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As the time went on; and the day passed Randy's spent most of the day with his eyes focused on the clock. From two in the afternoon he sat counting down the hours until Raw. He wasn't sure whether he was counting down the hours until his match, until the chance to be moved to ECW and kick Phil's head in or until he got to see Amy. Whatever he was counting down for, it was making him feel quite sick. He had tried eating, it didn't work. For the first time in his life he didn't feel like eating. He had always been the type to eat non stop and not think twice about it. After all; he could work it off in the gym. But that particular day, even the sight of food made him feel sick. With another glance at the clock, he felt perspiration on his forehead and a lump rise in his throat. "Hurry up Rysee. Could you go any bloody slower? You're only going to Raw." It was five fifty. They had another hour and ten minutes to get to the arena and considering it was in walking distance, Randy had no real reason to be in a hurry.

"I'm going as fast as I can." said Maryse; her irritating accent ringing in Randy's ears, causing him to rub his temples, a sure fire sign that tonight would be more than eventful. He knew it was unfair of him to use Maryse like he did; but in his eyes it was only his way of trying to prove he had moved on. After another few minutes Maryse appeared at the end of the bed. She tried so hard whenever they went out. She would make sure she looked her best, do anything he wanted and yet, he barely noticed her.

"Arent you going to say anything?" she said; trying her best not to cry. She had spent so long getting ready, trying in vain to make him notice her yet here he was looking right through her.

"Um, yeah. Let's go." he said grabbing the keys to the rental car before walking out the door. As he stepped out into the hallway he turned to see Maryse rooted to the spot; a thin trail of mascara making its way down her cheek. "Oh for god's sake you look lovely. Now can you stop acting like a kid for FIVE minutes?" he barked; hating himself almost automatically. It wasn't her fault. Nothing ever was. But no matter what she did; how hard she tried, he was never going to love her so what was the point in pretending?

Dragging her feet slowly across the plush carpet, she made her way out of the room and continued walking until she reached the elevator. Pushing the button repeatedly; she sniffed loudly. "I'm sorry I'm not her." she said; her voice barely more than a whisper. But he heard. He turned to face the back of her head as he heard the door click; automatically locking itself.

"Who?" he asked; although if he was honest, although Maryse was blonde this was insulting even her intelligence.

Turning round to face him, a perfectly plucked eyebrow raised as she spoke, Maryse's face looked crumpled, defeated almost. "You know fine well who." She ran a few long, well manicured fingers through her shining blonde hair and shook her head as she did so. "You know, when I joined the WWE everyone said I was stupid for liking you. That you had just broken up with some hot shot diva. Never thought it would be that stupid cow. Actually, I shouldn't say things like that. She's not the one to blame. She's not the one that makes you do cruel things. And you know what; she's lucky you two broke up."

Her tears now steadily flowing from her blue eyes she flounced off, heading towards the stairs. Tears blinding her, she tripped, sending her to the bottom of the stairs, holding her neck. Randy instantly ran to her side. "I'm sorry Rysee. Really I am. But it's not your fault I say horrible stuff. I just, I love her. And I know I shouldn't use you like this but I swear after tonight me and you, we'll be ok. Whether we'll be together or not's yet to be seen, but I swear Rysee, I'm sorry."

Maryse raised an eyebrow once again; the pain in her neck almost unbearable. She paused for a moment obviously contemplating his offer. "Well," she said, speaking slowly and deliberately. "I'll play the loving girlfriend tonight. But I swear, if I end up on the same show as that crazy bitch. YOU are PAYING for my services. Cause I need some sort of benefits, after all, I'll need to save up for my funeral, thanks to her." She was laughing, rather uncertain of what Amy was like. After all; they had only met once or twice. A handful of times at most. But even on those rare occasions, she had found Amy to be one of the very few people she couldn't understand. Sometimes, she would seem like the nicest woman on earth, yet others she would look at you with such venom, such hatred that Maryse was quite scared.

"She's not a crazy bitch. And she won't KILL you. Maim you seriously perhaps, but not kill." he said, offering her his hand. Standing up a little unsteadily, she smiled as he wrapped his arm round her to help her walk. "So what do you mean; play the loving girlfriend?"

"Well," she began as they walked down the stairs, careful not to hurt her legs anymore than she already had.

After that night, though, things wouldn't be so perfect….