On the Shrine Steps
Just A Starving Writer

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Author's Plea:
I've really gotta stop writing in this/these fandom(s). Short drabble-ish one-shot. I haven't watched Bleach since… the start of the Massive Filler Arc of Doom, so expect little. There might be a follow-up. Maybe. Set post-series Inuyasha, unspecified-future-point-in-series Bleach. Enjoy if you can.

The kid wasn't normal.

She was hardly one to make a value judgment for what the kid's abnormality actually meant, but she knew well enough to know that serious kids with white hair and such striking green eyes were far enough removed from normal to be something new.

"Have you seen these people come by here?"

Kagome intuitively knew she needed to take this kid seriously. Now that she was really looking at him, she felt that his soul was terribly uncomfortable in his body, and it wasn't just because of the school uniform.

"No… I haven't seen these people… but isn't that Yoruichi-san?"

The crease on the kid's forehead seemed to get deeper at that statement. He snatched the picture back and stared at it with a careful eye.

"Which one?"

"The cat, of course."

"You know this cat."

"Oh yes! Yoruichi-san comes by all the time. I think she likes my mother's fish."

The kid's frown seemed to become even more deeply entrenched on his expression.

"And how do you know this cat's name?"

"She told me."

She wondered for a second if telling a stranger that cats spoke to her was the best move, but one glance at the kid reconfirmed her knowledge that the kid simply had to have at least some similar experience with the unusual.

"When did you last see Yoruichi-san?" he said slowly. Though he seemed to have ignored her previous statement, he was watching her with a more careful and suspicious eye.

"Just a few hours ago, actually. Maybe around three? She mentioned something about catching up to some brats. Do you think those people are the brats she was talking about?"

"Possibly. Did she say anything else?"

"Um… She didn't say anything else…"

The kid was obviously not going to accept that.

"It's just… well, I have a cat, too. And Buyo… well… Buyo is male…"

Though already pale, the kid seemed to lose all expression and coloring as soon as he realized what she was trying to say.

"If you find her… can you tell her sorry?"

The kid was looking even more uncomfortable now, and it wasn't just how his soul fit in his body.

"I'll pass along the message," he said seriously before turning on his heel and heading back down the shrine steps.

"Thank you! Good luck on your quest!" she called after him. He stopped for a moment but did not turn around.

As Kagome went back to sweeping the courtyard, she wondered if this strange little meeting, and Yoruichi-san's apparent involvement, were going to bring her any trouble.

'It's about time,' she thought with a grin. 'I've been so bored since the well closed.'