Brown hair, like mahogany, falling around his face, curling at the collar, framing his face, his eyes like chocolate and cinnamon, sinful delights. His lips are pink and perfectly shaped, a lover's lips that form each word carefully, his voice is like honey, smooth and sweet sliding over me as I listen. He licks his lips, his tongue darting out, drops of moisture clinging to those very lips, and I just want to slide my fingers over every inch of them. I want to touch his face, his eyelids and run my fingers through his hair, I want to kiss his lips and taste the hot, sexual flavor, I want to bite his lip and roll it between my teeth. His chest is broad with long corded arms, hair arrows into the waist band of his jeans, tiny scars cover the surface giving him a more rugged look, the hair on his chest is coarse and tickles my face.

I can taste sweat on his flesh, a salty sweet taste that lingers on my tongue, his taste is so erotic, so hot. His hands are rough and calloused on my back, sliding up and down, up and down, until he reaches down and cups my bottom, yanking me against the hard bulge in his pants. I gasp and stop breathing for a long moment, he stares into my eyes with an intensity that I had never seen before. I take one of his hands and kiss the palm lightly, feeling the callous' scrape across my lips, I bite the soft sensitive pads of his fingertips, drawing his index finger into my mouth and sucking gently, he moans and shifts. I slide my tongue up one side of his finger. He moans again and pulls his hand away, moving it to the buttons on my shirt, he rips the shirt open, I can hear the pinging of buttons hitting on the floor.

His hands touch my breast through the thin fabric of my bra, his fingers squeeze the nipple and roll it hard between them, I can't breathe for a moment, his other hand slides up and pulls my head back using my hair, his lips descend and press against mine, his lips taste of cilantro and rice, they are smooth and move over mine passionately. I can feel his tongue touching my lips, forcing them open so that he can push his tongue inside my mouth, his mouth tastes sweet, something indefinable, I can feel his heart under my hand, beating wildly. His hand is still caressing my breast but the other is sliding over my back to my front, pulling the front of my short skirt up and reaching one long finger into my panties. I gasp when his finger touches the soft button of desire between my thighs.

He pulls me against him so that my chest is against him, the hairs on his chest are abrasive against my swollen nipples, his hand begins a steady rotating motion and suddenly my chest feels tight and my breasts feel heavy. The place between my legs aches and feel tight, his eyes are hazed with passion and have turned almost black, he pushed me down onto the floor and lays on top of me spreading my thighs with his knees, he takes off the bra with ease then my underwear, so that I am only dressed in my skirt. His pants feel gloriously rough against my lower body, his hips begin a thrusting motion, grinding against me without being inside, I ache and moan and scream but he just keeps moving, his weight feels good on my body.

I explode when one of his long fingers is inserted into my body, I feel like shattered glass but the frustration is still there, incomplete, his finger leaves me and I feel empty again.

"It isn't over." Sam whispers in my ear.

I buck beneath him and feel the jeans that had once been a stimulant gone, all that is left is his manhood and skin in the cradle of my thighs. Fear blossoms in my chest, he is so large, so long that I am afraid that he will never fit. I close my eyes and wait, his mouth presses to mine and urges for me to open it, I don't comply, his lower body shifts and I feel something, a stretching, not painful, not overly uncomfortable, he pushes himself fully into my body in one long smooth thrust, filling me. In surprise I open my mouth and his tongue surges inside. Emotions crash through me, sensations make me open my eyes wide to see him over me, smiling with a sweet warm smile, one that a lover might give, my lover.

He doesn't move except to put his hand back to her secret place and rotate again, no pain, just sensation, I can't breathe or think as he's doing this. Rock hard muscle cages me so I can't move to relieve the aching frustration, his body is so close so I reach out and touch his chest, running my fingers over his chest, I reach around with both hands and cradle him close, hoping to encourage him, his body is pulling back from mine, withdrawing his long manhood from my body. I reach forward and grab his buttocks pulling him forward again so that he is inside of me again. More sensation blasts through me, I begin to pant and whimper as he does this again, and again, and again. His hips thrust into me and I can't help but moan and rake my fingers down his back, leaving like cuts on his back, he doesn't seem to acknowledge it, but continues to thrust and rotate.

I explode a second time, coming hard, feeling my stick wetness between my thighs, I can tell he is close, his face is flushed with passion, he chest is heaving. His body stiffens and he goes still over me, I seem to be floating, something wet and sticky collects between my thighs and inside of my body, he lays a top me, panting and resting his weight on my body, but I don't care as long as he stays here, with me.

His lips slope down over my collarbone and kiss it gently.


I really hoped you liked this, it's my first time with this point of view so be gentle, I'm thinking about doing a wincest for the next chapter, I'm thinking this will be an erotica story. Give me some suggestions, what do you like? In erotica that is…. I will be happy to try anything. Until then, I need reviews to get me motivated.