Epilogue – New Beginnings

It was a pretty big crowd, Kagome had to admit. She was surprised at how many people decided to show. After all, this would be their debut concert.

It had taken them six months to get everything set up. Six months to commemorate the awful day two years ago, when they had faced their past and destroyed it. It deserved something to celebrate it.

So today they celebrated. Today they completely left the past behind.

A hand was placed on her shoulder. "Are you all right?" Sesshoumaru asked, looking at her with concern. Even after a full year, he still would only speak freely with her. He still wasn't completely healed.

Neither was she. "I'm fine." she said quietly. "Just nervous. I'm not used to the spotlight."

He gave her a disbelieving look. "This from the girl who dances in the rain?" he commented skeptically. Kagome laughed.

"This is different."

"Not so much." He pulled her into a one-armed hug, silencing any further protests. "They are all just raindrops. Their noise is merely thunder." He stepped back and handed her a mike. "There is no stage. There is no crowd. There is just us."

She smiled. "Thank you."

That was all they had time for. Kagome was Sesshoumaru's backup singer, Sesshoumaru and Miroku were on guitars, Naraku played the drums, and Sango and Kagura were on various forms of piano. Everything was set, and it was time to go.

Taisho stood on the stage set up in the cafeteria, a look of pride in his eyes. "I now present to you, our very own band, The Survivors!"

Kagome smirked. The past may be left behind, but it would never be forgotten.

Sesshoumaru toyed a moment with his guitar. Contrary to what he had told Kagome, he was scared as well. No one but her had ever heard him sing. This was a first. for all of them.

He began the song.

"Change my attempt / good intentions

Crouched over / you were not there / living in fear / but signs were not really that scarce / obvious tears but I / will not / hide you through this / I want you to help them / please / see / the bleeding heart perched on my shirt.

Die! Withdraw/ hide in cold sweat / quivering lips / ignore remorse / naming a kid / living wasteland / this time / you tried / all that you can turning you red!"

It was definitely a different song. Kagome and Sango had written the lyrics. After all, if they were going to celebrate their freedom, they were going to make sure others knew what they had gone through. Kagome joined in, adding her clear, strong voice to his soft, deep one.

"Change my attempt good intentions / should I? could I/ here we are with your obsession / should I? could I?"

This time Sesshoumaru dropped out, allowing Kagome to take the floor.

"Crowned / hopeless / the article read living wasteland / this time you've tried all that you can / turning you red / but I will not / hide you through this / I want you to help!

Change my attempt good intentions / should I? could I/ here we are with your obsession / should I? could I?"

They both stopped this time, taking a back seat as Naraku abandoned the drums and stepped forward, lending his strong voice to the song. It made for an interesting impact on the crowd to say the least. They were stunned.

"Heave the silver / hollow silver / piercing through another victim / turn and tremble / be judgmental / ignorant to all the symbols / blind the face / with beauty paste / eventually you'll one day know!

Change my attempt good intentions / limbs tied / skin tight / self inflicted / his perdition / should I? could I?"

The crowd began to cheer, getting into the music as well as the message. Kagome grinned at Sesshoumaru, the euphoria beginning to set in. They were actually doing it.

Inuyasha was in the crowd, Sesshoumaru noticed, but he wouldn't tell the others about it. He could also see Kikyou, her anger and jealousy apparent as she watched Kagome and Sesshoumaru's easy relationship with a wistful smile. If only it were her.

He was glad it wasn't. Kagome was nothing like Kikyou.

The song ended, and the crowd exploded into cheers and demands for more. The others abandoned their instruments and joined the two at the front of the stage. They all took a bow.

"I'd say were a hit." Miroku commented.

Kagura, being the closest, Gibbs-slapped him. "That's an understatement." she laughed. "I'd say we're a huge hit!"

"Yeah," Naraku said, his eyes alight with joy. "And this is only the beginning."

Sesshoumaru smirked, putting his arm around Kagome and rubbing his thumb against the fresh mark on her neck. "Indeed."

The End

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