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Living Forever in You by kara papas

Chapter 38

Dance to Death and Madness

The panting and stumbling sounds echoed down the pathway leading outside of the fiery abandon theme park. A tremendous cry could be heard from the epicenter of the fiery mess along with an ominous shadow of a beast. The first district had placed a blow so close to the hearts of Natsuki and Shizuru. The outcome of this was never to be expected. The method was the use of betrayal and fear. What more could be used? The cascade of emotions spiraled out so quickly that it made the death of one innocent person okay.

Ken lay at the center of fire in the arms of Mai Tokiha whose blue eyes burns with the rage of wounded lover. Ken was not dead however. The shot to his body had sent him into massive shock, and had yet to recover; let alone regain consciousness.


There had always been a time, a horrid time that would reach out and set forth a blaze of turbulent insanity. A moment of clarity is the slow leaking proof of those forever's that seep in from eternity, outside of our own existence. Distant as it could be, the horror of a battle loomed closer and closer to the three maidens chaste by fate. Love, loyalty, and friendship at the utmost reach that anyone could begin to imagine at all.

"You know I'd do anything for you, Shizuru. I'd die for you."

The raven hair woman stood by the entrance of a run down theme party called Dancing Carnival. The sign upon the entry way had fading with time; cracks in the frame work and chipping paint. A message from Ken was all Natsuki had to go on, "Natsuki, I'm helping Goshi on a hit to capture some perps. I need your help. These guys have killed countless innocent people without thought and they're good." The later of the message was directions. The park was out of the way, and a great location to trap dangerous people. Another positive for the location was the lack of service to cellphones, and at the same time it could seriously hinder Natsuki and the others. A dangerous setup for dangerous people was perfectly set.

The bread crumb trail had been set by a very smart hitman; Goshi. He plated his people just where he needed them. Goshi stood idly at the center of the theme park with Mai Tokiha explaining the job to her waiting for Ken to appear.

"So you see where we stand?" Goshi said sternly staring down at Mai.

The busty orange hair girl wrapped her arms around herself not really knowing what to do. Mai had not regained her powers because she had no person that was her important object; she had no key. However Mai was very mistaken as to the fate of her powers. They were there and waiting for the moment to burst free like a wild fire tasting surfaces that should not burn.

"Mai, what are you doing here?" Ken said shocked looking at her as she cradled herself. Seeing her arms wrapped around her body and Goshi's left hand resting softly upon her right shoulder queued him in. "YOU BASTARD! You brought her here to make sure I'd finish the job."

"Think what you will Ken..." Goshi heard foot sets in the distance; it had to be Natsuki. "And now the game is off." Ken pulled Mai away from him and Goshi, carefully setting her to the side as he closed the distance between them. Goshi grinned at Ken as Natsuki came into sight, and Goshi made his move. Goshi made two swift movements with his right hand, throwing dirt into Ken's eyes, and kicking Ken in the stomach to send him backwards.

"What the fuck is going on?" Natsuki said as she materialized one element to her right hand aiming it at Goshi. The creepy hitman was up to something, but the man had a panicked look upon his face. Meanwhile, Mai attempted to help Ken get the dirt out of his eyes as he labored with his breathing.

"Natsuki, don't be a fool!" Goshi screamed. Natsuki was getting nervous as she kept her sight on Goshi. "He works for the First District. I found the papers in his locker at the club. There are photos of you and Shizuru. He's out to kill you two." Goshi took a chance the Natsuki took the bait and tried to move closer.

Mai quickly pushed Ken away from her. Natsuki's sights went straight to Ken without a thought. Ken struggled to open his eyes. All he could muster was a blurry image of Natsuki pointing something at him. He waved his hands franticly at Natsuki.

"No, I'm not a member of the first district. Why would I be? You and Shizuru are my friends. I could never be apart of something that wants to destroy you." Ken said in a matter of fact tone. Mai slowly moved back to Ken feeling the blaze of her powers reaching out to him. Natsuki snarled at him and her grip tightened even more upon the element. Goshi was much closer to Natsuki now, but stopped dead in his tracks as a flash of red eyes glared at him from the darkness.

"Shoot him...shoot him now." Goshi stuttered keeping his eyes fixed upon the glowing red orbs as he drew his gun. "Shoot him or I will." Goshi gritted his teeth wondering if all he tried for would be ruined, but this would at least give the First District their chance.

"Ara, you will do nothing of the sort." Shizuru's icy smooth voice snaked out as her element shot out of the darkness as Goshi turned to fire. He moved in a quick turn letting a round go off as the blade coiled around him. As the bullet exited the barrel of the gun the path it was originally on was not knock just enough to save Ken's life, but the bullet still hit. Mai's violet eyes filled with terror. Her mind washed sanity out and let fire fill it's place.

Ken collapsed in staggering fall against Mai making the already shaken HiME fall with him to the ground as his warm blood ran down the length of Mai's arm the wrapped around his body. Natsuki's green eyes looked out in horror just as Shizuru's red eyes did. Shizuru's concentration upon her element had gone and Goshi escaped within an inch of his life.

Natsuki dropped her element from her right hand and the strange gun dematerialized before crashing against the ground. Natsuki's heart hollowed as she got closer and stopped as she hissed air into her lungs. Mai's blue eyes had rage and madness filling them.

"You let Ken get shot!" Mai shrilled as she slowly rested Ken's shock rattled body to ground. At full stand Mai had fund the burning strength inside her yet again just upon that very day when Takumi lay helpless to the monstrous Orphan. A bright piercing glow of radiant red came from under her shirt as she stared out with lunacy. The mark was reborn and a glimmering flash of blue fire began to swirl into colossal pillar that shot out from the ground as Mai dance in the flow of it's power. As the fire subsided her crazed blue eyes stared outward as Mai screamed out the name of her ancient Child.


Flashback Ends


Mai: Kaguchi...Kasguti....ah shit. FIERY BIRD THINGY!!!!!

Natsuki: -not impressed-