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Dr. Tommy Oliver strolled into his friend, Hayley's, cafe. He sat at a table and
motioned for a smoothie.

"Here you go, Tommy," Hayley said as she set the smoothie down in front of him a
few minutes later. She pulled up a chair to sit across from him.

"So I guess you don't know why Kira wanted to meet us, huh?"

"No idea. She sounded borderline urgent, though."

Tommy nodded. "Very frazzled. I hope she's doing okay, though." He thought of
his former student. It's been three years since she and three other students,
Conner, Ethan, and Trent have been power rangers and he, their teammate and
mentor. He was proud of what they've become. Conner, a rising soccer star at
UCLA. Ethan went off to MIT, studying who knows what: anything and everything.
Trent moved to New York City, currently attending NYU and working at an art
gallery. And Kira was slowly making a name for herself in the music industry.

"Hey guys, thanks for meeting me on such short notice," said Kira as she also
pulled up a chair and sat down with Hayley and Tommy. She dropped what she was
carrying onto the table and openend her bag, pulling out two envelopes, which
she slid across the table to Tommy and Hayley. "I'm opening for Annie H!"

"That's wonderful!" exclaimed Hayley. She gave Kira a hug across the table.

"Who's Annie H?" asked Tommy.

Kira and Hayley both rolled their eyes at him. "She's a big-time singer,"
answered Kira.

"Have you been lost in the woods that long?" asked Hayley, jokingly.

"Number one album, number one single, number one on the charts, she's even been
number one on TRL forever," exclaimed Kira.

"That show's still on?" asked Tommy.

"And I'm opening for her!" Kira squealed, ignoring Tommy. "I got signed a few
months ago and she's taken me under her wing since we share the same manager."
Kira paused for a second. "Anyway, she signed me on to be her opening act and
we have a show tomorrow in LA. Here are the tickets, backstage passes, and
everything else you'll need. There's even one for Billy in there, Hayley.
Conner, Trent, and even Ethan said that they're going to be there. It's spring
break for Trent and Ethan."

"Well, I suppose I could make it," said Hayey. "I'll call Billy and let him
know. He could probaby meet us in LA. He's in Angel Grove at the moment, but
I'm sure he won't mind."

"Yeah, I'll be there too," said Tommy. "What time does the show start?"

"Seven," answered Kira. "But get there early. Especially you, Dr. O."

"Alright, Kira." She glared at him. "I will!"

"I've got to get back. I just wanted to drop it off in person. See you guys
tomorrow! And don't be late! I want you to meet Annie H and Adam, our manager."

As Kira headed back out to her car, she thought of how her life's changed within the past couple of months. A chance meeting with Adam Park at a coffee shop in New York City while visiting Trent led to her being signed to a major record label. The same label that Annie H was signed under. Her mentor in all things in the music industry. Her thoughts turned toward her mentor. Kira very deeply admired her. Annie H's first dream was to become a world-renowned gymnast, but when a serious injury ended that, she turned to music as her only outlet. Kira loved listening to songs that Annie H wrote, most of it about her high school boyfriend.

"You don't have to call me Annie when we're alone, you know," she had told Kira one day. "Annie H is my stage name. Call me Kim. All my friends do."

Kira smiled at the memory. She could have died from embarrassment, but she was pleased to be considered one of her friends. Kira's phone started ringing, breaking her from her thoughts. She fished around her pockets, trying to reach it.

"Hello?" she said into the receiver.

"Hey Kira." Adam's soft-spoken voice was heard over the phone. "Visit go okay with your old teachers? Are they coming to the show?"

"Yes, they are!" exclaimed Kira. "I told them to be there early, so hopefully you and Kim could meet them before the show." She heard voices in the background. "Who's there with you guys?"

"Some old friends of mine and Kimberly. We went to high school with them. You'll meet them later. How far are you?"

"About 15, maybe 20 minutes away. Reefside's not that far from LA. Although I remember it being a lot further."

Adam chuckled. "That's the life of an antsy kid for you. See you soon, then."

"Alright, bye." Kira hung up her phone and threw it in the passenger's seat.

"So where are we gonna be sitting at during the show tomorrow?" asked Trini Kwan as she grabbed a handful of chips.

"Wherever you want," answered Kim. "You guys are my VIP guests."

Aisha Campbell laughed. "I can't wait to meet Kira. I heard her song on the radio; she sounds amazing."

"Yeah, she is." Kim glowed with excitement. "She's gonna be big. You guys'll love her. Her favorite color's yellow and she wears it all the time."

"Hmm, I like her already," laughed Trini. Aisha nodded in agreement.

"And her friends," continued Kim. "They wear red, blue, and white all the time."

Aisha, Trini, Adam, and Rocky DeSantos laughed. "Those three sound like a flag," said Rocky. "Ah, to be young, dumb, and have no sense of other colors but your own."

"Hey Rock," said Jason Scott. "Maybe you were dumb, but I wasn't."

"Well, maybe you weren't dumb, Jase," answered Rocky. "But your wardrobe sure was."

"Hey, I moved to gold." Rocky just laughed at him along with everyone else. "You were the one who missed the mission on the moon!"

"How was I supposed to know that when your cell phone beeps al the freakin' time, it means to check the voicemails instead of flinging it into the lake?" Everyone laughed at Rocky. "Cell phones were new during the moon mission."

Aisha looked at him in disbelief. "No, they weren't," she said. She rolled her eyes. "I can't believe that I'm going to be marrying the only red ranger who blew off the moon mission because the ringing of his phone interrupted the eating of his burger, so he decided to throw his phone in the lake."

Rocky held up his hands in surrender. "I give up! You guys win!" Everyone laughed again. "I wonder how they're doing anyway."

"Who?" asked Kim.

"You know, everyone," he answered. "The other old rangers. We've obviously kept in touch with one another. But what about the ones that we haven't been in touch with? Like Tommy. I haven't seen that guy in forever." At the sound of his name, Kim dropped her eyes. "Oh Kim, I'm sorry, I didn't mean."

She waved him off. "It's okay, Rock. I wonder how he's doing too. And Billy, Zack. I haven't heard from those guys in a while." Everyone turned to Jason.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Don't look at me, guys. Just because I helped Tommy out with the moon mission doesn't mean that I've kept in touch. I haven't even talked to him since that day. And Billy, haven't heard from him since Aquitar. And last I heard of Zack, he was a film producer."

Trini shook her head sadly. "We used to all be so close. What happened?"

Kim hugged her. "Grew up and apart, I guess." They all heard a knock on the door. "Yes?"

"Hey Kim, it's me," said Kira on the other side of the door.

"Oh, come on in, Kira. There are people I want you to meet." Kira opened the door and let herself inside. She smiled at all the new faces around the room. "These are my nearest and dearest friends. Trini, Aisha, Rocky, and Jason."

"It's nice to meet you guys," said Kira as she looked at each of them. They all seemed vaguely familiar, but she couldn't place where she's seen these people before. It was the same feeling that she had when she first met Adam and Kim. Like she knew them even though she didn't. As she took a seat, she stared a bit at Jason. He seemed the most familiar of all.

"So, Kira, you ready for the show tomorrow?" asked Adam.

Kira nodded. "Yeah, I think so. My friends are coming along, so I'm pretty excited."

"And you're old teachers?" Kira nodded again.

"You're gonna do great, girl," said Aisha. "You have a lot of talent.

"Thanks." Kira smiled shyly.

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