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Chapter 5 – Secret of the Ramen Shortage

(21 Days without Ramen)

Naruto started to wake after a peaceful night of dreaming of ramen, and only ramen for a change. Thinking back in his memories he could only reason that last night he experienced another weird dream since there was no way something that perfect would land in his lap. Going to get up, he immediately stopped before trying when he heard the steady breathing of someone other than himself. Actually opening his eyes this time, he looked down and saw a dark haired girl sleeping peacefully on his shoulder covered with the lavender silk sheet leaving her bare shoulders exposed and a content smile on her perfect lips. Naruto only had one thought in his mind while looking at her, beautiful. Sadly he couldn't get himself to believe she would do that for him without some other motivation driving her, she wasn't really that good of a friend, but somehow he found her soothing to talk to and now they knew more about each other than anyone possibly could. He knew one thing though; it would take something huge to get him away from wanting her more.

Naruto felt calm and relaxed lying there watching this beautiful angel sleep comfortably in his arms and nearly fell asleep again when her small fingers started to delicately run across his chest. After letting out a long contented sigh, he saw her eyes open revealing her pearly looking orbs and couldn't hold back a smile any more.

"Good morning Hinata." She looked up at his and immediately her face flushed.

"So it was real?" she commented with a blush, knowing it had to be for him to be there with her.

"Yeah, I had the same feeling, but I'm glad to wake up with you here. Um, do you think I can kiss you?" She was surprised at this request, if memory serves, he shouldn't have to ask.

"Why wouldn't I let you?"

"Well you already did what you had to last night, so I just thought you wouldn't be pretending anymore." Her hand came up to his face and glided over his whisker marks before it wrapped around the back of his head and gripped it tightly.

"Who ever said I was pretending?" She pulled his head to hers and pressed together in a short but heartfelt kiss before letting go. "I g-guess we should get up now Naruto-kun."

"Really? I'm sure there aren't any missions today just like the last few weeks, maybe we could just lie here all day." Hinata just smiled at him and sat up with a groan, taking the sheet with her, but Naruto could still see her smooth back and top of her bottom and found it alluring.

"That probably isn't a good idea, w-we have a job to go to the mission room everyday to check in whether there are missions or not. Besides, if you stay I'm sure you'll feel the urge to 'play around' and I'll need at least one g-good day to recover from my first experience." Naruto sat up and slid his arms around her waist from behind and kissed the back of her neck.

"You're right, you're just too much to look at and not touch. So I can't come back to this house until tomorrow night?"

"Probably the b-best, but after that y-you should be able to visit anytime." She assured with a shy smile

"Ok, do you need any help before I leave? You seem to have a lot of aches."

"I'll be fine Naruto-kun, thank y-you." With a kiss to her cheek, he untangled himself from her and walked out to the living area and threw on his clothes before glancing back to her room where she was smiling at him. With a small wave he opened the door and ran off to his apartment.

It was very early, he surmised by the way the sun wasn't completely off the horizon yet, but it didn't matter to him, he had the feeling of being free again. He went running through the village bouncing off the walls of shops that had yet to open on his way to where he lived. Upon entering his trashed apartment he managed to not let it get to him as he rummaged around some of the rubble and came up with his forehead protector and changed into his usual clothing. After securing his forehead protector, he took off for a training ground to do some much needed exercise before heading to the usual meeting time and place.

All of the Konoha 11 were gathered in the mission room, well after Naruto entered it was. Upon his entrance, all the kunoichi looked over at him, three with hatred pouring off them and one that was practically glowing.

"Hey baa-chan, I made it. Anything new going on?" He asked like his usually cheery self.

"Well I was kept awake a bit last night by a visitor, so cut the crap." She scolded, making sure she wasn't happy with what happened.

"Alright, don't bite my head off, it seems there are enough people here to do that for you." Just the fact that he called it on them made the three kunoichi glare at him with even more intent to kill causing him to silently cringe.

"Well now that you all are here, I actually have a few missions, but only for Shino and another one for team Neji." Hearing a few groans from the group entertained Tsunade, but she hid it well as she handed out the mission scrolls. "Now all of you are dismissed except for the kunoichi and Naruto." All the guys looked at Naruto and saw he was sweating profusely and knew he must have done something and certainly weren't envying him one bit. After everyone left, Tsunade looked across the girls and noticed only Hinata was smiling, the rest were dressed to kill.

"Now tell me what is going on." The Hokage demanded.

"Naruto is a perv!" Ino shouted while Sakura and Tenten nodded in agreement.

"Now what did he do?" Tsunade sighed while Naruto was in the furthest corner of the room trying to keep as far away from them as possible.

"He grabbed my ass!"

"And stuck his hand down the front of my pants."

"And cut off my bikini leaving me naked in front of him!"

Tsunade couldn't hold it in any more and busted out laughing seeing the great Kyuubi jinchuriki, that isn't afraid to take on S ranked missions or any enemy, hiding in the corner of the office. Seeing the three a bit pissed at this, she forced herself to calm down.

"Sorry, it wasn't funny with what he did, but him hiding in the corner is. You should have seen the reaction on his face when he realized he grabbed Anko's chest about a week ago."

"He did what!?" Sakura screamed, knowing exactly how murderous she gets. "How is he still alive!?"

"Short story, ramen basically blocks the feelings men get when looking at women, and now that he is off of it, he is basically catching up on quite a few years of feelings. Unfortunately he can't control it sometimes. What I would like to know is how this all got started since he locked himself in his apartment not wanting to go out because of it." Tsunade mentioned with a pointed glare to Sakura.

"Oh, crap. I guess that is my fault sensei. I forced him to open the door after he refused and then I hugged him. After that I must have chased him to where Tenten was and she must have done something similar."

"Sakura, next time he says he doesn't want to let you in, maybe there is a reason for it. Do you realize what may have happened if he lost control around a female that wasn't a ninja to threaten him?" All the girls cringed and Hinata looked away knowing how close to the truth that statement was.

"Oh, let's go girls. I don't think we were defiled that badly." Sakura mentioned before turning to the door.

"Yeah, but he didn't touch something that private on you." Tenten reminded, but then got a blush on her cheeks. "Although in a way, it felt good." She muttered and ran out the door.

"Did you just say what I think you said Tenten!?" Ino screamed as she followed them, knowing full well that she was a bit of an exhibitionist and might have stripped for anyone after a little saké.

"Now then, you two have some explaining to do." Tsunade commanded with a stern face.

"Yeah, about that… See ya!" Naruto immediately rushed out of the office in a blur, not wanting to stick around for the conversation she wanted to have, leaving Tsunade stuck between getting angry or laughing at him being normal again.

"Well Hinata, I guess it is just us."

"Yes Hokage-sama." She squeaked quietly.

"Call me Tsunade, no sama or anything. The next questions I am going to ask are only voluntary and nothing will ever be written about what you say and I ask them only as a mother figure, not the Hokage."

"I understand Tsunade."

"Good, now I am guessing you are the 'friend' he mentioned in his message since you seem much too happy and aren't moving very fast today." Seeing her not answer and just blush was enough of an answer for her. "Now then, did he ask you to do this?"

"No, I offered." Tsunade was taken aback by this revelation; apparently she isn't as shy as people thought was ont thing that ran through the Hokage's mind.

"You offered? And he took you up on that right away?"

"No, it t-took the incident with Ria to finally come to me for help. He wasn't doing very well; if I didn't do something to lessen his b-burden, I'm sure he would have killed himself to protect more people like Ria."

"I hate to be personal, but did he at least treat you like a person, or did he just use you?" Hinata finally looked up from her feet with a brilliant smile on her face.

"He was wonderful. He was so nice and gentle and treated me wonderfully and kissed me a lot; I felt like I could just explode. Then he actually wanted to make sure I felt good more than he was c-concerned with himself. After we were done, he washed me in the shower and tucked me in bed and slept with me in his arms. If he would have said 'I love you' I would say that it was p-perfect."

"Well first I want to say, what happened to your horrible stutter? It is still there, but so small now. Next, from what you told me you both shared an experience that is magical in its own rite. I just wonder if he realized that he didn't have sex with you, he made love with you. If someone goes for a quick piece of ass, they wouldn't waste time kissing a lot, they would want to get right into it. Now tell me, just how much time did you two spend playing around before actually going for it?" Hinata's face was definitely a brilliant shade of red as she prepared her answer. She knew that talking about her experience was less embarrasing than the actual experience, so she actually found it very easy, just still embarrasing.

"A lot, maybe t-twice as long." Tsunade smiled and shook her head.

"Go on Hinata and get out of here. I don't know how long it will take him to figure it out, but I think you two will be together for a very long time once he does."

"That was part of my plan." She immediately squeaked and ran out the door as fast as she could without causing too much pain to herself to avoid anymore question about what she said.

"Plan? Hinata, what exactly did your brilliant little mind think up?" Tsunade wondered as she looked at the empty office. With a long sigh, she returned to her paperwork.

(Time skip, 65 days without Ramen)

Missions were still few and far between for the village, so all ninja spent most of their time training and honing their combat skills for the missions that were sure to come rushing in when they come upon their busy season. Basically all was very boring for the village, well maybe not if you were to look in the Hyuuga guest house. After Hinata was feeling up to it, Naruto has been over at her place more often than just once a night. Somewhere in the time they were together, Naruto stopped feeling urges when he looked at women, just urges when he looked at a certain one. He easily could have managed an every other day approach with her, but when she was ready and willing, and boy was she ever willing, why put it off? Besides, they have way too much fun to stop and almost always want to be with each other.

The couple practically lived together now since Naruto hasn't repaired his apartment and has just been eating and sleeping at her house, even most of his clothes made it there as well. But one thing Hinata didn't like was the fact that he hasn't ever said that he loved her or anything like it, but in his defense, neither has she. Even though they never said it, they sure felt it while enjoying each others bodies like a few seconds ago.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata panted as sweat glistened on every inch of her naked body from the vigorous workout.

"Hmm?" He replied while stroking her moist skin and taking her in a deep kiss. After pulling apart, she got down from the spot on top of him that she has been enjoying for the past 10 minutes and cuddled up to next to his sweating body.

"When you get a clean bill of health, what will you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"Us, this. When you aren't threatened with l-loosing control, are you going to stop coming over?" She asked with a touch of sadness getting through.

"I don't know Hinata. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but you know you look very good all sweaty." She giggled and kissed his cheek in return.

"But I feel all sticky. I'm going to take a shower." She pulled herself away from him and stood at the edge of the bed when he lightly gripped her wrist.

"I'll go with you." Hinata lightly slapped his hand off her wrist with a playful smile.

"Better not, I don't think I can go for a third today, you got me all tired out."

"Not my fault, you were the one that wanted on top." She turned to him, still lying on the bed, and stooped down to his face and planted a quick heavy kiss on his lips.

"You stay, I shower." Moving away, she purposefully exaggerated the sway of her bare hips to the door of the bathroom before turning around and posing sexily for him in her full nakedness. Letting out a little giggle at his happy face, she pulled off her forehead protector from around her neck and threw it to him before entering the bathroom, leaving the door open on purpose. After Naruto heard the water start and Hinata's humming fill the air, like usual for her showers, he got up and walked into the bathroom and silently stepped into the shower behind her and wrapped his arms around her body, causing her to jump in surprise and stop humming.

"Bad Naruto-kun." She scolded as she twisted in his arms to face him before standing on her toes to reach his lips. She felt his arms tighten around her back holding her at her current height as he continued kissing her as he stepped them both under the showerhead forcing them to break for lack of breath. "Fine, but you have to do exactly what I say next time I tell you to."

"Sounds like fun." After an uneventful shower, Naruto threw on just a pair of boxers and flopped on the couch before being joined by Hinata dressed in only frilly lavender panties and a matching skimpy tubetop that barely covered her breasts along with the Konoha band around her neck. She lied down on the remaining area and rested her head in his lap with a happy sigh. He stroked her soft cheek a few times before he saw her looking into his eyes and stopped.

"It's way too hot out. I'm going to make some lemonade, you want some?" She inquired.

"Sounds great Hinata." With a kind smile she got up and playfully walked, with a happy bounce, to the kitchen. Naruto stood up after over a month of curiosity got the best of him and decided he would sneak a peak in the last bedroom that Hinata had mentioned not to go into on more than one occasion. He twisted the door knob and went to push the door open which a dark flash of hair appeared in front of him.

"I told you not to go in that room!" She yelled at him holding her arms wide to block his advance to the room, but it fell on deaf ears as the door swung open revealing a room packed to the ceiling with boxes. It was amazing how many boxes could be stuffed into a single room, but something other than the boxes caught his attention, it was a small book with a bowl of ramen on it titled: 'The Effects of Ramen on Men' looking away from it he realized what the words on the boxes meant: chicken, beef, and so on; the other room was packed with cup ramen.

"Hinata?" He looked at her with utter confusion on his face as to why there was ramen in her house. He saw her face turn sad and dropped her arms to her sides and looked away from him.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun; I haven't been a good person recently. Go sit and I'll tell you everything." Without another word, Naruto went back to the couch and sat down. Hinata followed and sat across from him on the coffee table so she could see all of his reactions.

"Naruto-kun, I have no idea how you are going to take this, but I hope you understand. I have watched you for years and became attracted to you in many ways, yet you never saw me for anything other than a strong ninja and it pissed me off how you could be a brilliant fighter and not even see something that was right under your nose. Then one day I was looking through old medical study books and found one that dealt with ramen affecting men. Obviously you always ate ramen, so I wanted to know what problems there might be with you. After reading through it I found that you may not even see much of a difference between men and women because your physical attraction was nearly blocked; that was when I came up with a plan."

(About 90 days ago)

Hinata just finished reading the book: 'The Effects of Ramen on Men' and had a devious smile on her face when an idea hit her.

'If ramen holds back his natural attraction, then if there isn't any ramen, he'll get it back and maybe see that I'm a woman and not just a ninja.' Hinata quickly snuck the book out of the medical library and ran to her home in the Hyuuga manor. After stuffing the book into her bag, she gathered a few articles of clothing and stuffed them in there too. After slinging it on her back, she hurried down the hall when Hiashi stopped her.

"Hinata, what are you doing?"

"F-father? I w-was, I decided I s-should move out. Maybe b-being on m-my own for a w-while with d-do me good." He stood there thinking for a moment before returning his attention to her.

"Well it can't hurt, and you won't be in the way anymore, so I agree. You will live at the guest house until you can prove to me that you have improved otherwise there is no coming back." Hiashi didn't wait for a response and just walked back to his study leaving Hinata alone in the hall.

'Well, phase one is set.' Hinata ran through the Hyuuga's private forest and arrived at the small house and smiled at how cozy it looked. She was glad the Hyuuga maids cleaned the house a few weeks before so there wasn't much to move before she dropped her pack and pulled out a huge coin bag bulging at it's seems. 'I hope it's enough.' Hinata locked the door again and took off running to the village. She arrived in short time at a small business with pictures of different lands pasted all over the inside walls.

"Ah, planning a vacation somewhere Hyuuga-sama?"

"N-not really, but I'm thinking of sending s-some friends. What d-do you have f-for about two to t-three months?"

"Well we have a nice little guided tour around the five great nations that lasts about 75 days."

"How m-much for t-two?" After brokering a deal Hinata was happily walking down the street with two tickets in hand set for departure in 25 days. 'Phase two moving along nicely.' She thought as she saw Ichiraku's coming into view. She was about to enter when she caught a glimpse of orange and immediately jumped around the side to hide herself. 'I can't let him see me here, he could get suspicious' Hinata waited about 20 minutes before Naruto finally left Ichiraku's and decided it was time to give it a try.

"Hinata-chan, welcome. Your certain person has just left." Ayame informed her.

"Thank y-you Ayame-chan, but I was actually h-here to talk to y-you and your f-father. I won t-two tickets for a trip around the known nations and c-cant use them because of m-my job. I r-remember your f-father saying he w-would like to travel a bit before he g-gets too old, so I t-thought you could use t-them."

"That is so kind of you. Father, Hinata has something for you!" Teuchi came out from the back kitchen while wiping his hands off on a towel with a kind smile.

"Hi, what do you have?"

"She has two tickets for a tour around the countries, all expenses paid. They are ours if we want them." Ayame informed, showing her desire to travel.

"Hmm, how soon?"

"Departure is in t-twenty f-five days." Hinata told him. Teuchi placed his hand on his chin and thought for a while.

"Well, that is plenty of time to get things together, and I have always wanted to show Ayame the land she was born in… Yeah, let's do it. Thank you Hinata-sama we accept with much gratitude." Hinata smiled and handed over the tickets.

"Enjoy y-your trip." Hinata left the small shop with a very satisfied grin. 'Phase two complete.' She hurried back to her new residence to prepare for the next few phases of her plan.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---- -- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---- ---- --

(Night before departure - about 66 days ago)

After Hinata made sure Naruto was home for the night, she ran to the closest grocery store and wandered down the aisles until she found a person stocking the shelves.

"Um, e-excuse me s-sir?"

"What can I help you with miss?"

"I w-would like to buy all y-your instant ramen." The stocker paled instantly knowing just how much ramen they had.

"You want to what? Do you know how much that is?"

"Y-yes. Now w-will you sell them?"

"Alright little lady, I'll get them packaged up for you. Just make sure you can pay."

"I c-can pay, d-don't you worry." After the stocker packaged up all the boxes she paid for them and had them delivered to her house before doing the same at the two other stores in the village. 'Phase three complete.' After returning home, and packing the boxes away into the spare room, she threw the nearly empty coin bag on the table and flopped down on the bed for some well deserved sleep.

(Present time)

Naruto was looking at Hinata amazed and bewildered as to why she did any of this and if she even knew what it was doing to him over the past month. Did she really just want him to see her as a woman?

"Hinata, you spent all that time and money planning all this just to get me to notice you as a woman?"

"Yes, I know it was a bit selfish, but I couldn't take being ignored anymore." Naruto frustratingly ruffled his hair trying to figure out how to view this.

"I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Do you know what damage you almost caused the entire village?"

"Yes, but honestly I didn't know the Kyuubi did that to you when I executed the plan."

"So in this big plan of yours, did you plan out the whole sex thing?"

"No, that just happened because it needed to. I actually planned that out for much later, you know after we had many dates like normal couples, but now it is all messed up."

"Is there something you aren't telling me?" Hinata looked away quickly to not catch his gaze. She soon felt a hand on her chin turning her face back to him. "Hinata, what are you not telling me?" Naruto saw her eyes start watering and start flowing tears down her cheek.

"Am I a bad person Naruto-kun? I hide something so important from you. I really should have told you the first night you came over, but I didn't want to scare you away from me."

"Please tell me what you are hiding." He asked again while her sadness kept growing making her bottom lip quiver trying to hold back her sobs

"You ever wonder why no one is seen dating a Hyuuga? Most are scared or put off by a law of ours. If a Hyuuga has consensual sex with a person on three consecutive days then they are seen as married by the Hyuuga council. If a Hyuuga gets married in this manner, their partner must go through a harsh test to confirm their ability to not bring weak blood into the clan. You must think I'm horrible for not telling you that you are seen as married to a girl that cheaply handed out sex. I'm sorry you have to be stuck with me." She turned away again so she didn't have to see his rejection, but found herself being pulled back to face him.

"Hinata, look at me. I know this isn't how either of us planned on getting married, but what done is done. Since there isn't a way out, I'll not fight having to be married to you. Besides, anyone would be a fool to not find you attractive. I suppose if you think about it, we have been acting like a married couple for the past month."

"Aren't you angry at me?"

"Very angry, but I can't stay mad at a beautiful woman sitting in front of me in her underwear, but I can punish her." Hinata looked at his mischievous smile cautiously before he pulled her into his lap and started tickling her sides causing her to burst into uncontrolled laughter.

"Stop! No, don't touch me there! Stop, I can't take all of it!" She screamed through fits of laughter when all of the sudden the door was kicked in.

"Hinata-sama?" Neji froze as he looked at the couch with Hinata in her underwear and Naruto equally dressed with his hands on her sides from tickling her. He stared much too long on her lavender tube top where it was light enough that you could distinguish the darker areas from the rest and then down to her fit legs and frilly panties.

"Ew, gross. I'm basically your sister; quit looking at me like that." Hinata shouted after seeing her cousin's gaze over her body

"Yeah, and what are you doing bashing through her door like that? We were trying to have some fun." Naruto commented with not much anger being displayed.

"Well then it is a good thing I showed up before you got too far." He commented after snapping away from Hinata's body.

"Well maybe this time." Naruto commented with a smirk.

"Naruto-kun, shush." Hinata moved behind Naruto on the couch and pulled his back against her to hide her body. She wrapped her legs around his torso and laid them in his lap while her arms came around his neck holding him onto a soft pillow of flesh. "Nii-san, what are you doing here?"

"I came by to tell you to that you are requested by Hiashi-sama, but then I heard screaming and came in."

"Well we were doing fine without you interrupting." Naruto muttered

"Well I hope you weren't hoping to do anything inappropriate with her." Neji retorted

"Define inappropriate. Would you bother us if we were married?" Naruto asked smiling a knowing smile.

"No, you didn't… how many days Hinata-sama?"

"Naruto-kun, I told you to shush. I didn't want him to know yet." She scolded.

"How many?" Neji demanded again.

"Fine, 43 consecutive, you want me to break it down to how many we did each day?" Neji was definately shocked that they were at it so often, but he realized if he had a willing girlfriend then he would want to enjoy it that often as well. After his mind wandered too much from the topic at hand, he shook his head to throw out the thoughts.

"No, definitely not. Now I suggest you get a few more clothes on before going to meet Hiashi-sama."

"I will, but don't expect too many, it is hot out there."

"Fine, but you'll want to bring him if I heard their conversations correctly. Your time living alone did you well, you don't stutter anymore."

"Well, only half was living alone, now go nii-san." Neji was happy to oblige since she has clearly found her confidence in one that had more than enough to spare.

"Alright Hinata, I suppose we should get a few more clothes on. I was really just hoping to lounge around all day with you half dressed." Hinata pushed him off her and untangled her legs before easing out from behind Naruto. She pushed him backward on the couch before lying down on top of him.

"Well, he can wait another five minutes; I want to lie with you a little before we leave." Naruto wrapped his arms around her exposed back and ran his fingers up and down her spine.

"I can handle that." After a few seconds, Hinata kissed his neck and looked into his eyes.

"Naruto-kun, are you sure you are ok with this? I never wanted to trick you like this."

"Don't worry about it; I could have been stuck with worse. Now I guess we should get going now." Hinata wasn't all too happy at his less than enthusiastic answer for being married to her, but there isn't much that can be done, and if he could care for her, she'll be happy. With a solemn feeling, Hinata got off of him and walked to her room to get dressed. After just throwing on a light blue tanktop over her tubetop to further hide some slightly revealing skin colorations and some quite small grey shorts, she brought some orange shorts and a grey tank top out for Naruto to get dressed in. After being all dressed they stepped out of the house into the scorching heat.

"This is one hell of a heat wave." Naruto commented.

"Yeah, but we'll have some cold lemonade when we get back home." The pair didn't have far to go until they found the Hyuuga Manor. With a bout of nervousness, Hinata led the way through the large gates and into the foyer of the large complex to face her father. She was feeling very anxious as she continued down the hall to Hiashi's study and decided to grab Naruto's hand for some comfort and confidence as she reached out and gave the door a gentle knock.

"Come." After hearing his stern order, Hinata pushed the door open and went inside pulling Naruto along with her. Hiashi was still filling out some papers on his desk and didn't quite pay attention when they entered.

"Hinata, it is about time you stop your foolishness and return home. It has been 90 days and if you were to get anything good out of it, then it would have happened already. Also it is time I choose you a husband." Naruto felt his hand start getting crushed by her sudden need to squeeze his hand and was afraid she might break it when Hinata spoke up.

"No father, it is far from foolish. I have proven my independence and changed myself for the better. And I already have a chosen." Hiashi's head snapped up to make sure it really was his shy daughter that spoke to him with resolve and without a shy stutter. When he saw her he almost fainted. She no longer looked like a respectable young girl, but a confident and alluring woman. But the worst was who she was clinging to, the one person in the entire village that he never wanted to see his daughter associating with, the Kyuubi jinchuriki.

"What is the meaning of this! How dare you bring that, that thing in here!" Hinata was now getting pissed. She knew at that moment that she was completely different and wouldn't take anything from her father without a fight.

"This 'thing' means more to me than this worthless clan, but I am born of your blood so I am bound to it. There isn't anything you can do to break us apart since we have already satisfied the requirements." She informed him like it was law.

"That may be true, but don't forget, I choose when your final test for heiress is and who you fight. If you don't want the seal placed on you and reduced to a bawling heap whenever someone deems you weak, then you will behave and dress properly." He countered venomously.

"Go screw yourself father I am my own person and I will do what I want with whom I want. As stated in the Hyuuga laws, when a test for heir between two possible children, I can place any stipulation I want. If I win I want to be assured that neither I nor my children can be cursed with the seal no matter who sees it fitting and you will accept my marriage to Naruto-kun. Deal?"

"Well, you certainly have gained some brass, maybe you aren't completely worthless, but your skill is still less than perfect. Either way I accept your terms because if you lose you will be sealed like stated in the Hyuuga laws. Now you boy I am also required to put you through any test I decide and you can request any stipulations like Hinata did."

"Really?" He asked as her wiggled his way out of Hinata's grip. "Just how far is this allowance allowed to supersede?" Hiashi saw his movement away from his daughter and got a smirk forming across his face.

"Well, it can supersede any other Hyuuga law, but I still have to accept the terms." Naruto showed off a huge smile, one that was sure to fool even Hinata into believing it.

"Alright, this is my stipulation. I can marry anyone I want and not be tied by any law of your clan," Hinata's face jumped in fear, sadness, and surprise knowing this is the only way out of her less than honest marriage. "and any future girlfriends or wives and their children cannot be touched by this clan in any way. Also when I start my ascension to the title of Hokage, your clan will not offer direct resistance. Is this satisfactory?" Hiashi was overjoyed that he wanted a way out of the clan marriage laws and was happy to oblige.

"So, you want to be able to break out of the marriage law you unknowingly entered with my daughter and have me, and the clan, not stand in your way of any relationships you have in the future and we aren't allowed to influence them or their children in any way. Also you don't want us to directly object to your becoming Hokage, but you'll allow it indirectly? Is that what I heard?"


"I accept." Hinata had yet to say anything and stared at the blonde at her side in utter shock and unwilling acceptance of her rejection.

"Naruto-kun?" He turned to her with an emotionless face and saw her saddened by his request, but didn't show any sign of joking or even caring for her feelings.

"Like you were expecting me to take all the trickery you did to me when I have a way out? I never wanted to be forced into a marriage just like I'm sure you never wanted an arranged marriage yourself, and then I find out you left an important detail that made me your husband unknowingly. To top that off, you caused the ramen shortage that caused me to nearly loose control and possibly destroy this village. I can't allow myself to be in a marriage like that." Hinata was starting to tear up, but realized something, it was all to make him happy. She knew he never had any relationships and did what she could to help him since he wouldn't ever have one at the rate he was going. Really, the only selfish thing she did was make herself the person he would run to, but she knew that she would love him till the end, so it was all for his happiness.

"You know Naruto-kun, I just wanted to make you happy. Everything I did was so I could see to it that you were always loved." Hiashi didn't want any chance for going back on the challenge and interrupted them.

"Enough, I say we hold the battles right now. Now head to the dojo and I'll have your opponents meet you there." Hiashi ordered and ushered them out of his study. Naruto and Hinata walked down the hall at arms length not even saying a single word to each other and entered the dojo. After a few minutes of silently waiting, Hiashi entered with the council, all wearing a confident smile.

"The Hyuuga council accepted your terms as well and decided your opponents, you shall face each other." Hiashi was satisfied with the council's brilliant decision. If Hinata wins then Naruto looses and he can't marry her since he would be deemed unworthy and she will be end up being heir, and if Naruto wins, Hinata looses, meaning they won't be together and she won't be heir. It is a small price to pay, either way the two of them can't be married with the circumstances set up. Unfortunately Hinata saw this as well and knew that even if she pushed her limits on morality, she still couldn't get married to the one she loves. After this revelation she started crying.

"Father, Naruto-kun, if that is your wish, for me to not be married to someone I love woth all my heart, than so be it. I forfeit. I can't have you be in a marriage you don't want to be in, so you can now go marry anyone you want and I'll allow myself to have the seal. If I can't have your love, there is no use in trying anything anymore. I just wanted to give you everything I could Naruto-kun." She knelt down in front of her father with her forehead bared awaiting the seal.

"Very well, I always knew you were too weak to be heir." Hiashi started the series of hand signs but was interrupted by a loud voice.

"Hiashi! She is not weak, she just apathetic, she doesn't want other people to feel pain if she can take it upon herself. Now I request that you step away from my girl." All the members of the council snapped in the direction of the smirking blonde. "What, you guys too stupid? I choose her as my future wife, now you can't touch her or her children with that damn seal leaving her the only one in the main branch that is immune to the having the seal. Now what does that make her?" Hiashi looked at the blonde in awe that he thought of tricking everyone like that.

"That makes her the undeniable heir to the clan. Also now that you won your match we can't forbid your marriage to her and you already have fulfilled the required steps, so she is your wife now. You also get a free pass from us if you make it to Hokage. Well played." Hiashi took in a deep breath and let it out quickly from being duped. "We really should have expected a trick like this from the village's legendary prankster, but we were so caught up in the concept of you not wanting to marry her. I guess the clan is in need of a change." Hiashi stepped back from Hinata who still couldn't figure out what happened yet but she was brought back when she felt a hand touch her hand and hold onto it.

"Hinata, I'm sorry for tricking you like this, making you feel like I wanted nothing to do with you, but it was an easy way to ensure everything we wanted. Right now you are feeling what I did when you told me about the trickery you pulled, but I think I can help you. I didn't want to be married under the circumstances you ended up making, I wanted it my own way." Kneeling down in front of her, Naruto lifted her chin to look into her eyes. "Hinata, I really didn't know what to think when you offered to help me, but it only took a few minutes until I figured out what I wanted, but then it made it even harder. I basically had to face a difficult decision to gave you my heart. Hinata, you are more than I could ever want and I love you. Will you still want to be married to me?" Hinata sat there for a few short seconds before throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him with everything she had.

"That was mean Naruto-kun." She cried into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Hinata, but it had to be believable. Are you still willing to give me your heart?"

"No… You've always had it; it just took you much too long to see it. I realized I loved you years ago." Naruto stood up and surprised her when he picked her up and threw her giggling and protesting form over his shoulder.

"Well, I'll be seeing you guys around, but right now I'd like to get back to spending the day with my wife that you interrupted. Naruto headed out of the room with Hinata on his shoulder with a huge smile looking back at her father and waved happily to him. For the first time since Hinata's mother was alive, Hiashi lips curled up into a smile.

"Hiashi-sama, you must do something." Commanded an elder councilmen that didn't have an idea to rectify the situation.

"No, I don't. You accepted the stipulations and I will not go back on them. Besides, have you ever seen my daughter so happy? As a father I can't do anything after seeing that display of sheer joy in her eyes." Hinashi continued staring at the door where she disappeared out of with his smile still in full effect thinking about how she hid all her strength and just needed a single outcast to acknowledge her to bring it out. He was sure the clan was in good hands, and with someone like Hinata at Naruto's side, he just might make Hokage.

"Naruto-kun, can you put me down?" Hinata requested as they were now meandering towards the small house.

"Nah, I'm good." He replied as he adjusted his grip and placed his hand firmly on her ass and continued down the path to their place.

"Naruto-kun…" She whined as he chuckled at her.

"Fine." Before she knew it, she was swung off his shoulder and into his arms, carrying her bridal style. "There, that better?"

"Yes, now I can watch you and if I want…" Hinata pulled her self up and kissed him quickly. "See how much better it is?" Smiling at her playfulness, Naruto stopped and set her feet on the ground.

"Well, I guess we have the rest of the day to ourselves. What would you like to do?"

"Nothing but lie around with you." She offered.

"That's a great plan." Taking her hand, they hurriedly entered the small house and Naruto flopped down on the couch while Hinata got some glasses and poured some lemonade that she made earlier.

"Here Naruto-kun." After handing over the glass, Hinata sat next to him, leaning on his shoulder.

"Thanks Hinata. I have something else to tell you. You know the part where you asked what I'd do when I got a clean bill of health." Seeing her get antsy at his pause, he smiled and took a drink just to make it last longer. "Well, that happened twenty days ago."

"What? Naruto-kun, you've been letting me think you needed sex when you didn't?"

"I wouldn't put it like that, more like I didn't know how exactly you felt about me and I didn't want to go back to how we were. I loved spending time with you and there is nothing like waking up to someone as beautiful as you sleeping on me."

"You actually thought someone would offer themselves to you and not care for you?" she asked in amazement.

"Well Anko kind of did, but she wanted money in return, so I was a little apprehensive about jumping to conclusions."

"Well, you should know now that I love you."

"I do now." Naruto gulped down the rest of the drink before lying back on the armrest of the couch. Hinata took another drink from her glass before setting it on the small table and scooted closer to her new husband. Seeing this, Naruto grabbed her waist and pulled her closer so he was now lying with her upper half on him and lower half between his legs sitting on the couch. Bringing his hands down over her stomach, he pulled the tank top up and off of her leaving her in the small tubetop.

"That's better, I like touching your skin." He rested his hands on her stomach again and closed his eyes, completely relaxed. Within moments Naruto was asleep with Hinata very close behind.

It was about eight at night when their pleasant nap was interrupted by a firm knock on the door waking them from their sleep.

"I don't want to get up." Hinata quietly moaned, still half asleep.

"Then don't, the door is still unlocked."

"Am I too revealing?"

"Don't worry, even if you are, you're mine and no one can say otherwise." Another knock sounded out impatiently.

"It's open." Hinata called out.

"Hey Hinata, have you seen Naru… to? Well I guess that mystery is answered." Sakura commented while looking at how the two were sitting.

"Hey Sakura-chan! You're not trying to kill me again right?" Naruto wondered.

"Um, no, but when did this happen? You disappeared about 40 days ago and I haven't seen either of you aside from the meetings… Damn, that long ago?"

"Now that you answered all your own questions, what do you want?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, well, Tsunade wanted me to tell you that you have a test tomorrow. I have no idea what type of test, so don't ask. Now Hinata, what are you wearing and how involved are you two?"

"Clothes and very much." She replied quickly while intertwining her fingers with Narutos on her stomach.

"And how much is very?" Sakura pried in her usual nosy fashion

"As much as you can; In the eyes of the Hyuuga, we are married." Hinata informed with a bright smile.

"Really? So you guys have… Whoa. How was it?" Both Naruto and Hinata blushed from the question posed making Sakura laugh hard. "You guys are perfect for each other, almost like you were two halves of one, it is just too perfect. Well I'm out, remember Naruto, tomorrow 7am at training ground 5 and you know how she is with people that are late."

"Gotcha, I'll be there." Sakura gave them a sly smile on her way out the door as she thought about what they have done in that house.

"Well than Naruto-kun, what would you like for supper?" Hinata asked while tilting her head back to look at him.

"Hmm, you look good." He commented as he gave her an awkward kiss.

"So do you, but I was meaning food since I'll never have enough of you."

"How about we go out? We haven't been away from this house for more than the morning mission meetings."

"Sounds good, but I have a craving for something."

"Sweet rolls?" Seeing a huge sweet smile he knew that was the answer. "Well, I guess you'll need your shirt back then."

They managed to have a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant without running into anyone they knew, which made it easier on them. After picking up a few of Hinata's craved rolls, they headed back to their little home eating them along the way. There was not a time Hinata felt more perfect than that moment. She was smiling and giggling with a sweet roll in one hand and the hand of her lover in the other, life was looking good. They entered the small house still laughing from the stories of missions, that got strange, along the way before kissing each other deeply.

"Well, I'm beat Hinata, lets go to bed."

"I'd like that, I've been tired all day."

"Maybe that was from all the bouncing around this morning." He teased.

"That's still kind of embarrassing to talk about, even with the person I did it with."

"I believe you'll get over it, not let's go to bed, but you have too many clothes on." Hinata finally nestled her naked body up against Naruto's bare chest and pulled the light sheet over the both of them.

"Love you Naruto-kun."

"Love you too Hinata, sleep well gorgeous." Naruto fell asleep happily with the feeling of Hinata's soft breasts pressed against his skin and the calming sound of her rhythmic breaths.

(61 Days without ramen)

"Hey sweetie, it is time to wake up." Naruto coaxed in a gentle voice while running his hand down her bare arm.

"Mmm, do me some more Kiba-kun; you always know how to touch me."

"What?! Naruto screamed in disgust. All he got in reply was stifled giggles from the girl in his arms. "Alright Hinata, that wasn't nice. I think you have been around me for a little too long. So how long have you been awake?" Hinata stretched her arm out before rolling on top of him giving him a close up look at her chest before planting a kiss on his lips.

"Only about ten minutes. How did you sleep love?"

"Great, like every other night I'm with you. Now about that prank of yours, you should be dealt with." Hinata screamed out playfully as she was thrown off of him and found herself looking up at Naruto as he straddled her thighs and pinned her wrists next to her head. He looked down at her smiling face and watched as her bare chest moved with her labored breathing.

"Now what are you going to do to me Naruto-kun?" She asked flirtatiously as she was helpless under him.

"I was thinking…" He then looked at the clock and saw it read 6:45. "Ah shit, I'll have to take a rain check." Leaning down he gave her a kiss and let her arms go. Slowly he removed himself from on top of her and picked out some black shorts and an orange t-shirt and threw them on before looking back to the bed where Hinata was now lying on her stomach watching him dress, still completely uncovered.


"I know, I'd love to stay, but baa-chan will kill me if I'm late. I'll see you at the meeting." He started walking for the door, but quickly stopped and ran back to Hinata for another kiss before taking off out the front door for his test.

Naruto ran at his best sped through the waking village. Finally after the rush, he arrived at the training ground, like requested, with only a minute to spare. He was surprised to find Tsunade standing there with a group of three Anbu at her sides smiling evilly at him.

"Uh, hey baa-chan." He greeted with reluctance.

"Hello Naruto, you just barely made it. Was there a hold up?"

"Well you could say that. It was a very attractive persuasion that I had to overcome." Tsunade smiled at him knowingly while he seemed a bit embarrassed about it.

"Well then, it is time for your test Naruto, the whole village has been training nonstop over the slow mission break and we need to reevaluate. Begin." He stood there with an unsure look at what type of test it was, but that was cut short when the three Anbu jumped into action. Seeing them all bear down on him was surprising and he had to maneuver quicker than usual and didn't even have time for a proper warm up to reach those speeds.

The Anbu members were clearly not impressed as they found it was much too easy to lay a punch or kick on him during their fight, but never noticed how the attacks had less force behind it than usual due to his certain movements. Tsunade was smirking on the sidelines watching how the small war was panning out. About another 10 minutes passed and Tsunade was tired of seeing Naruto take damage but have it not faze him in the least. After removing her loose fitting jacket, she stretched out a few of her muscles and jumped into the fray with a massive fist. With a back flip, Naruto avoided the punch as it completely wasted the ground sending pieces of it into the air.

"Enough warming up Naruto! Time to kick it up. Anbu, ninjutsu is allowed." Naruto heard some chuckles from the team as they regrouped a bit and took off in a frontal attack.

"Well then, I guess it is time to quit holding back." As the three Anbu charged at him in a standard delta pattern, they were suddenly aware of Naruto's sudden speed increase. Using the lead fighter as a spring board for his hands, Naruto leaped over him and caught the other two by surprise with a foot for each of them. Vaulting of the ground with his right hand, Naruto righted himself and twisted around to face them while skidding to a stop.

"Not forgetting about me have you?" Tsunade called out with a glowing fist headed for his face.

"Shit!" He cursed loudly. Tsunade was prepared to halt her attack when Naruto's eyes flashed red and her fist was halted by a huge red hand of pure chakra. He then pushed his hand through the chakra, gripping her wrist and yanking her forward to increase the force of his incoming punch that was emitting red tendrils of chakra. Tsunade was actually feeling a bit worried at his ruthless attacks while she grabbed his wrist with her other hand. By this time the Anbu were in mid throw with a series of well aimed kunai and shuriken just to see them get deflected by the arrival of three tails of chakra.

Naruto felt the movement of his chakra and brought his feet up quickly and rammed both of them into Tsunade's gut effectively pushing the air out of her lungs and ripping away from her grip while propelling him towards the other three opponents. After landing on the ground Naruto heaved a huge amount of effort into his legs causing his feet to dig into the ground before he was propel at unimaginable speeds towards one of the Anbu that just finished the signs for a jutsu.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu.( Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)" The obviously male voice rang out as he exhaled a massive fireball towards the oncoming ninja. He stepped back in shock as Naruto was seen running out the other side of the flame effectively hiding the fact that he used a clone to run into the ball of fire, a replacement to get out of the way, and yet another replacement mere moments after with the singed log making it appear as though he ran through the ball of fire with his chakra protecting from the burns. Feeling helpless from his surprise, the Anbu had no counter for the bright blue ball of chakra headed right for him.

"Rasengan!" The chakra sphere was within inches on his face when Naruto snapped his hand shut crushing the sphere. "You died, don't get up." He took his hand that was now in a fist and rammed it into the Anbu's face sending him scraping across the ground. Naruto seemed off balance to anyone watching and fell forward, but a kunai appeared right where his shoulder would have been after a, clearly female, Anbu appeared from a well used shushin.

"How did he…?" She asked the air as she found a foot smashing against the back of her head sending her right next to the other fallen ninja. Knowing there was only one Anbu remaining and Tsunade, Naruto decided it was best to take out the other Anbu first and immediately went after him. What Naruto saw was the guy just finishing a set of familiar hand signs.

"Yamato-sensei! That's not fair!" Naruto screamed out knowing what was coming and that it always left him completely drained.

"An all out fight never is, Hokage Shiki Jijun Jutsu: Kakuan Nitten Suishu." Naruto felt his extra chakra being sucked away from his body from the arrival of wooden pillars he was more than familiar with. Losing his extra speed, Tsunade landed a hard punch to his stomach, luckily for him there wasn't a lot of chakra behind it and it just knocked the wind out of him and forced him to take a knee in front of them. Tsunade smirked and used her foot to push him over into the dirt where he stayed to catch his breath and recover a bit with his battered body.

"Well Yamato?" Tsunade asked as she started walking away from the downed blonde and picked up her jacket along the way.

"He handled a Hokage, an Anbu captain, and two more Anbu members without dying and even managed to knock out one and basically kill the other. He is definitely ready for the next step in his career. If he keeps up this progress, you'll be giving him your job before he's 25."

"Good, I don't think I could take too many more years of paperwork." They took a few more steps before she turned back to the training grounds. "You're going to be late for your meeting if you lie around all day Naruto."

"AH, bite me!" She heard him groan.

"I believe that belongs to someone with dark hair." She replied and could only laugh at him groaning out a few more curses towards her. Yamato soon went his own way, knowing the rest of his team would wake up on their own since they weren't harmed too much in the fight, and Tsunade headed straight for the mission office for the Konoha 11's usual meeting.

All but one of the usual group were gathered in the mission office awaiting Tsunade and Hinata wasn't the calmest person in the room seeing that Naruto wasn't there. Finally the door opened revealing Tsunade with her jacket flung over one shoulder with dirt and grime still all over her showing she was in one hell of a fight. Tsunade sat down like nothing was wrong just as Sakura made her loud voice known.

"What happened to you?" she demanded as the door opened again revealing a worse off blonde as he stumbled into the room.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late, but I ran across this crazy saké drinking old lady that was secretly head of a shadow organization and wanted to bring me into their group by kicking my ass." After saying that, he was to about the center of the room before falling forward, still exhausted from the fight. Before he hit the ground he was engulfed in the arms of a worried Hinata.

"Are you ok Naruto-kun?" She asked with concern in her voice, and surprising the entire room, minus Sakura, Tsunade, and Neji with the absence of a stutter and the lack of a huge blush and possible fainting by being so close to him.

"Yeah, I just need some rest." He assured as he looked up at her face from where his head was resting in her lap and took her hand in his.

"Ok, one, what the hell was he talking about and two, what the hell is going on with you Hinata?" Ino demanded.

"Well I'll answer the first one." Tsunade started. "I just put him through a test to verify his ability. We will now be one person short in our meetings because Naruto is now the fourth member of Yamato's Anbu team."

"And Naruto-kun and I are together, permanently." Hinata spoke while not looking away from caring for her blonde.

"What do you mean by that?" Kiba asked since he hasn't seen any of their relationship.

"It means that Hiashi brought in an approval for marriage between them. All they need to do is sign the papers and it will be official." Tsunade clarified for them.

"Um, Tsunade-sama, could I see those papers?" Hinata asked while blushing a bit.

"After the meeting they are all yours. Now help Naruto into a chair so he isn't lying on the floor." Hinata nodded and watched closely as he slowly made it to the chair and sat down before helping Hinata into his lap sideways.

"Well not exactly what I was thinking, but it's better. Now then, since Naruto is leaving the group, Sakura will be taking over Shizune's job helping with my paperwork and working down at the hospital every other week alternating with her, so your team is disbanded, and Naruto, remember that when you are on duty you will now have to wear the mask and can't tell anyone your actual name, so even if you are on a mission with Hinata, she shouldn't know who you are."

"Yeah, but she will. I could just stand there and she'd know it was me, especially with the Byakugan."

"True, but that was just for illustration. Well, by the look of things we'll be getting back into usual mission schedule in a month, so make sure to get all your training finished by then. Now then, aside form the usual two, you are dismissed." Once everyone left, Tsunade dug out the papers from her desk and set it in front of her and placed a pen on the paper. Hinata got up off Naruto's lap and walked up to the desk, with Naruto following, and signed her name on the paper and handed the pen to Naruto who did the same.

"Well congratulations, you two are officially married. It was about time you figured it out Naruto."

"Yeah, well I believe there was no way I was getting away with not noticing her. She actually has quite the mind for underhanded planning. One way or another she was going to make sure she was married to me."

"How do you figure?" Tsunade asked, since she didn't know of any on this but had some suspicions.

"She orchestrated the entire ramen shortage, but didn't know the Kyuubi adjusted things."

"Well I did think she was planning something, but that is actually more involved than I thought she was planning. How did you pay for all of it?"

"I um, I have been saving mission money since we were genin just for a plan to come to me to get Naruto-kun to actually see me. When I learned about the ramen I put a new plan into action."

"I guess it all worked out in the end, but don't try messing with the economy again, it can cause some problems." Tsunade told her seriously, but still had a kind smile on her face.

"Yeah, I'll make sure to keep a very close eye on her in the future." Naruto assured with a huge grin.

"Alright you two, get out of here."

Naruto and Hinata were now officially married and couldn't be happier with how their lives are shaping up. They spent many hours together and were nearly inseparable throughout the days as they finished unpacking the last of Naruto's things into the small Hyuuga guest house which was now given to the couple until they were ready to make the transition into the Hyuuga manor.

More days passed bringing the total to 78 days Naruto has gone without ramen. He still has yet to touch the cup ramen Hinata bought out because he didn't want to loose his attraction to his new wife, even though Tsunade assured him it wasn't likely to affect him now that he wasn't living off of it and could have it from time to time like normal people. Today the long streak was going to be lifted since Ichiraku's was about to be reopened with the arrival of Teuchi and his daughter Ayame back into the village. Of course Naruto was waiting at the gates to greet his longtime friends back into the village, but this time he hand a cute dark haired girl hanging off his arm wearing a simple silver wedding band on her finger that blends in with her usual outfit.

"Welcome back old man!" Naruto shouted in his usual fashion which brought a smile to the traveler's faces.

"Well if it isn't our number one customer."

"And Hinata-chan." Ayame piped up. "Say Hinata-chan, did you actually get through to him?" She asked after seeing her holding onto his arm.

"Yes I did, and I have to say that there was a lot of stuff that happened while you guys were gone, lots of stuff."

"I take it getting rid of the stutter was one of them? And what is another?" Hinata smiled with a light blush and waved her fingers in the air showing off the small band on her finger.

"I got married." Ayame let out a screech and ran up to the girl, giving her a big hug.

"Congratulations Hinata, I know you have been dreaming of this for years, but why so soon?"

"That's easy! Somewhere between being without ramen for many days and a Hyuuga law, it was shortened a great deal, but we love each other and I know Hinata will never love anyone else since she waited over six years for me when she could have found someone else, and that is good enough for me to never leave her."

"Well then, I say we cook you guys up some ramen all you can eat as soon as possible." Teuchi announced with a triumphant smile.

"Nah, no real hurry, besides ramen isn't good for you in large doses, I had to figure that out the hard way, so I probably will only be stopping by every other week for a couple bowls." Naruto watched as Teuchi's kind smile burst into an overwhelmingly astonished face.

"What!? You, avoiding free ramen!? It is unnatural! It's the end of the world! The sky is falling!!" He took off running into the village leaving a trail of dust in his wake before Ayame kindly nodded to the two and took off after her father to make sure he was alright.

"Well Naruto-kun, soon the village will be back to normal." Hinata mentioned as she pulled him down the street.

"Nope, I won't let it go back; I'm going to keep on loving you so the village will always and forever be changed."

"You know, I think that ramen made you stupider as well as blind; that was actually very thoughtful."

"Well, I'm always full of surprises." Hand in hand Naruto and Hinata walked back into the village with the biggest grins on their faces from being with the one they love.

And so this ends the tale of the 'Ramen Gone Astray' and the ramen shortage that started from one woman's determination to show the man she loved from afar her affection for him. It may not have gone exactly as she planned, but the result was the same. Who really knows what the future holds for the newlywed couple, but maybe sometime in the future we will find out about the adventures they are sure to have.

"My best customer! NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

(Ending Notes)

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