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Summary: AUish KiGo: When the sun rises they must go their separate ways and forget the soft touches and lingering caresses. But can they?

Your Weakness is Me

The sun had not yet risen, but that didn't matter. Light didn't need to break through the darkness for the two individuals covering each other on the bed to see each other. The darkness may have hindered their sight but their other senses had not been dulled. Their hands caressed each other's skin. They took in each other's scent and tasted each other's mouth all the while their soft moans filling the other's ears.

It was a perfect moment that could not have been ruined by anything. No one knew where they were so there would be no intrusion. They had given specific orders to the hotel staff that they were not to be bothered under any circumstance, even if the circumstance was dire. It didn't matter if the entire building was in danger of being burnt to the ground or if the Great God of the Heavens came and rained down His personal wrath on their specific location; they would not be disturbed.

This meeting wasn't supposed to happen. This would have to be the last time.

When the sun did rise they would be forced to separate. They would go to their separate lives and pretend like none of this had ever happened. They would forget the soft touches and lingering caresses. They would forget the taste of each other. They would forget the sound the other made at the height of ecstasy. They would be forced to forget it all.

When they were immersed in their public lives they would have to stop from thinking about the feel of the other's skin. When they sat in their separate homes they would have to stop from thinking about the scent of the other on their own flesh. They would have to stop thinking about how good if felt to have the other's mouth nipping and loving every single part of their body leaving no part untouched or unloved.

Yes, they would stop thinking about each other at all. They had done it before on another such occasion and would be able to do it again. Parting last time had been difficult but they had survived it and they could survive it again.

A single ray of light broke through the darkness of the room. It was acknowledged only by a deep moan that came from one of the figures on the bed.

A second ray of light intruded into the darkness and was greeted the same as the first. Eventually the entire room was basked in the soft glow of the early sunlight and the darkness had completely faded away.

Each of the figures lay on the bed. Their energy spent and their breath coming in soft gasps, they could easily see the other now and took the chance to look deep into each other's eyes.
"You know it's time to go," Shego said, forcing her voice to portray a strength she knew she hadn't yet regained.

"The daylight came too soon," Kim answered as she reached out and moved a dark strand of hair out of Shego's face.

"It always does."

"Would it be wrong if I told you that I loved you?" The green eyed woman asked not sure the reaction she would get from her taller companion.

"Yes, but I like doing the wrong thing." Shego smiled and reached out to grasp the other woman's waist and pulled her closer to her still overheated body. "I love you too, Kimmie."

"This can't happen again, right? Just like last time?" Kim looked down to the ruffled sheet of the bed. She could no longer hold the gaze of her beautiful companion.

"I'm your greatest enemy." The response was a soft unwanted reminder of their reality. They could not change it, no matter how much they silently wished that they could.

"I don't think it was supposed to happen this way," Kim moved away from Shego, sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

Shego followed her companion's actions and turned away from her secret lover. "Does it really matter how it's supposed to happen? This is how it happened. He got you before I did."

"I'd leave him for you, you know."

This wasn't the first time Kim had offered this and she was sure it wouldn't be the last either.

"I don't think I could do that. It's not just about him, Kimmie. The world needs you in it, and I'm not so much of an asshole as to take you away from what you love doing."

Kim did her best to hide away the pain her lover's words caused her. "I love you more than the world," she whispered.

Shego would have turned around to look into the hero's eyes if she didn't know that she would only turn to face her lover's back.

"I know, and I love you enough to not ruin your life."

"You know your weakness is me. Just like my weakness is you. This won't be the last time." This was a simple statement of fact, mentioned before and most likely would be uttered again. Neither of them could run away from their self-destructive desire.

Shego nodded but knew Kim couldn't see her. "We need to try and make it the last though." Their secret affair was changing them both. They were becoming different in how they acted towards each other and how they acted towards the outside world. It was slowly breaking them down and destructing their well-built and hard-earned lives. Their previous wants and yearnings from life trickled down into only these brief moments they spent together. Everything else seemed to lose its luster and importance, but still they could not find it in themselves to change so much as to give up all they had built and earned in their lives.

"It's hard to really try at something that you only want to fail at." Kim got up off the bed and gathered her clothes that were strewn across the floor.

Shego continued to sit on the bed and looked straight ahead. She knew she couldn't handle seeing Kim gathering her clothes preparing to leave her once again.

Once she had all her clothes, Kim went to the hotel room's bathroom and turned on the water to the shower. She'd have to wash off the scent of Shego on her skin if she was going to return to her husband. She made sure to close and lock the door behind her. There was no reason for Shego to be joining her in this ritual of hers.

Shego heard the click of the lock on the bathroom door and couldn't help but flinch. This wasn't the way she wanted their night to end, but this was the only way it could end. She got up off the bed and walked around the room gathering her own clothes. There was no reason for her to bother with a shower immediately so she just got dressed.

She looked at herself in the mirror but quickly turned her eyes away. She felt a great shame and a great guilt. There was no way she could possibly look at herself in the mirror and feel anything else.

The water in the bathroom shut off and Shego hurried to find a pen and paper. She wrote out a quick note to Kim then rushed out the door. She wasn't sure that if she faced Kim again that she would have the strength to walk away.

Kim heard the hotel room's door close and was actually surprised that Shego had stayed this long. She hurried to dry herself off and get dressed then walked back out into the room. She looked around until she spotted the note she knew Shego would have left her.

Until Next Time,

Kim read the note a few more times then threw it away. As much as she would have loved to take it with her she could leave no evidence of what had gone on with Shego. She gathered the last of her things then followed Shego's steps out of the hotel room all the while cursing the sun.