AOL: Logan has just signed on.

Jean: Hey Logan. "Smiles"

Logan: Hey…

Jean: What are you doin'?

Logan: Talkin' with Kitty, Marie, Bobby and Jubilee.

Jean: Ahh..

Logan: Why?

Jean: Nothing much. You know, all day I heard Rogue talk about you…

Logan: IDK…what am I gonna do about that girl?

Jean: If she was about your age, would you date her?

Logan: I need advice Jean…And no, I probably wouldn't. You know how I feel about you..

Jean: "nods"

Moments Later…

Logan: What? You're not gonna talk ta me anymore?

Jean: It's not that I don't want to talk to you Log…

Logan: Then what is it?

Jean: It's complicated. You know I love Scott

Logan: I know.

Jean: What about the new girl?

Logan: That Italian chick?

Jean: "Laughs" Yes.

Logan: Well…I love it when she speaks Italian…

Jean: And?...

Logan: brb

Jean: kk

Conversation with the kids…

Logan: Guys…I don't care if you don't wanna go on the little field trip. Xavier said we had to. Besides, Ororo is making me sing… "makes a sad face"

Marie: I didn't know you can sing

Jubilee: I did..

Bobby: "Jaw drops open" Can't wait to hear ya screw up!

Logan: Hey. Listen, here ice cube…I can sing, whether or not you think I can…or not…

KP: That made no bloody sense.

Logan: "scratches head" Hmm…

Marie: Wow Logan…you're a major dork.

Logan: "Laughs" Brb…

Conversation back with Jean

AOL: Munroe has just signed in

Munroe: Hey fellas..

Jean: Hey.

Logan: Hey Ororo.

Munroe: You never call me by my first name Logan

Logan: So, now I am. So what? "shrugs"

Munroe: "shakes head"

Jean: Anyways Logan…

Logan: Hmm?

Jean: What about the foreigner

Munroe: Oh you mean the Italian woman?

Logan: "nods"

Jean: Yeah. I was asking Logan if he…

Logan: Jean don't…

Jean: Liked her or not

Munroe: Mmhhhmm…

Logan: "covers face with hand and blushes"

Munroe: Aww…Logan…

Logan: Shut up Storm.

Jean: Haha

Conversation with the kids…

Logan: Wait…what are we talkin' about now?

Marie: Nothing Logan..

Logan: No. I'm talkin' with you guys too…you can at least…

Jubilee: KP is talkin about that new girl that came here.

Logan: "groans"

Bobby: What's wrong with that?

KP: Yeah. She's a nice enough girl…

Logan: I agree…