Title: Safe

Rating: PG-13

Summery Bella had only ever really felt safe when she was with Edward. So when she gets attacked by Victoria there's really only one thing to do. Find Edward.

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A/N: Okay, I confess, I fell into the trap that is Twilight. I really did try to resist though. So I've decided that while MLB is being a bitch that I'll try my hand at Twilight fanfiction Don't hate me.


The sun had barely risen. In the distance I could hear the activity of animals in the forest, but nothing ventured too close to me. My muscles had ceased their spasms hours ago, the pain fading slowly. I was just now finding the will to move at all. I can't properly explain it. It was like waking up, only I was never asleep in the first place. So, maybe it would be better to call it 'coming into awareness', instead.

The first thing I felt upon opening my eyes was the raw burning in my throat and mouth. So thirsty. So very thirsty. Next was the smell. The appetizing, nauseating smell of human blood. It was beautiful, it was horrible, it was at the same time the greatest and worst thing I had ever smelled. I knew this, undoubtedly. Just as I knew what I was. I smiled. I was a vampire.

I realized that the blood I could smell everywhere was my own. Or what had been mine. My hands slipped on the still wet fluid. Vaguely, sub-consciously, I remembered a red headed woman with a wicked smile. My hand clenched on the bloody grass. Disgusting. The smell was all around me. Choking me. I held my breath. It didn't help very much.

Putting my feet flat on the ground, I pushed myself into a standing position carefully, half formed memories swirling through my mind, memories of falling over my own feet. Caution was always good.

I stood there for a long time. I knew it had to have been hours since I had moved last. The sun was in the east behind the walls of grey clouds. A new smell assaulted me. It was worse than the blood. I cringed away from the stench instinctively. A whisper in the back of my mind repeated one word. Wolf. Wolf. Wolf. Wolf. A steady staccato rhythm.

He broke through the line of trees, a large red-brown creature with a mouth full of fangs wide open. He was too large to be a wolf. He stank to bad to be a wolf. More half remembered recollections washed over me. A name that belonged to an Indian boy. Jacob. "Jacob," I whispered, tasting it. Werewolf.

The wolf growled and took a step back, hackles rising.

I ignored him. A new thought had entered my mind. The memories of Jacob had brought more to the surface. Charlie. Renée. Phil. Carlisle. Esme. Emmett. Rosalie. Jasper. Alice. Edward. Air flooded into my lungs. Edward. A cooked smile on a beautiful face.Warm butterscotch eyes.Cold hands. Cold lips. A bright meadow.A grand piano on a raised platform.A sweet smell and a musical voice."Bella."A low chuckle. "I love you."

"Edward." My voice cracked. "Edward," I tried again. "Edward." I needed to find him. I needed Edward. He would help me.

The werewolf was snarling now, annoyed at being ignored for so long.

I turned back to him. "Jacob." I took one step forward. Jacob took one back. "Jacob, I need help."

The large wolf shook his majestic head.

"Jacob, we're friends. Friends help each other." I didn't move from where I was again. I didn't want him to run.

The wolf backed off a few more steps.

"At least take me home. I need clean clothes." It was true; my current attire was soaked in blood. Charlie had gone somewhere. Fishing I think. He might still be gone. If he had come back he would have found and empty house and sent out a search party. They would have found me by now. He must still be gone. I remembered not being too far from the house when I was attacked.

"This is my payback bitch." Burgundy eyes bored into my own.A cold hand on my throat, choking me. "You're boy will suffer, make no mistake about that. I'm going to kill him myself right in front of you. And then you'll remember it forever."

I shivered at the indistinct memory. "Please, Jacob."

Jacob seemed to frown. His long canine mouth turned down at the corners. He looked away for a moment. Deliberating. Then with a huff and a puff he stalked past me determinedly. I smiled to myself and turned to follow him.

When I was beside him I whispered, "Thanks Jake."

The wolf huffed again. I avoided laughing by thinking about how I was going to do this. I would need to fake my own death.

It didn't take long to get to the house, despite the fact that I was going along behind Jake very carefully, it would be embarrassing to trip when I was a vampire. Somehow I felt that I had very bad luck. And knowing this led me to believe that I could fall flat on my face even though I had vampire grace.

I knew it was my house more out of instinct than out of memory. The old red truck in front made me smile for no particular reason.

"How are you going to do it?" I jumped at the sound of his voice. Trust a werewolf to sneak up on me. I turned to see Jacob standing by the line of trees, his arms crossed over his bare chest.

"You won't rat me out?" I countered.

Jacob sighed, "No. There's the treaty to consider. And I guess that since it wasn't the Cullens that got you, the treaty wasn't broken."

"Right," I nodded, deciding he could be trusted. "I'm going for the kidnapping ploy. I'll make it look like a forced entry; splatter a little blood around, that sort of thing."

Jacob nodded absently. "Good luck Bella." And with that he disappeared back into the forest. I listened carefully but could only barely make out the sounds of his progress through the trees. A thought occurred to me. During our whole conversation I hadn't once thought of drinking his blood. This caused me a moment of pause. After a moment of serious contemplation I concluded that it must have been because he smelt so horrible. I had most likely associated his smell to his taste sub-consciously.

Shaking off my thought processes I instead focused on the task ahead of me. With determination, I swept up to the front door and kicked it open powerfully. Once inside the house I started making a huge mess. I sent pictures flying, chairs sprawling, the knives on the counter by the sink went crashing to the floor, and I tipped the couch over backwards. In my old room I sent the lamp on my bedside table to the ground, glass shattering everywhere. I couldn't risk taking too much or Charlie would notice. I got down on my knees and searched under the bed for a duffle bag I could almost remember stuffing under there. When I had my hand around it and was pulling away from the cramped underside of the bed I noticed a somewhat familiar smell. It was sweet and made my mouth water. Edward. Flinging the empty bag out of my way, I sniffed along the floor until I found the area where his scent was strongest. It was a single floor board. Suspicious, I pushed my hand down on one end of the board. The opposite end popped up. I moved the piece of wood away slowly and peered inside. Down underneath the floor were several things. There was a CD, a few photos, and a thin packet of papers. I lifted these objects out and started to examine them more carefully. However, before I could get too far in my observances I heard the faint growl of an engine approaching the house.


In what would have been an invisible gesture to a human, I stuffed the objects into the duffle, replaced the floorboard and scrambled to the closet to grab some clean clothes. I took the ones at the back of the closet; things I had gotten with Alice in California, the tags were still attached. Then, when the bag was half full I went for the dresser and rooted around in the top drawer until I found the sock in which all my cash was stored.

"Jackpot," I whispered to myself. Then I was gone, out the back door and into the forest before Charlie's cruiser had turned the corner. I didn't even trip.


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