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The story's in 3rd person POV.


Olivia Garwin jolted up quickly, sweat pouring down her pale face. She looked down and with shaky hands quickly pushed herself off of the hospital bed. She made to stand but warm hands pushed her back.

She looked up and there was her husband, holding her two twins. A chubby baby boy and sweet baby girl. She frowned as she caught the eye of her youngest twin- the girl, Rachel. It wasn't that she didn't love her, it was simply the fact that Olivia knew that chaos were to ensue if she kept the daughter here, with the rest of the Covenant.

It wasn't supposed to be possible, two siblings- and yet somehow it was.

Her husband handed her both of her children and she stared, mesmerized by the miracles she had made. Reid and Rachel Garwin. But her eyes lingered longest on the miracle of miracles, Rachel. She wasn't supposed to be, even the doctors hadn't seen this, and yet here she lay, in all her glory.

This beautiful creature was the reason as to why Olivia had woken up sweating like a pig. She had this feeling that if kept together for too long, the twins would be in grave danger. Together they could do things to an immeasurable amount, even if the girl never got powers.

She was a part of Reid and he was a part of her and that was all that mattered. If anyone ever found out about them then the whole Covenant would be put in grave danger. Forces outside of others would come looking for the strange happening that rarely ever happened aka- Rachel.

She knew that sooner or later she would have to give up happiness to keep many people safe, and she wasn't sure she was ready to just let go. They were, after all only born yesterday. A little more time with them couldn't hurt.

"It isn't safe anymore and you know that! Every time one of the Covenant mothers comes here I have to hide Rachel! It doesn't feel right. Even Evelyn doesn't know. The time has come," Olivia stated in a fierce tone. She knew this day would come but she hadn't pictured it to be so soon. The day she would have to ship her daughter off with her husband, far away.

It was the only way. That way the Covenant wouldn't know of this secret. The Garwin family had decided that despite all that had been happening they would pretend as if Reid and Rachel's father died at a young age from Using too much, and while escaping from the city he would take Rachel and they would run from the life they knew.

It hurt Olivia that she had to push her husband and child away like that, but it was the only way. It hurt even more as she realized that it would tear the children apart even though they could barely speak. It was one of those weird twin things; they always understood each other even with simple gestures.

Olivia glanced down at her hands in her lap and let a stray tear escape. She glanced back up and her husband came over to hold her tight.

"It's okay, they'll thank you for this one day," He whispered, trying to make her feel better, but his attempt was wasted. They both glanced up after hearing a sound. Olivia locked eyes with her son and he uttered his first word ever.

"Rachel!" He yipped around and began playing some game with her. This just led Mrs. Garwin on another crying venture.

These two had become so close. She didn't want to take that away. Her husband noticed her tense and held quickly to her letting her sob into his shoulder.

This was hard for him too. Mr. Garwin was the first person they saw when they came into the world and the twins would always hold a special place in his heart. He would miss Reid so much. There would be all of those manly things that they would never get to talk about any more because his son would know him as dead. His face visibly paled at the thought.

But what they would both miss the most was the fact that the two would never be together again just playing, while Reid would playfully throw some of his toys at Rachel's head and she would kick and scream at him. In the end he always ended up saying sorry and hugging his little sister. She was little, but only by 3 minutes.

They savored the rest of their moments together as a family and when nightfall came Olivia got up and handed a packed bag and one of the car's keys to Mr. Garwin. They both looked up; he kissed her and said 'I love you' before reaching for the doorknob.

Both siblings were too young to understand what was happening and therefore Rachel thought Daddy was taking her out for a ride and would bring her back soon enough. But the ride was going to be far too long and bumpy.

The twins stared at each other and Reid poked out his chubby arm touching his sister for the last time. A small smile graced Rachel's soft pink lips and she came to say one of her first phrases.

"I wuv you Reid," The little girl then tugged at her brothers bleach blonde hair that mirrored hers.

And with that they sped off, in the darkness. And no one would even know that Rachel existed. Only the family and Reid if he ever remembered that far off. She was supposed to be a mere memory in everyone's mind. Something that's not even possible.

AGE 15 for both twins (still FLASHBACK, just fast forward about 14 years)

Things were going surprisingly well for Rachel and her father. They lived together in peace and rarely ever fought. She also never brought up the subject of her mother or any family she had ever had in the past.

She had asked once, when she was around 9, and she saw her father's eyes glaze over slightly with tears. She figured they might have died and didn't care to know for it would make her depressed, but she vowed to herself that one day she would find out more. She wasn't going to live her life without knowing who she was.

And when her father slowly began to age even faster Rachel knew it was something out of the norm. She didn't think he was a freak, after all he had brought her up, but curiosity got the best of her. Especially on that fateful day of May 5th

It was a normal day, or so Rachel thought. She had packed her things for school and was ready to leave when she walked downstairs. Now usually Mr. Garwin would be awake by now, either working or watching TV. He was always a restless sleeper.

Her father was very rich in fact. He was probably the wealthiest man in the city of Boston. Even though the city was packed her father was very well known. He worked as an owner of a huge company and was always up for most of the night.

But he wasn't like those dads who forgot about their daughters. No, the 2 Garwins- or Josephs-seeing as that was her last name were very loving.

She had taken to his first name as her last name because she didn't feel it right to take any other name. In fact, Rachel didn't know the name Garwin existed. No one referred to her father as Mr. Garwin – ever. He was always Mr. Joseph. And that was the only way the world knew him. Despite not knowing her real last name she was still very close to her father. They had dinner together everyday and Mr. Garwin would bid her goodbye before school.

But today was different. Her father wasn't seen anywhere downstairs. So she figured he either left somewhere or was sleeping in. She was already running late for school and would miss her bus so she quickly scrambled some words on a note and put it on the kitchen counter.

Neither of them knew today would be different.

As Rachel entered her first class she was asked to report to the principal's office.

Everyone at school knew her too because of her father, so there was no need for introduction. She walked right in and waited, dwindling her thumbs nervously.

She had never been called to the principal before so this was a new experience.

The principal began talking and she only caught part of it because of her nerves.

"Hello Ms. Joseph. It's very nice to see you, but I could only hope this meeting was under a different circumstance," He trailed off and Rachel's stomach clenched tightly while she played with the hem on her school uniform. Of course she attended a private school with the family's growing amounts of money.

The principal looked up sadly and continued.

"Well we got a call and we're sorry to inform you that your father has died," The principal didn't even get to the word 'father' before Rachel was up and rushing out of the office. She knew what happened. He had died. And so her conclusions were correct with his sudden aging. Now she was sure that she would go looking for her real family and their real history. But that would be visibly difficult considering she knew nothing about her actual father. She didn't even know his last name.

After Olivia had him leave with their daughter he had erased that name from any possible existence in their world.

Her dad had made it almost impossible for her to go digging for more.

Rachel rushed out into the hallway and scurried throwing her things here and there. She didn't give a damn about anything anymore. The only person that made her happy in this world besides her few friends had vanished off of the face of the Earth.

She slammed a fist into the wall and a loud thump sound echoed in the school.

Rachel was a disheveled mess. Her hair was sloppy and her eyes were red and swollen looking.

She ran into the bathroom hoping to avoid confrontation with anyone. But someone had passed and heard sobbing. Her best friend Tricia came running in and held her friend as she explained what happened between sobs. Tricia comforted her stroking her hair and telling her it would be okay, but she knew better.

She was lifted off the floor and dragged outside where most of the staff was looking down at her with pity and sympathy in their eyes. She was told more of the circumstance and learned that her father's body had been burned for the damage was too bad. They didn't tell her how it happened though and Rachel didn't want to know.

The next few days were hell for her as she packed her things and moved out into her friend's house. She turned letting one more sob loose knowing this would be the last of this place for a while, if not ever. This vaguely reminded her of something else but she wasn't about to dwell on anything else for long.

She sauntered out sadly with some keys in her hand.

Over the course of a few more days she went to court to settle the agreement of her dad's will. She got it all. And she had no clue what to do with it. It still remained in the bank so she was free to charge all of the credit cards she'd received earlier.

And as 2 weeks came to pass Rachel had enough. The whole city was drowned in gossip of how the big shot company owner had just suddenly passed away. Every corner she turned someone was talking of it.

So she did what she had to do. She grabbed the keys she'd taken a few days back and walked to her house with all of the necessities she'd ever need. Namely 2 or 3 bags of clothes, money, and the car.

Her dad drove a sleek black Mercedes and he promised to give it to her in the future so she decided now wouldn't be a bad time. She did have her permit and drove much better then average people her age.

She popped open the trunk, threw in her things, and was on her way too God knows where. Running away from her problems and escaping possible danger, just like her parents decided to do.

AGE 16 (still flashback)

Rachel traveled around Massachusetts for most of the first year, but people were on the run for here. She was a runaway child and was looking to be found. And that she was, by a type of foster child program.

She mourned for a while but a week later she was already taken in by a family in Boston. The Wenhams. They treated her very nicely and she felt at home. They even allowed her to keep the last name Joseph.

She spent a year of her life with them and became close to her 'sister' Sarah Wenham. But when they became 17 Sarah was transferred to a private school- Spencer's. She went on a scholarship, but Rachel didn't have to think about that, she already had enough money to buy the school.

So half way through Sarah's first year the family decided to enroll Rachel there with her large amounts of money.

And so this is where our real story begins.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


A stunning gorgeous blonde sat waiting in her black Mercedes for her sister to call.

Rachel Joseph had really grown over the course of a few months. It was like she hit puberty late, but when she did- WOW, she was gorgeous. All girls at her old school envied her, but she could have cared less about looks. It was natural for her.

She was more like Sarah- into her studies and bound to get into a top university. Her nose was usually hidden behind a good book or her MP3 headphones were blasting in her ears. She wasn't one to socialize like crazy. Although she did make rude or snide remarks when she was in the mood.

She sat waiting for another 5 minutes before cursing.

"Dammit Sarah, why do you always do this!" The girl muttered to herself. She snatched open the cell phone and hit number 2 on speed dial. Sarah always did this, especially with Rachel. She was slightly forgetful after she had gotten a 'boyfriend.'

The phone rang and on the third ring someone answered. "Hello?!" They were yelling and loud music was blaring into the device. Rachel flinched and figured this was her boyfriend.

"Hi, is Sarah there? Tell her this is Rachel!" The girl yelled trying to keep her anger in check.

She heard shuffling in the background and a loud yelp and couldn't help but roll her eyes.

Back at Nicky's Sarah heard someone yelling into her phone while Caleb was questioning them, and then with a sudden epiphany Sarah yelled, loud enough for half of Nicky's to stop and stare at here.

"SHIT! Oh god. Caleb give me the phone!" He looked skeptical at first, thinking his girlfriend might be in danger but handed it over.

Half of Nicky's still sat staring at her. Sarah wasn't one to say bad words.

Reid, Tyler, and Pogue stood in shock as they heard a girl's voice cursing at Sarah in the background.

"HEY! What's up?" Sarah nervously trailed off, but was cut off with a shriek.

"What's up? Hmm….let me see…oh YEAH! My sister just abandoned me in some freaky city!" Rachel was going to slap the girl when she saw her. She was the only one that set her off like this when she was mad.

Sarah thought 'MY GOD' while Rachel continued yelling. She flinched and told Rachel the directions to Nicky's and said sorry a billion times before telling Rachel to meet them at Nicky's.

After she hung up Sarah groaned and slammed her head against the dirt table. 5 pairs of eyes stared at her as their mouths hung open.

"Um, care to explain Sarah?" Her boyfriend glared at her with narrowed eyes.

Reid and Tyler held in laughter and she cursed again.

"My little sister…sorta, well she's coming here right now. And I forgot to come get her to show her around in town. Ugh, she'll kill me if that Mercedes gets wrecked from driving everywhere!" Everyone stared suggestively at the blonde and she sighed. Most of their eyes were wide in shock.

"I bet your sister is HOT!" Reid exclaimed and Sarah pounded him on the head.

"Don't even think abut it Reid! She's way out of your league," and with that the group burst out laughing.

But what none of the group members knew was that she was mostly exactly like him. A part of his life that would change. His other half was coming, and with that he'd be complete.

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