Author Notes: This story is an AU set in 1940. The only characters that will be in it are the ones that were alive in 1940. The premise of the fic is that Saya has awoken in Paris in the midst of Germany's attack on France. Solomon is working as a doctor in a hospital when Saya is found. There will probably have multiple pairings but is primarily Solomon & Saya.

Solomon Goldsmith was pleasantly surprised that Amshell had allowed him to leave the zoo and come to Paris. His brother didn't usually give him what he wanted unless it served his own best interest. He loved his brother dearly, but after almost fifty years knew him better than anyone. Solomon wasn't sure why he wanted to help the humans in France but the chevalier felt it was his duty. All of France was under attack by the Nazi forces but Paris was being hit the hardest. Although, he had not been human since the first World War, it hurt him to see his country destroyed by the Nazi monsters. He wondered if it was his Jewish faith that fed his hatred towards what the Nazis were doing to both his country and his people.

Amshell had allowed him to leave the zoo for his own reasons. His brother had released chiropterans into Paris to fight the Germans and wanted Solomon to monitor their effect on the war. His mission was simply to observe them while he tended to the wounded French soldiers and civilians. The thought of being a doctor again excited him. The most difficult part of this mission was that he would miss her, his queen. Diva had chosen him as her favorite after he was first turned and the two had become lovers. Even that, had been Amshell's choice but it was Solomon that had enjoyed the benefits. The only reason Amshell allowed it was to find out if they could produce two new queens. Their sex was nothing more than a science experiment to him. Unfortunately, the experiment was a failure but the two remained lovers and he continued to enjoy Diva's ravenous appetite for both sex and his blood. It pleased Solomon that she had chosen him from all her chevaliers to satisfy her needs. He wondered who was satisfying her now. Perhaps, Karl is in your bed tonight, he pondered. The two of you are so alike, almost like brother and sister.

Solomon worked at a hospital during the day, helping the wounded and easing the pain of the dying. Many nights when he was alone with them, the patients who were dying begged him to end their lives, unable to endure the pain any longer. Although most humans would think Solomon was a monster, he fulfilled their wish and fed on them until their hearts stopped beating. According to Amshell, humans were their food because they were inferior to the Chiropterans. Humans ate animals weaker than themselves, didn't they? Feeding on humans had never bothered Solomon before but in this setting, where he was their doctor, he wondered if had crossed a line. His guilt never prevented him from granting his patients' wishes. He needed to feed and the victims he chose had little time left in this world. Solomon comforted himself with the knowledge that he was helping them; they died feeling pleasure instead of pain. Wasn't a doctor suppose to provide comfort to his patients? Still, being a Chiropteran during wartime was almost too easy, particularly when so many of his patients were dying.

His special "treatments" were nearly discovered one night as he was feeding from a young French woman who had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. She would have died from the gunshot wounds before nightfall but her blood was still delicious. Solomon could taste the nobility and innocence in her blood. He brought her into his office and was drinking from her neck when there was a light knock at his door.

"Dr. Goldsmith, sorry to bother you but there's a new patient and Dr. Lamarck is busy with other patients." A young nurse said from the other side.

Solomon swallowed a mouthful of blood and wiped his mouth. "Can't he treat her? I was just getting ready to leave." He got up from his desk. "Is that you Rebecca?"

"Yes, Doctor. They brought in about fifty more wounded soldiers, Doctor. I'm sorry, maybe I can find someone else." Rebecca said, the disappointment evident in her voice .

Solomon hid the nearly dead French woman in his closet and came to the door. Although he was a Chiropteran, a good bit of humanity remained in him. "I suppose one more patient couldn't hurt." He smiled at the young nurse.

"Oh thank you, Doctor! I know you're probably tired but this girl… there's something about her. She doesn't appear to be injured but the medics who found her said she had been shot in the chest but I couldn't find the wound! And the strange thing is - I think she's Japanese. I haven't seen anyone from Japan here since the war started."

Solomon's eyes lit up as he thought of Diva. Could it be her? No, Amshel wouldn't permit her to leave the "zoo" alone. Still, he felt something primal inside of him stir the moment he walked outside his office. This feeling was different; it wasn't how Diva made him feel and yet it was so similar. He wondered what else could it be?

"She is in room 108, Doctor." Rebecca smiled at him. "Do you want me to accompany you?"

"Thank you, Rebecca, but you should go home. Didn't you come in the same time I did?" Solomon asked her. The young nurse looked weak and tired. "You have to take care of yourself so you can care for your patients tomorrow."

She nodded. "Thank, Dr. Goldsmith. You are the best!" The young girl beamed at him. "Next time we work together, I'm treating you to dinner."

"That would be nice." Solomon answer, preoccupied with what he was feeling. The chevalier was tempted to invite the young nurse to his home tonight. There were other appetites he needed to satisfy and was certain Rebecca would never deny him but that would have to wait for another night. This stirring inside of him – what was it?

He opened the door to the patient's room and nearly dropped the patient's file when he saw her. The girl in the bed was the spitting image of Diva. She had long black that went past her shoulders and a beautiful slender body. He dropped the clipboard and leaned up against the wall for several moments, staring at his new patient. She looked just like his queen but instinctively he knew that woman before him was not her. She caused a stirring in him that was not unlike the one that Diva brought on. Still, the feeling wasn't quite the same. He cautiously approached the girl, studying her appearance. The girl looked like a 16 or 17 year old teenager. Just like Diva, he thought.

Solomon stood by the new patient's bed and stared at her for several moments. It has to be her, Diva's sister. Amshell told him about Saya many years ago and he always regretted that they never had the chance to meet. Although he loved Diva, she could be so demanding...and brutal. As innocent as she appeared, Diva was more of a monster than any of her chevaliers. Amshell's descriptions of Saya had intrigued Solomon for years. According to Amshell, she acted more like a human than her twin. Meeting her had been his secret wish his since he learned of her existence. Solomon wondered if Amshell knew Saya was in Paris. Had he engineered this meeting? Impossible, he thought. As dangerous as Saya's blood was to them, Amshell surely would have warned him. Or would he? Solomon laughed aloud at his suspicions. Brother, just what are you up to?

The girl stirred in the bed and Solomon picked up her wrist to take her pulse. The patient was suffering from extreme pallor but her breathing and heartbeat were strong. "Just who are you?" The doctor asked as he bent down to pick up her chart from the floor. Solomon reviewed the blood test results and notes from the medic who found her in the streets. Her red and white blood cell count was dangerously low. The medic also reported she had been shot in the chest but like Rebecca said there was not a single wound on her body. Solomon smiled at the discovery. This had to be Saya. He pushed her hair from her eyes and traced her skin lightly, running his fingers to her chest as he searched for evidence of a wound. Her skin even felt like Diva's.

The girl opened her eyes suddenly and shouted at him. "What-what are you doing?"

Solomon jumped back, startled by her sudden awakening. "Calm down, Miss. I was looking for your wound. The soldiers said you had been shot. I'm sorry if I scared you." He smiled pleasantly at her. "I'm Dr. Goldsmith. You are at the Val de Grace hospital in Paris. Are you in any pain?"

Saya eyed the doctor cautiously and started to blush. "I-I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything. I think I'm just confused. How did I get here?" Her stomach growled loudly. "Sorry," she said, looking down, getting even more embarrassed. "I'm not in pain but can I have something to eat?" she asked. "I'm starving."

"I think we can do something about that." Solomon said, smiling at her. "But, your red and white blood cell counts are extremely low. It is surprising that you're still alive. We need to give you a blood transfusion first."

The girl frowned at his statement. "But, I'm hungry. Can't I have a little something to eat before you start the sticking needles in me?" She looked at him like a lost puppy.

He couldn't resist her request. "Hold on a second." Solomon pulled out a Swiss chocolate bar from his coat pocket. "Do you think this can hold you for awhile?"

The girl nodded eagerly and snatched the candy from his hand; she devoured it in a matter of seconds. "Arigato," she said, licking the chocolate from her lips.

Although the girl before him looked like an innocent teenager, she was indeed a monster like him. He couldn't help staring at her as she licked the last of the chocolate from her lips. Solomon forced himself to look away from her mouth and their eyes met for several seconds. They were what was different about the two queens, their eyes. Saya's were brown - so different than Diva's bright blue eyes. "Do you know your name? One of the army medics found you alone, laying in the street." His voice cracked slightly as he spoke, still a little rattled from her beauty. Solomon didn't tell Saya that everyone else found on that street had been dead, killed by the Nazi monsters.

The girl stared into space for a moment and then her eyes lit up. "I don't know how I got here or anything...really, but I do remember something. Someone, I think he was a man, called me Saya."

Solomon had to fight to retain his composure. It is you, he thought. The chevalier had known it in his heart but hearing Saya say her name confirmed it as fact. Right now all he could think about is that the girl before him was even more beautiful than his queen. "That's good, Saya. I'm sure the rest of your memory will come back in time. I hope the gentleman who you remember is all right." Solomon lied to her. He didn't want to but he couldn't tell her his true feelings. The person calling for Saya had to be her chevalier, Haji, and Solomon wished more than anything that he was dead.