The girl stood silently staring into the distant horizon. She sighed many times as the wind feathered her hair into the breeze. The sun was setting leaving a bleeding sky behind until the darkness scarred over it. The blue haired girl seemed daunted by something as cars zoomed by her on that lone cliff. She had never felt so lost. The control she once had was nothing and her heart beat with much pain. Was there a purpose after everything? And why did her affections for her most important one linger on? The crimson eyed goddess that haunted her thoughts had disappeared as soon as she graduated.

After contemplating for awhile Natsuki decided that she should sulk at home and plan for her very own graduation. Although it had been more than a year since she had seen, heard, and talked to Shizuru, she had to place that out of her mind. She got on her motorcycle, placed her helmet on, and rushed back to her apartment. Tomorrow she would be graduating from high school with one of her best friends and she wanted to enjoy that as best as she could. The environment around her seemed to go by in a fast blur as she sped down the road to her destination. Then all of a sudden tears began to brim over her face and Natsuki tightened her grip on motorcycle's handles. Why was she thinking about that, how she held Shizuru in a protective and loving embrace as their as their Childs exploded around them and how they faded out of existence temporarily. It happened and it was over and that was that. Natsuki reached her apartment and ran to it as tears flowed faster. Stopping just before the door Natsuki caught her breath as a chestnut haired girl with crimson eyes stood before her. Natsuki quickly wiped her tears away as she stammered the girl's name.

"Shizuru?" Natsuki said as she held back her sobbing. Natsuki was not entirely certain that Shizuru was really there. Natsuki had dreamed many times before when coming home from school that Shizuru would be there waiting for her and yet there was no one. She thought her desperation had reached a new level as this could be a hallucination of Shizuru although the hallucination hadn't faded yet and was getting ready to hug her. And it did.

As Shizuru indulged herself in this chance to hug Natsuki once again she realized while in their embrace that Natsuki was shaking fiercely.

"Ara, Natsuki, why are you shaking? Are you that excited I'm back?" Shizuru teased even though she was deeply worried about her Natsuki. Natsuki slowly extended her arms into the hug and placed them around Shizuru's body. Natsuki squeezed as tightly as she could and ran her hands down to make certain it was Shizuru. Shizuru immediately pushed from Natsuki incredible hold because the caressing motions were not familiar to her especially from Natsuki.

"Natsuki, maybe we should go inside and talk?" Shizuru smiled.

"Yeah, we should." Natsuki said in her cold husky voice.

Shizuru giggled at the sound of Natsuki trying to be cool during her moment of weakness, and waltz inside after Natsuki. Shizuru analyzed the apartment realizing it hadn't changes much in the last year with the exception of a few more pictures that Natsuki had taken with Mai and Mikoto. Shizuru found herself sitting on the couch waiting for Natsuki to get comfortable with what she was going to say. Natsuki paced back and forth in front of the couch constantly staring the floor and then at Shizuru and the floor, again. Shizuru smiled softly and wondered what was bothering Natsuki. Shizuru knew why she had come back. She wanted to see Natsuki. Her blue haired friend, and her object of complete desire. The older girl sighed deeply and tilted her head back to look up the ceiling and to feel the cool air on her neck. Shizuru still wore her smile as she heard Natsuki stomping feet getting louder. She had assumed that her Natsuki was just stomping around until she felt Natsuki's hand on her face. The always confident Kyoto woman seemed at a loss for this physical contact from Natsuki.

"Forgive me, forgive me, Shizuru. I'm…" Natsuki said as tears welled upon her eyelids.

Shizuru gasped as she recognized the words that flowed from Natsuki's lips. Shizuru placed her hand over Natsuki's and Natsuki's tears began to fall uncontrollably.

"It's all right now, Natsuki. It's all right now." Shizuru said softly. "Because I love Natsuki and that is enough for me. To be with you is enough."

Natsuki's knees buckled and she wrapped her arms around Shizuru after her knees hit the floor. Natsuki sobbed against Shizuru chest trying to catch her breath.

"Liar…" Natsuki whispered and sobbed. "I love you Shizuru and I've missed you. You left me without saying goodbye."

Shizuru felt her heart knot up as Natsuki said those things and felt Natsuki's tightening embrace. Shizuru felt her heart braking as she thought about Natsuki's words and remembered the other ones. "I love you, Shizuru. Just not the way you love me."

"Natsuki, I'm not lying. It is enough, and I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye. You know I had to go back home, to Kyoto and get over my heart ache so I could love Natsuki the way Natsuki loves me." Shizuru warmly spoke while looking at Natsuki. Natsuki's arms broke their embrace around Shizuru and Shizuru felt something in her heart give. Natsuki stood up with her back to Shizuru and wiped the tears from her face.

"It's getting late Shizuru. I have to get some sleep for graduation." Natsuki said dryly.

"Alright, Natsuki. I will sleep on my favorite couch then." Shizuru said while faking her smile. Natsuki whipped her head around and grabbed Shizuru's hand and dragged her from the couch into her bedroom. Natsuki pushed Shizuru on her bed. Shizuru's eyes were wide with terror. She wasn't afraid of Natsuki; she just didn't know what to do or how to react.

"Stay with me, tonight. Stay as long as you like, but with me, always Shizuru." Natsuki said this as her eyes would meet Shizuru's and then look out of the window. "Please don't say no. I want this." Shizuru blushed and looked over Natsuki as she use to and a cold shiver went down her spine. Natsuki sat down next to Shizuru and pull her into a full kiss. They broke their kiss and Shizuru kissed Natsuki's forehead, her neck, and she opened Natsuki shirt so she could along her collar. And while she was doing this she gently said Natsuki's name over and over.

"Natsuki, I love you." Shizuru said as she stopped.

Natsuki's chest heaved as she controlled her breathing. Natsuki felt very warm around her face as she knew she must be bright red from all the rush of being with Shizuru.
"You can keep going Shizuru if you want. Have what you want of me?" Natsuki glowed a darker red as she shyly said that. "Because I love you the way you love me, Shizuru."

Shizuru shook her finger at Natsuki. "Ara, ara, Natsuki will have to wait for that because you have graduation tomorrow. And I must attend to watch my Natsuki walk for her diploma." Shizuru smiled and sighed a heavy sigh. She was more than willing to satiate her desire of Natsuki and to fulfill Natsuki's wants right then and now. Shizuru greatest happiness would always be to pleasure Natsuki in anyway. Natsuki frown a bit and crossed her arms in front her chest stood up and walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Shizuru gaze had followed Natsuki all the way the bathroom and as soon as the door shut Shizuru let deep puff of air from her lungs and fell backwards on the bed. Shizuru laughed silently to herself as she could Natsuki berate herself in the bathroom. "Baka baka baka…" And then Shizuru dosed off for a bit.

"Shizuru, wake up. You can't sleep on the sheets silly, besides the shower is free now." Natsuki said smirking.

Shizuru sat up before opening her eyes and as she opened them there stood a wet towel covered Natsuki. "Oh my, Natsuki is going to make things difficult for me? I'm going to have to take a cold shower now, but you'll be here warm me up once we go to bed." Shizuru teased as she got up to take a shower. In reality Shizuru really was going to take a cold shower just to keep her nerves about her. After all was done and the two girls dress for the night, and they hopped into bed with one another either just as hesitant as how sleep.

The night soon capture them both in its power shade. The moon light filtered through the blinds of the window onto the bed. The bed became illuminated and there the two friends lie. Shizuru had shifted over the night to find her way over to Natsuki's body and Shizuru had huddle against Natsuki's chest as they faced each other in sleep. This was something they had both secretly wanted to have; each other.

The next morning standing at the front of Fuka Academy was an orange haired very frustrated girl. And with this girl there was a younger girl attached to arm tugging incessantly.

"Mai you're going to be late. Mai, Mai!" Mikoto whined. "Mai should go to her graduation thing now."

"Mikoto, I made a promise to wait for Natsuki, so we could show up together. What kind of friend would I be if I broke that promise? It's like me saying I'll make you ramen and then I don't."

Mikoto gasped in horror. "NO! Mikoto doesn't like that. We will wait for Natsuki because Mikoto likes Natsuki and ramen." Mikoto vibrantly said while fiercely nodding.

Mai smiled and looked back out to the road waiting for that low rumbling sound of a motorcycle. She was starting to worry. Natsuki had become very prompt during their last year of high school. This was very uncharacteristic of her. Mikoto seeing the despair appearing on Mai face instantly went to hug her. Mai, being very use to Mikoto's sudden displays of affection wrapped her arms around Mikoto while keeping her gaze constant.

Mai kept thinking about how the last two weeks had been. Natsuki would always stare off into distant looking at the garden and sighing. Mai had noticed a change in her good friend; the always tough girl seemed to be deeply upset about something. Natsuki had told Mai that it was nothing. Mai didn't think it was nothing, but she respected the wishes of her friend. Although, Mai was very good at putting things together, her friend Natsuki, had no parents and outside of the other HiMEs she didn't have many friends. Mai knew that Natsuki's goal this year was to finish school with flying colors and nothing else. Natsuki had several advances from boys at school, but she'd always declined or beat them up when they attempted to convince her. Mai always loved to watch the idiot boys approach Natsuki.

There had been one thing that Mai assumed about what was bothering Natsuki. Mai had some things to do on campus until 6 in the afternoon and Natsuki was waiting for her so they could go see a movie together and then go to the karaoke store much to Natsuki's dislike. Mai had finished up her task that and went around campus looking for Natsuki and she found Natsuki standing in the doorway to the student council's room. Mai had never seen Natsuki so sad before, and then she her Natsuki whisper someone's name. "Shizuru." The way Natsuki said it was drawn out and breathy followed by a sigh and a hand covering her face to conceal deep pain. So, Mai kept her gaze constant waiting for her friend, Natsuki. Mai smiled suddenly when she saw Natsuki appear from around the bend running towards her shouting.

"Mai! I'm sorry for being late I had a guest over last night." Natsuki shouted as the distance between her and Mai finally closed.

"You, having someone over at night! Ha! Natsuki I didn't know you did things like that." Mai nagged.

"Shut up." Natsuki said with a bright red face.

"Oh, so something happened with, the someone. He he he" Mai pried.

"That none of your business Mai. Mikoto let's leave Mai here. I need to go and graduate." Natsuki said with an odd determination.

Mikoto released her hold of Mai and walked with Natsuki to the ceremony area. Mai stomped her foot and ran after the two girls linking her arms to theirs. All the girls smiled together and laughed. As they got to the procession Mai noticed the former student council president in the attendance. Shizuru looked over smiled and waved at Mai and Natsuki. Natsuki went a bit pink in her face averting her gaze from Shizuru. Mai was catching the entire exchange, and it baffled her for about five seconds until she let out loud, "eh!" Natsuki about fell on her face when Mai did that because she knew that meant Mai had figured it out. Mai started to walk closer to Natsuki as they were proceeding to get their diplomas.

"Natsuki? Hey, Natsuki?" Mai yapped.

Natsuki did her best to ignore Mai.

"Natsuki, Shizuru is here. She is sitting in the audience. Natsuki." Mai incessantly prodded.

Natsuki was slowly losing her cool as the veins on her forehead started to bulge.

"She stay with you last night, didn't she." Mai's voice had more concern in it this time.

"Are you okay, Natsuki?"

"Yes." Natsuki finally replied and began to calm down again.

Natsuki approached the stage to be greeted by a former HiME, director Fumi.

"Kuga Natsuki, I am happy to give this diploma that here by states you have finished high school. Congratulations." Director Fumi bowed and Natsuki bowed in return. Natsuki quickly hurried off stage to be met by Shizuru.

"Congratulations, Natsuki. What do you want for your graduation present?" Shizuru said with a fixated look on her face as she ran her hand through Natsuki's hair.

"I want you, Shizuru." Natsuki said without the slightest hint of fear in her voice. "Can I kiss you, Shizuru?"

"Ara, Natsuki aren't you being bold to…" Shizuru was silenced as Natsuki's lips met hers in a longing kiss.

Mai was slowly approaching Natsuki, and caught the display of affection from Natsuki to Shizuru. Mai smiled as she knew her friend was finally at peace. However her thoughts were jarred as Mikoto tugged on her hand.

"Mai." Mikoto said.

"Yes Mikoto." Mai said as she looked at the younger girl. Mikoto leaned towards Mai and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. The same cheek grew red along with the other.

"Thank you Mikoto." Mikoto smiled. Together they walked towards Natsuki and Shizuru who were still lost in deep kisses.

"Uh, Natsuki. Shizuru. Would you two like to go to dinner with me and Mikoto?" Mai coyly asked.

Shizuru cut off Natsuki before she could say anything by placing her finger over Natsuki's mouth.

"How about tomorrow we get lunch. Natsuki and I have some dinner plans for tonight already. But I do thank you Mai." Shizuru said with her usual follow of confidence.

Mai smiled and nodded in agreement, and Mikoto and Mai went to their dinner. Natsuki patiently waited for Shizuru to remove her hand. Shizuru smiled and removed her hand. Natsuki in her innocent way asked Shizuru what was for dinner. Shizuru laughed. Natsuki and Shizuru lingered on the campus walking around together as the sun set. The wind blew lifting Shizuru's and Natsuki's hair in the air behind them. They found their way to the garden where they first met. The beautiful white flowers swayed to the motion of the breeze. Shizuru emotions were starting to break through her smiling façade. A tear escaped her right eye and ran down her face. Natsuki heart leaped as she saw Shizuru close her eyes in response to her tears.

"Shizuru, what's wrong?" Natsuki gently said as she reached out to wipe away the shed tear.

"Natsuki, is this really happening? Can I have you Natsuki? Can this be real?" Shizuru said in a semi-psychotic tone as she fought her emotions.

"Yes, it's real Shizuru. It is has to be because I've been asking myself that question since last night." Natsuki said as she pulled Shizuru into a hug. "Let's go back to my apartment Shizuru."

Once on the motorcycle they sped to the apartment as fast as they could. Natsuki held Shizuru by her hand as they walked through the parking lot into the build. Once they broke through the door. Shizuru instantly released her control on her lust. Natsuki had just finished shutting the door and as soon as she turn around Shizuru, almost violently, pushed Natsuki against the door as she place hands on the younger girls breasts. Natsuki flushed red and bit her bottom lip as Shizuru began unbutton her blouse.

"Shizuru. Shizuru. Sh-shouldn't we, uh, go into my-my, b-bedroom." Natsuki attempted to say through her moans.

Shizuru let her hands wonder across Natsuki's body making the younger weak in the knees. Shizuru was becoming lust drunk as she took more and more of Natsuki into herself.

"Shizuru! Stop!" Natsuki cried as she grew weak.

Shizuru still not in control of her senses grinned wickedly and stood up grabbing Natsuki face single handed. "My, my Natsuki I thought you said I could have you and wanted me. I'm not done yet. I haven't even started, Natsuki. And I won't let you stop me."

Natsuki chest heaved as she tried to control her labored breathing. Shizuru was right; she had asked for this. Natsuki gulped as she controlled her fear and let Shizuru take her.