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Chapter 10

Black Sparks.

Amethyst's P.O.V

I could've almost banged my damn head on the wall today. That was the longest night ever. Emma had to go and snitch about the fricken rabbit we murdered.

Ha Ha murdered...I murdered a rabbit.

Flashback of last night

After we were finished I turned to see the rabbit's corpse in our hands.

"What's happened to us?" I asked tosing the corpse into the woods.

Emma just looked at me without an answer.

We walked inside after that incident and sat down on the couch.

"We killed a rabbit.." Emma spat out.

"More like drank it's blood." I added rolling my eyes at Emma. She was so ditzy.

"You drank it's blood!" Alice exclaimed squealing.

"Welcome to the club." Jasper said to us.

"We knew this would happen sooner or later." Rosalie said sighing.

"Now you can go hunting with your father and I" My mom Bella spoke up walking over to us.

"At least you didn't ignore I do sometimes." Our dad Edward said smiling slightly.

"Hellz Yeah! Hey Mountain Lions are the best..much better than rabbit." Our uncle Emmett exclaimed.

"Your very first hunt and you did it together." Carlisle replied nodding in approval of what we did.

"Very well done." Esme declared smiling.

End of Flashback

So we murdered a rabbit. I still can't over that. It was disgusting but very filling and right.

Last night after that whole hunt and the long congratulations from everyone. I decided to put blue and red streaks in my hair. Rosalie had gotten me some hair dye a long time ago. I just never used it.

When I was done dying my hair I showed Emma of course and Rosalie.

Emma just looked at me like I had gone crazy and probably had nothing better to do than to dye my hair crazy colors. Blue and Red were not that crazy.

My aunt Rosalie just nodded in approval. My parents hadn't seen it and they weren't going to see it untill they send us off to school. But what can they do. I had already put them in.

I decided to take a shower. I got in...letting the warm water, warm my body up since it now contained no heat. After that I blow dryed my hair letting it fall down to my waist in a wave.

After blow drying my hair, I brushed my teeth. I will never get tired of the fangs. I brush them carefully making sure that they look really good just incase I have to hunt.

I decided to wear my v neck black dress that came up to my knees. It was a very unique dress with pockets.

As acesssories I decided on my celtic silver cross again and my charm bracelets. Those things went with everything I wore. I once again put on my mesh black gloves.

For shoes I put on my leather high heel boots. Finally as a finishing touch I put on my black hat with the small mesh black veil.

I put on my black eyeliner and gave myself one quick look in the mirror before walking down to my sister's room. She scanned my outfit when I walked into the room.

"Who died?" she asked me.

"We all have. Now hurry up or we will be late." I snapped.

"Chill..besides you always say that and we end up early." She spat putting on lip gloss.

Emma had on a light faded long blue jean skirt. As a top she had on blue very low cut silk top. For shoes she wore the high heel white shoes Rosalie had gotten her. Her hair was down covering part of the cleavage that the top showed.

"You look beautiful now let's go! I'm driving again before we're late." I spat rushing down the stairs.

"Alright! Im coming!" Emma exclaimed behind grabbing her bag.

Alice and the rest of them were in their rooms still. Gods knows what they were doing.

A/ Im going to let your imaginations run freely.

We got into our Audi Coupe and drove off to school. We arrived about 20 minutes early.

Emma groaned when she got of the car.

"With this extra time..I could've done more with my hair!" Emma spat leaning against the car.

"Whatever..." I replied rolling my eyes. I looked around for my MP3 player.

"Shit!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Emma asked.

"I forgot my MP3 im really going to have a hard time trying to control my power." I stated.

"Just don't set the cafeteria on fire wouldn't want them to know our secret." Emma said giggling.

"You are 3 minutes younger than me and you act like an idiot ." I declared.

"It's my job. Your older so I have to annoy you! " Emma exclaimed pointing a finger at me.

By then more students had begun to arrive. I noticed a new kid walking towards the main building. He had black hair and wore clothes similar to mine. From what I could tell.

"Ooh you were checking him out!" Emma exclaimed happily.

"No I wasn't." I spat. Truth was, he was interesting. Besides me..he was the only one who dressed similar to me.

The bell rang then signaling everyone into the building in a rush. I didn't rush because I didn't care much.

I walked into my AP Math class right as the tardy bell rang and took my seat next to Allison Newton.

"Hi..." she said to me.

"Hi?" I replied.

"Love the outfit..where did you get it? A funeral home?" Allison said smirking at me.

"Yeah I did actually. You can smell the embalming fluid on it. " I spat venom dripping from every word.

"Freak..." she replied turning away from me.

"Bitch.." I snapped looking at what the teacher was teaching us.

I ignored the rest of the lesson. I pretty much ignored the rest of the lessons that morning untill lunch.

Emma and I found each other and just found an apple to place on our trays.

I looked over to Allison and her group.

"Freak. Her dad is the famous Edward Cullen. Her whole family is consisted of freaks. They don't eat hardly anything and look like they have a real sleeping problem. I mean come on those eyes..contacts. Total freaks."

I heard Allison think.

That was it. I lit up a fire ball in my hand and threw it. Not caring if anyone found out about us.

The fireball landed right in the trash can starting a fire in it.. I made another and threw at the table where Allison and her friends were at.

They all screamed as it hit making a loud commotion. The fire alarm quickly went off but a little too late.

That's the thing with my fire balls..once they start..they are so hard to controll.

We were all rushed outside but by then the fire had spread destroying nearly the whole entire cafeteria.

"ooh! Your are going to be in so much trouble!" Emma exclaimed.

"Will you shut up!" I spat glaring at Allison and her little group who looked like they had just seen a ghost.

"Hey..." I heard a voice behind me. I turned to see and it was that boy who I saw earlier walking into the building.

"I know..what you are...and I know it was you who started the fire." He whispered into my ear.

"How do you..." I asked.

"I know a lot about your kind..." he murmered into my ear. I felt his warm breath and it tingled down my spine making me shiver. He finally back away letting me take a good look at him.

He had black hair that was spiked up slightly with piercing blue eyes. He wore a black muscle shirt and black pants.

He turned to walk away.

"Im Leon Black by the way..." He said turning to look at me one last time.

"Amethyst Cullen.." I replied.

"Nice to meet you..." He said smirking slightly.

Very nice to meet you indeed. I thought to myself.

The End.

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