can call me Mikan-san, its nice to meet you Miyoshi-san" Mikan introduced as she was smiling towards Miyoshi.

"Nice to meet you too, Mikan-san!" Miyoshi gladly replied.

"I'll go with you to Ruka-pyon, don't worry I am his best friend's partner!" Mikan said.

"Okay!" Tanaka replied.

"Onii-chan, I'll leave you now, I'll go to my partner" Miyoshi asked permission.

"Okay" Tanaka replied.

"Arigatou" She said. "I'm Mikan-san, nice too meet you Tanaka-kun. Bye Hotaru!" Mikan shouted.

"Tanaka, Hotaru, I think you have lots of things in common!" Kokoroyomi said.

"Rally, they have?!" Anna asked.

"Yup, I read their hearts and minds!" He answered.

"Then what?" Nonoko asked.

"What?!" Yuu also asked.

Find out WHAT

What are Tanaka & Hotaru's common traits? What's going to happen to Mikan, Miyoshi, Ruka & Natsume?

Find it out on the next chapter!

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