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Title: i'm not good at making titles xDD
Anime: Naruto
Pairing: ItachiSasuke
Rating: xDDD i don't mind
Uke/Seme tag: Uke/Seme tag? Seme Itachi, Uke Sasuke! ;;
Plot: anything you want, but can you add some kissing and the line "take me now" xDDDD oh! MPreg...uh..Sasuke can get preggy because...he was born that way? xDD
Length: Two-Shot! or longer..if you want

i woudl like it known i didnt see itachis character until half way through this, i've only read/heard about him, therefore i didn't know what an ass he was until i'd almost finished. therefore itachi is quite ooc...sorry. i'm not sure im to pleased with this style of writing it's hard to keep the tense right but ti was fun to do:D inside itachi head was um interesting...:S

flamestoasty lunch for me nasty PM for you

Italics are flashbacks enjoy them O o

Sasuke POV

It's odd I guess, well no actually it's disturbing and wrong. I shouldn't be here lying in the dark with him I should have never tried to find him, I knew this would happen, I knew he would get under my skin again make me call out, make me need him again.

"Don't go, please stay with me. I need you. I want you"

"I don't need you though do I? I don't need any of you"

When he killed my family all those years ago, I wasn't upset at the loss of them, they had hated me as I was growing up and only turned to me as a last resort. I was upset with him, and I was angry that I had let him in so far that he could hurt me. But mostly I'm angry with my self, for still wanting him, for still needing him even after he took everything away and then proclaimed I wasn't worth it.

"Why? Brother?"


"That's not a reason. You always told me that wasn't a reason"

"It's the only reason I have"

"Why are you leaving me? Why won't you take me with you?"

"Because you're not worth it"

I can feel the tears prick at the back of my eyelids, but I refuse to let them through. I'm stronger than my seven-year-old past, I can deal with the pain of my older brother betraying my trust and love and murdering my whole family without reason. Well that part is true I guess, I didn't really care about that if I'm honest, what hurt me was the pain of his leaving me, of making me love him and then leaving me.

I roll over my back facing him tears are threatening to spill over as I remember the feelings of loss and betrayal. His arm snakes it's way around my waist and I can't help but sink into it longing for the warm comfort of his embrace,

"I was trying to protect you Sasuke" he whispers again trying to explain his actions all those years ago "I was trying to protect you" and I can hear his own sorrow at what he did. His own regret for the lost years and the pain and mistakes we both made. I rolled over,

"I know, I really do deep down but the doubt is so fresh"

His hands travelled down my spine tickling me and bringing goose bumps to the surface, I shivered as pleasure followed his fingers.

"Let me show you" he whispered in my ear and his hands slid beneath the covers to push me onto my back "Let me show you how much I love you"

I pressed myself into him wanting his touch so badly but still shy about asking for it, he laughed not unkindly I knew,

"Your so innocent" he murmured along my skin as he moved down my chest "So pure and beautiful and innocent" he nibbled on the skin of my stomach bringing red marks to the surface, I would look at them later with a mixture of pride, disgust and fear of discovery.

"I'll teach you how to ask for what you want" he said, "I'll teach you to not be shy about this"

I looked up at him I knew I looked scared, this wasn't the first time we had done it but it was the first time I had really thought about what we were doing. Really honestly thought about 'us' and the consequences, and I finally realised I didn't care I deserved to be happy and loved, I was owed this by the world.

I arched my back, I had read somewhere that meant I wanted more, and hopefully he would get what I meant. He did, he stopped marking me and moved lower his teeth nibbling at sensitive flesh already sticky from earlier, I felt faintly embarrassed by the mess I was in, but he seemed to like it, seemed to be fascinated by the evidence of our love. I fought not to close my legs; not to shy away from his fascinated looks. He pressed his hands to my thighs pushing my legs apart and holding them in place, I was glad, glad that the decision had been taken away from me, glad I could just go with the flow; do as I was told. I never expected to be so submissive but then I always was with him, he was older than I was, more important, better.

He ran his tongue along me; I was surprised I was even hard I've never really been one for going more than once, but then I've never really found anyone I was that into. His bit down on my tip hard enough to be painful but in a weirdly pleasurable way, I was surprised I had never thought that someone biting my dick could be nice. I cried out as he did it again, I can feel myself getting closer and closer and I suddenly I want him inside me again, moving, becoming one,

"Take me…" I whisper unsure of my words "…now…please" I don't know how long I can hold out and I want him inside so much, I've never felt this before and it confuses me. But then again do I care? It's feels so nice to be this way so do I care?

His fingers brush my hole teasing and taunting; I can see him smiling at me, his usual hardness replaced with caring. He slips his fingers inside gently pushing inside stretching me out, I know it'll still hurt and oddly I look forward to it, of being stretched painfully by him, of being filled; no longer empty.

His fingers are removed and I feel empty and lost, I whimper and feel pathetic for being so needy,

"It's going to hurt"

"I know. It always does"

And he pushes into me, filling me completely and totally, and I love it and I never want it to end and I hate myself for it and I don't care, I just don't care.