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A One-Sided Conversation

It was a fairly large campus, Kagome decided, but not so big she would get lost easily. It wasn't even a two-story building like the high school had been, but rather four main buildings for each of the main courses, and two long buildings for the dorms. One day and Kagome already decided she liked her new dorm mate, Sango. She, at the very least, had a sense of humor, and she understood sarcasm. That was always a plus.

Between the dorms and the classes there was a large fountain in the center of the courtyard, surrounded by a low stone wall. Kagome had already decided that that would make a wonderful place to sit and study, considering that no one would go near the wall. She wasn't quite sure why; it had a beautiful view, but she was sure there was some legend or another that went with it. Maybe the place was haunted, or if you looked in the pool and said "Bloody Mary" twenty times you'd see a vision of your death. She'd have to remember to ask Sango about it.

Now that classes were over for her, and she really had no desire to leave the campus yet, she decided to go sit on the wall. Unlike most goths that she knew, Kagome knew how to enjoy a good view.

She was surprised to find another already sitting there, head bowed and silver hair trailing down to shield his face from her. She could tell he was tall; with him sitting on the wall and her standing beside it, she was only eye level with him. That is if he had been looking her in the eyes. He wore a simple white shirt and jeans with boots, which was odd considering it wasn't even the school colors. She figured he might have been a jock, but there were no cheerleaders hovering around him.

She sat beside him, trying to determine a good starting point for a conversation. "Nice weather today, huh?" She could have slapped herself, but to her surprise, he didn't respond. Shy, are we? No problem, you'll get used to me soon enough. Or annoyed with me. "I wish it would rain, though. We could use it. Maybe then they'll lift the burn ban and we can have fires again. I do like the bonfires. I've heard they have a lot of those in the woods behind the college, but I don't know if I'd go to one. I don't really know anyone here except for Inuyasha and Sango, and they both have dates already. Not that I mind, but its kina odd going as a third wheel."

Unknown to her, he was watching her from the corner of his eye. She was young, maybe sixteen which put her a good two years his junior. Despite her cheerful demeanor, she was dressed entirely in black, her snug-fitting shirt sporting a hot pink scull and crossbones. A goth-wanna-be, maybe. He also noticed the silver Celtic cross hanging from around her neck.

He was surprised with her persistence. He watched unobserved as she removed a book from her bag and flipped it open. "Do you like to read? I like Stephen King, personally. Simon R. Green is good too. He's more sarcastic than King. I really like the Nightside novels, they're my favorite. Have you ever read them?" She only paused for a moment, as if she knew he wouldn't respond. "This one is my favorite. Suzie Shooter makes her debut in here. She's a bounty hunter. She eventually hooks up with the main character, but that's to be expected. The good guy always gets the girl in the end."

She must have been prattling on for a good ten minutes, and had just run out of conversation material. Normally she could continue on like this for hours, but normally she also had the other person putting in their ten cents worth every now and again. Still, she was reluctant to leave, and instead she started humming to herself, needing something to fill the silence.

He had to admit, she did have a good voice, even if she was only murmuring nonsense words. As if she was trying to comfort a child. Maybe she felt like she was. Heaven knew he wasn't the best at conversation. Then again, he had his reasons for avoiding people if at all possible.


The girl beside him turned and waved. "Hey Inuyasha!" she called. "Hey, Kikyou!" Turning back to him, she made a face. "Can't stand that cheerleader." she muttered under her breath, and he was hard-pressed to hide a smirk.

"Get over here, girl." Inuyasha growled. "No need to be hanging around with that stick." Kagome made a face.

"Be nice, Inuyasha!" she snapped. "Said stick could pass for your brother."

"He's just my cousin." Inuyasha protested.

"That doesn't mean anything. Be nice or I'll spread word that you're his little brother." There was a vicious note in her voice and he could tell she meant every word she said. She lowered her voice and muttered, "Hopefully you wouldn't mind if I did do that. I know it'll shut him up for a few days at least." She stood then, reaching out to trail her fingers lightly over his shoulder, and it was all he could do not to flinch at her gentle touch. "I'll be back tomorrow. I promise."

He watched as she left to join Inuyasha and Kikyou, wondering. No one had ever spoken to him as long as she did, much less promise to come back later and continue a one-sided conversation. He wanted to turn around, to ask who she was, that she knew that much compassion, but years of instinct kept him in place. There was a reason he didn't look anyone in the eye, a reason he never spoke, but she could never know that. She was an innocent; he wouldn't be the one to corrupt her.

Watching him from her position with Inuyasha, Kagome sighed. "I wonder who he is." she murmured. "He seems really lonely."

"That's Sesshoumaru." Kikyou muttered. "I'd avoid him if I were you. He's a dangerous one."

"I can't avoid him." Kagome protested. "I promised I'd see him tomorrow."

Inuyasha gave her a hard look. "Look, Kagome. You don't know a thing about him. For all you know he could be a murderer. His name certainly suggests it."

"Ah, but that's where you're wrong." Kagome said lightly. "My name is a basket weave, and I am not a crazy person." She grinned as Inuyasha blanched. "Yeah, yeah, bad joke, but the point remains. Names don't make a person." She looked back at Sesshoumaru, and had the distinct impression he was staring back from beneath that curtain of hair. "Besides, I have every intention of getting to know him. He needs a friend, don't you think?"

Inuyasha snorted. "You are a strange girl, you know that?"

Kagome beamed. "Yep!"