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A Happy Ending

Like most front paged scandals, Kim's didn't last long. Public attention shifted away from the famous hero Kim Possible and her public lover Shego to some celebrity who had crashed his car into a convenience store after a night of drinking. In a little under six months, hardly anyone could remember the details of Kim Possible announcing that she was in a lesbian relationship.

No one even really noticed when Kim Possible officially retired from gallivanting around the world in order to save it. She had been missing from that facet of the world for so long already that people were used to not seeing her in it. It had been ironically an anticlimactic time in Kim's life.

Kim's parents accepted her relationship with Shego as much as they could accept any of the choices their daughter made that they didn't fully understand. They accepted Shego as much as they ever had before, and made a special effort to not point out to their daughter that the woman she now shared a life with did at one time try to kill her on a weekly basis. They saw no point in arguing with their daughter since they had never managed to win an argument with Kim yet. They hadn't even been able to talk her out of marrying Ron, something they knew was a mistake well before the nuptials.

Things had somehow worked themselves out and Kim often made a point of not thinking about all that had happened and all the people that had been hurt so that she could get her happy ending. She wasn't yet sure how she could adequately apologize to Ron for misleading him for so long.

Kim had given Ron the courtesy of a phone call before she announced her relationship with Shego to the world. She had filled him in on some of the details of what had happened between her and Shego while she had still been married to him. She had wanted to prepare him for the tabloids that would hunt him down and badger him with questions about his ex-wife. Ron had only thanked Kim for letting him know what was going on before he had hung up.

That, perhaps, was the first time Kim had fully realized that she had truly lost her childhood friend for good. Ron was moving on with his life and he hadn't made an effort to try and include Kim in his future. As supportive as he had always been, he hadn't yet forgiven Kim for making him look like the clueless buffoon so many others had accused him of being.

Lanica had also gotten out of the world-saving business and had joined up with Global Justice as a special agent. She worked on classified cases that she couldn't discuss with anyone and Kim had been silently jealous of Lanica's independent success. Kim had always liked to think that Lanica in some way needed her, but the simple truth was that Lanica could survive without Kim. The public seemed to be even more drawn in by Lanica's dark heroic visage than they had been by Kim's All-American Girl image.

Everyone had moved on and everything had changed. Nothing was the same and nothing would ever be like it used to be, but ultimately Kim didn't mind the changes at all. Things had happened that she might never fully forgive herself for, but she was happy for the first time in a long time.

"I'm glad she finally decided to take my advice," Kelli stood looking outside the den window of Shego's and Kim's house. She was watching Lanica and Shego roll around in the snow-covered ground. They were sparring and it appeared as though both of them would rather acquire hypothermia than concede defeat to get out of the cold.

"What advice was that?" Kim asked from behind her friend.

"I told her to ask Shego to join her unit at Global Justice."

"Technically," Kim moved next to Kelli and joined in watching the two women outside, "it was Shego who asked to join."

"It's weird them being partners now, don't you think?"

Kim crossed her arms across her chest. "Yeah it is, but neither of them was made to integrate into normal life."

"And you were?" Kelli raised a disbelieving eyebrow.

"No," Kim smiled self-consciously. "I wasn't made for normal life either, but right now I'm interested in doing other things with my life." She uncrossed her arms and ran both her hands down her protruding belly.

Kelli smiled brightly at her friend, thankful that Kim and Shego were going to get another chance at becoming parents. She then turned her attention back to the women outside and laughed when she noticed that Shego's and Lanica's sparring session had somehow turned into a snowball fight. "I've never seen either one of them like this."

"Shego will get this way occasionally. I think it's hard for her to let go and Lanica can bring that out in her."

"And you're one to talk about letting go?"

Kim turned away from the window. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"You've been coiled so tightly lately that I'm not even sure where my friend went."

Kim opened her mouth to respond but snapped it shut when she couldn't even think of how to deny Kelli's claim. "It's been a hard time," she opted to say instead. "We told Ron about the pregnancy so that he doesn't hear about it in the news somewhere and he's not that happy about it. It hurt him."

"You must have expected his reaction."

"Doesn't make it any easier."

"Didn't say it should."

"Shego's been…kind of anxious, too."

"Because of the baby?"

"I think we're both afraid of history repeating itself."

"Try not to think about it too much. It's time for you to be happy, the both of you."

Kim nodded.

"What's going on in here?" Shego called as she entered the house, snow falling from her hair and clothes. "I'd say by the looks of things that you were talking about me."

"Is there anything or anyone else to talk about?" Kelli winked.

"Well you could be talking about me," Lanica feigned hurt. "I am just as important if not more important than her."

"Of course you are darlin'." Kelli smiled.

Lanica shook her head. "I don't believe you."

"Awe baby are you feeling left out? If it makes you feel any better then we talked about you too." Kelli gave a mischievous smile that dared Lanica to respond.

"I'm smarter than that so I'll just say that whatever you talked about, I don't want to know."

"Smart girl." Shego said from beside her friend. "I see that you've finally learned something from Kelli."

Lanica's eyes narrowed. "And because I'm in such a benevolent mood I won't respond to that and will pretend like you said nothing."

"You're afraid. I can understand that." Shego replied with a fixed look of understanding on her face.

"Afraid of what? You?" Lanica snorted. "You're about as scary as a baby kitten."

"Kitten my ass," Shego said before she pounced unexpectedly onto Lanica's back. Not ready to take on the extra weight Lanica's legs buckled and both women fell to the floor. Kelli and Kim sat back and watched in awe. Neither had seen either of their partners so playful. Each of them quickly realized that this is what happiness looked and felt like.

"Damn you," Lanica gasped out. She was pinned to the floor by Shego's weight. "Get the hell off my back."

"Take back the kitten comment." Shego ordered.

"Get the hell off my back." Lanica said more forcefully.

"Take back the kitten comment." Shego ordered once more.

"Get the hell off my back." Lanica responded again.

"Children. Children" Kim stepped in before Shego could make her childish plea once more. "Please behave yourselves."

"I will when she does." Lanica called out as she tried futilely to remove Shego from her back.

"Hey!" Shego snapped. "You take that back."

"Get off me." Lanica demanded. "Then I'll take it back."

Kim opened her mouth to try and break up the fight once more but Kelli stopped her with a hand on her arm. "Don't," she whispered, "I think Lanica's going to win this."

"I don't think so," Kim snorted. "Shego's got her pinned."

"No. No. Lanica is going to win this." Kelli insisted.

Kim looked to the floor where Lanica was still trying to buck Shego off of her back with no success. "Wanna bet?"

"How much?"

"Fifty bucks that Shego gets Lanica to take back the comment before Lanica can get her off."

Kelli stuck out her hand for Kim to take. "Okay."

They both turned their attention back to the women on the floor. Unexpectedly, Lanica had achieved removing Shego from her back and was rolling in the opposite direction she had thrown Shego. Shego was sprawled out on the floor her feet sticking up in the air. In making the bet both women had missed the action.

"Damn it Shego, I think you broke my back." Lanica said as she slowly stood up.

"If you're moving you're not broken," Shego mumbled. "And I think you broke my butt."

"I win." Kelli said as she moved over to her girlfriend. "You just won me fifty bucks honey." She reported proudly.

"I won you nothing. I won myself fifty bucks."

Kelli narrowed her eyes and was going to say something but was forestalled by Lanica's forefinger gently pressing against her lips. "Not one word. You didn't have to break your back."

Kim helped Shego off of the ground and brushed of her partner's butt thoroughly checking for any real injury. When she noticed Kelli and Lanica were watching her avidly she stopped and stepped away. Shego only kept an amused expression on her face. "Honey you owe Kelli fifty bucks." She mentioned casually as she walked to the kitchen.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

"You'll get the bill in the mail," Kelli patted Shego on the arm as she glided past and followed Kim into the kitchen, effectively leaving Shego and Lanica alone.

Shego turned to Lanica. Her expression serious and her mood shifted from the playful one moments before. Before she could speak Lanica took one step closer to her.

"I don't want to share lengthy platitudes about how much we've overcome and how lucky we both are. Things have changed and they've been good changes. Let's just say that things are fine now."

Shego nodded. "Things have changed. But a lot of things are still the same."

"Hey, are you two ready to eat or are you not done playing yet?" Kelli asked sticking her head out of the doorway to the kitchen. "Some of us are hungry."

"Yeah," Kim added. "Some of us are eating for two now."

"We're coming." Lanica called back then turned to face Shego again. "Come on, partner. We can't stand out here forever, and you said that Kim promised this time her cooking would be edible."

Shego nodded. She watched her friend walk to the kitchen and muttered under her breath, "Thank you for not letting me run away from happiness."

Author's Note: Okay, so that's the end. Thank you for reading.