AN: For the purposes of this story, Sasuke has already killed Itachi when he was 16 and has been back in Konoha for 4 years now. He was given a full pardon by Tsunade because he ridded the world of such an evil, dangerous person...yea yea I know, but it makes things easier for me to write : ) Also, Sakura and Sasuke are both 20 years old at this point. More background information will be explained in later chapters.

Summary: "I'm yours Sasuke-kun." It was a phrase she repeated to him every night they spent together. It was the only way he'd complete the intimate act, the only way she could be connected to him again. (SasuSaku) A different kind of love story...

WARNING: This story isn't rated Mature for nothing! Major SasuSaku lemons ahead! If that type of material offends you, please don't read any farther.

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Their mouths met in an eager and passionate kiss that left her flesh feeling burned. Warm hands sought out bare skin as their bodies arched to be even closer to one another.

"Sasuke-kun please, oh please, please…" she begged and her hands fisted in the sheets as she enjoyed the wonderful feelings he was stirring in her.

Only Sasuke was capable of giving her such pleasure, such mind-numbing sensation. His skilled touch could never be matched, his passion never mimicked. He was Uchiha Sasuke after all. And no one ever beats an Uchiha.

She felt his smirk against her lips as they continued their heated romp and was unable to stifle another cry of "Please Sasuke-kun!" before he shoved two fingers inside her. The action tore a gasp of unrestrained bliss from the pink-haired woman and she grabbed onto Sasuke's broad shoulders for support. But she wanted more, so much more than just this. She wanted to experience the feeling of him inside her, the moment when they were so intimately connected that it was almost as if time stood still and all that was left was just the two of them. Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura: forever intertwined.

"Open your eyes Sakura…" a husky, masculine voice commanded her. Sakura forced her eyes open and gazed upon the powerful form of Uchiha Sasuke. A light sheen of sweat covered his toned torso and the corded muscles of his arms gripped her body in a gesture that could only be described as possessive. Her eyes locked with Sasuke's onyx orbs and she couldn't help but gasp when she saw the predatory, lustful gleam in the black pools.

"How much do you want me Sakura? Tell me how much" he said huskily, slowing down the movement of his fingers inside of her and almost withdrawing them completely.

Sakura moaned at the loss of contact and brought her hips forward in attempt to immerse his fingers once more. "I want you Sasuke-kun…want you so much…"

Sasuke smirked again and plunged his fingers in more rapidly than before; a definite purpose behind his movements. "Oh Sasuke-kun, oh!" Sakura cried out as a mind-numbing wave of pleasure coursed through her body making her hips buck against Sasuke's hand.

Giving Sakura no chance to calm, Sasuke began assailing her breasts with heated open-mouthed kisses that sent her pulse racing and filled her veins with white-hot lust. "Tell me Sakura, tell me…" Sasuke commanded, eliciting a groan from her as he flicked his tongue over her right nipple. Grabbing onto his raven locks, she attempted to guide his mouth to her other breast. He looked up into her jade eyes and again repeated his command. "Tell me now…"

Sakura knew what it was that he wanted. Sasuke had made her say it the very first time they did this. It was a phrase she repeated to him every night they spent together. It was the only way he'd complete the intimate act, the only way she could be connected to him again.

Sakura gasped as he latched onto her left nipple and sucked. "Oh please….I want you so much Sasuke-kun!" she moaned and pulled his head up for a heated kiss. His tongue pushed inside her mouth roughly and battled with hers for dominance. Breaking the kiss and breathing raggedly Sasuke locked his gaze with hers. "Sakura tell me…"

Pulse racing, Sakura said the phrase she knew he needed to hear. "I'm yours Sasuke-kun; take me."

Swiftly and with a practiced motion, Sasuke shifted his weight and entered her with a quick thrust. Sakura cried out at the mixed feelings of pleasure and pain and grabbed his shoulders for support. His length filled her so fully, so completely that it felt like her body was made to fit his. Forcing her eyes open, she gazed up at Sasuke's handsome face, marveling at how controlled he appeared, how steady and firm his body was on top of hers.

"God Sakura…" Sasuke moaned and he clutched her to him. His pace became even faster as he filled her core again and again with swift, sure strokes. "More Sasuke-kun, please more!" she cried and her hips joined his in the desperate rhythm of their lovemaking, meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Sasuke-kun!" she cried out his name as white stars exploded behind her eyelids and the sweet pleasure of her climax began to overtake her. The clenching of her inner walls was just enough to send Sasuke over the edge and after a few erratic thrusts she felt him spill into her.

Panting, Sasuke pulled out of Sakura's body and laid back on the bed. Sakura reached for the raven-haired man and he pulled her flush against him. She felt his pulse slow and his breathing relax as he quickly drifted off to sleep.

A tear ran down Sakura's cheek as she remembered that this intimacy would be over in the morning, that only at night could she bask in the comfort of his arms. Tomorrow he would be gone just like every other time after their lovemaking and in the daylight she would be forced to pretend that they didn't have this connection; that they were nothing more than friends.

It broke her heart.

Clutching Sasuke's warm hand in hers she whispered softly in the dark. "I know you could never feel the same way Sasuke-kun, but I love you with all my heart."

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