"Minnie." The voice was silky smooth in the dark, edgy but clear as a bell.

I froze in fear still standing in the front entrance of my house with two paper bags resting in the crooks of my arms, even in the inky blackness I knew who the voice belonged to, there was once a time I would have rejoiced in hearing it, but now all it gave me was goosebumps. It reminded me of a time when I believed in fairy tales and doing the right thing even if it didn't seem right for me, it reminded me of my first lover of whom I had laid in the arms of for hours, it reminded me of the pain I had felt when I left. That was nearly a year ago though, I shouldn't still feel the pull of attraction or anticipate his next words with each nerve stretched taut and my ears perked to every inflection.

Dean Winchester. And he sounded mad.

"Dean." I said, trying to insert a note of cold indifference into my tone.

I heard as he shifted in my brown leather laz-e-boy chair and reached for something on the table next to him, I heard a click and suddenly light filled the room, I looked over, desperately hoping I would feel nothing. Dean's rangy body filled the chair, his arms resting casually on the arm rests, his legs crossed so that his right ankle touched his left knee. A bitter smile pasted over his features making the aching in my chest intensify, he looked older, his features more ragged as though more years had hung themselves on his face. His jaw seemed more chiseled and hard, clenched in suppressed anger.

"You look good." He said darkly, as his eyes slid down my form negligently.

I pursed my lips, I didn't need sarcasm from him. "Did you need something?"

I wanted to be able to shrivel him with a look, I wanted to be able to crush him like he did me but I knew he was impervious, nothing seemed to get to him and that in the end is what really broke my heart. From the moment I left that hotel I hadn't regretted what I had done, I knew that he would have been mad, probably would have made a couple of cursory calls to be sure I was alright, he might even call Bobby, what I hadn't expected is that he would come after me.

"Was it really necessary to be so dramatic over a stupid fight?" he started, shifting uncomfortably.

Target hit. "Dramatic? I wasn't being dramatic."

Dean tilted his head, raising one eyebrow in a patronizing look. "So just pulling up stakes and ditching us wasn't dramatic?"

"It's called doing what's right for me."


There's one thing to be said about Dean Winchester, he sure knew how to hit all the right buttons. "And you came after me why?"

He shrugged nonchalantly. "I thought maybe demon had kidnapped you or something, it wasn't until about two months ago that I realized you'd just left."

"What demon would want to kidnap me?"

"My thoughts exactly."

Target two, direct hit. A sharp shaft of pain shot through my heart until all I could feel was cold, even the heat from outside that wafted through my windows couldn't warm my blood.

"Well, now you see I'm fine, you can leave."

"It's not that easy." He said, shifting to a standing position.

I turned away, not willing to drown in the angry depths of his tortured eyes, I didn't need the pain of losing myself in him, not when I had found myself. I heard the heavy thunk of his hunting boots striking oak flooring as he advanced on me, I felt the urge to flee from him, instead I held my ground. The weight of the bags disappeared as he took them away from me and placed them on the side table in the main entrance, my hands fell limply to my sides, boneless and tired.

"Do you know how worried I was?" he whispered angrily in my ear, the heat of his breath trailing over my skin. "Do you know how much I needed you?"

"You don't need anyone." I growled back, unwilling to react to the pain in his voice.

"I needed you."

His hands touched my shoulders lightly, the strength and restraint in them amazed me, how he could be so mad and yet touch so lightly still made my head spin.

"How could you, when there are so many out there just like me."

"Just like you? No…" I could feel the smile in his voice. "…no one like you."

I shivered. "Why so cold?"

"Gotta be cruel to be kind." I said over my shoulder.

"True enough."

His hands disappeared from my shoulders but I could still feel their heat through the cotton of my dark green blouse, my body still remembered the feel of those hands on other places on my body, it made goosebumps flash over my skin again. My heart thudded dully against my ribcage as I awaited his next move, I felt his hand brush my lower back as he walked around me to face me. My system melted with the second jolt of remembrance and awareness, up close his face seemed less the old Dean, his eyes didn't hold the same light they used to. I lifted my hand in concern and touched his cheek, coldly he turned his face away and grasped my wrist.

"What happened to you?" I whispered.

"I lost the last thing that kept me sane."

"Sam? What's wrong with Sam?"

A small smile tugged the corners of his mouth. "Nothing. It wasn't Sam I was talking about."

I desperately prayed he was trying to use a line on me, anything to make him seem like more the Dean I knew, my Dean would never get sentimental or try to express himself with any less than his usual blunt candor with just the slightest twist of sarcasm.

"Who?" I asked, frowning.


I froze. I couldn't read his face for emotion and the way he kept bouncing from being cold to lukewarm was throwing me off balance, one minute he was all business, not willing to let anything get in the way of his answers and yet he switches to this odd Dean who shows his cards freely. He had something planned and I knew I wasn't going to like it, but what was I going to do? Run and hide? I had already tried that and it hadn't worked, face him? Without knowing what he was up to? I might be falling in his trap. Give him the cold shoulder? That was a distinct possibility, one that was slowly becoming impossible to do when my traitorous body was already warming to the alluring scent of him.

"If you'll excuse me, I have to put these groceries away." I said as icily as I could.

He lifted an eyebrow then stepped aside as I scooped up my brown paper bags and walked unsteadily towards the kitchen, my feet ached from hours spent standing in my expensive black leather pumps and my body was sweating from the intense heat outside. I could feel the tickling sensation as sweat rolled over my back and in the deep valley between my breasts. What was he up to?


She didn't look much different, same old Minnie with her dark brown hair wound into some silly, intricate knot topped off with a pencil speared through it, charming and just her style. I liked the way she swaggered as she entered the kitchen, her hips sliding right to left with a clumsy grace only she could pull off, I liked the way her serviceable black skirt clung to the round curve of her ample bottom but more I liked the way she was. She was a package deal, one that I wanted to keep, if I could find out why she left. I watched her methodically pull each parcel from the brown paper bags and put them away, I smiled when she tried to cover up her cabinets which were haphazardly stuffed with food and assorted other baking things. She hadn't changed.

Without asking I take a seat at the island of her kitchen and absently play with some keys that had been thrown there, I slipped my finger into the key ring and wiggled my finger so the key ring swung around. Leaning forward I watched her silently, took in the slim waist where her skirt clung or the slight arch in her back when she leaned back to put something away on a high shelf.

"Same old Minnie." I teased.

She stopped for a moment and threw a look, that I supposed was supposed to freeze me in my tracks, over her shoulder, I smiled and stood once more, intending to help her with the object. She didn't turn when I came up behind her and slid my arms along hers to take the object, didn't protest when I pushed her against the counter to slide it into place in the cabinet. Minnie didn't say anything when I stayed there, my front side pressed intimately against her back, my hands grasping both of her wrists lightly, she mewed softly when I twisted my hips and released her wrists, stepping back.

"It's a little hot in here." She squeaked and turned, her eyes wide with confusion.

"It is." I agreed not moving aside to let her pass.

She hesitated, unsure of her position. "Could you perhaps, um, move?"

"I could."

I moved, slid forward towards her then leaned forward and pressed my mouth to her ear. "I moved."

I trapped her against the counter, caging her with both my arms pressed on either side of her hips, forcing her back so I could tower over her, I pulled away from the side of her head and smiled negligently. Defiance glowed deeply in her whiskey colored eyes.

"I meant away."

"You did? I could have sworn you wanted me closer."

I knew I was confusing her, mixing up the sexual tension I knew was already churning within her, I knew if I did this long enough she would explode, that's what I wanted. The reassurance that she still wanted me, the woman who had haunted my dreams, the woman who held my last shred of humanity in her palm, the woman I hoped would protect me from the dark. I needed her, no matter how much she didn't need me.

"Dean." She whispered, hurt and tension straining her voice.

"Shh." I said, pressing my fingers to her lips. "We don't need to talk now."

She looked up, her eyes wide, her lips slightly parted and I broke. Leaning forward I captured her lips in a deep, searing kiss, her hands settled on my hips, pulling to draw me closer to her. Gently I nipped her bottom lip and drew it into my mouth, sucking lightly, rolling it between my teeth in a way I knew she enjoyed, her eyes drifted closed and her body opened to me. I settled my hands on her waist, squeezing lightly and pulling her into a deeper kiss, her hands slipped up my body and locked around my neck, a little bubble of tension popped, releasing me from my fears.

"Bedroom?" I prompted.

"Second door on the right, down that hall." She said dazedly, pointing to a hallway I could barely see.

I smiled and lifted her easily into my arms, bridal style then carried her to her bedroom where I opened the door and laid her on the bed gently before returning to the door. I didn't turn the lights on, we didn't need them. When I turned back around to face her she was up holding a box of matching in her hand and was slowly lighting some candles. So much for not needing light. Candlelight flickered over her features, deepening the rich gold color in her eyes, making her tanned skin golden, I looked at the bed.

"Black satin."

It was my fantasy, a black satin bed, candles and a beautiful woman, it represented my darkness but also my light, contrasting sharply.

"You remembered?" I said hoarsely.

"It was the only way I could keep myself from crying each night after I left."

I looked at her. Her face was downcast, slowly I moved over to her and lifted her chin with my finger, with my other hand I pulled the pencil from the bun and felt silky red blonde hair slide through my fingers. Her hair cascaded down her back and stopped just short of half her back, it curled slightly, wavy and soft and silky in my hands, gently I kissed her again, anchoring her head with my hand. Minnie mewed and pushed my jacket off impatiently, waiting as I yanked it off my shoulders and threw it on the floor, we kissed, our lips impatient for more of each other while our bodies heated. I felt her hands on the buttons of my shirt, I touched them, stilling their motion.

"Slow." I whispered against her lips. "Let's take it slow."

She nodded and locked her arms around my neck once more, I lifted her easily and laid her out on the bed, pulling her black pumps off and throwing them on the floor with my jacket. She laid quietly, watching me with smoldering eyes.


I can't remember a time I've been so happy, just lying here feeling the cool satin pressed to my back, watching Dean in flickering candlelight as he moved around the bed and began unbuttoning the front of my blouse. I tensed slightly when he reached the last button and closed my eyes, I felt the fabric fall away from my chest revealing a dark green lace bra with scalloped lighter green edges. His calloused hands touched my stomach, drawing absent patterns around my belly button, dipping his finger to my navel before making a lazy path to my breasts once more. Dean slipped a finger under the top edge of my bra, pulling teasingly.

"Front clasp." I said, breathlessly.

I heard him chuckle as he laid on the bed next to me, still wearing his clothes but had removed his boots, lips touched my navel, a tongue circling my navel like his finger had. I arched slightly, already mindless in a passionate haze. His hands reached for the clasp and unclipped it easily, not taking the bra off but leaving it cupping my breasts as he lazily explored each rib with his tongue. Shockwaves of desire rolled off me like waves in the ocean and a deep pulling sensation started low in my belly, heat made my skin prickle as he nuzzled my breasts playfully before slowly pulling the sides away and revealing my tanned chest. In reaction my nipples hardened to taut diamond points, one hand gently cupped my right breast, his rough palm massaging the taut aureole and sending pinpoints of pleasure/pain through me. I twisted restlessly wanting something more but wasn't sure how to put it into words.

I whispered his name but didn't open my eyes, nearly screamed when his wet, hot mouth closed over my left nipple and sucked lightly, I arched, lifting my hips off the bed in silent invitation. Please, my body begged, please end this torture. But Dean was nowhere near finished with his tantalizing torture as he slid down my body, kissing a path down my stomach to the waistband of my skirt, his hands left my breasts and slipped over my waist to my hips where they stayed while he nuzzled my stomach.

"Please." I murmured. "Please, stay."

"I'm never leaving you."

I knew I should be concerned, but I was too wrapped up in what he was doing to my body to care what he or I was saying, without me really realized it Dean undid my skirt and slipped it off my body until all I was wearing was a pair of black thigh high stockings and matching dark green boyshort panties that clung to the curves of my lower body like a dream. I blushed softly and moaned lowly when his hands brushed the top of my left thigh and rolled my stocking off slowly, slipping it down over my thigh, kissing a path over my leg, lightly tickling the back of my knee before pulling it off with a kiss to my ankle. He moved to my right leg, rolling the stocking off, kissing down to my ankle until all that was left was my panties, I already felt naked though, already knew that he remembered every curve and spot on my body that could make me scream with pleasure.

He stepped off the bed, surprising me momentarily, I opened my eyes and looked at him with confusion then bit my lip in desire when I saw that he was slowly stripping off his own clothes. I watched as he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, letting it land in a puddle on the floor, every muscle and sinew was exactly the same, his body muscled and sinewy with strength gained from hunting. Coarse brown hairs arrowed from his abs to his waist where it disappeared beneath the waistband of his loose, light blue Levi's that hug his hips the way they should. Saliva collected in my mouth when he reached for the snap of his jeans and shivered at the rasp of the zipper, hard muscular thighs and sculpted calves came into view. Every inch of this man is perfect, even the scars that mar his warrior body are perfect.

He smiles when he turned around to catch me staring at him with a lecherous eye, but he knew that I wanted him from the moment I heard his voice echoing in the hallway when I walked inside. He knew my every move, knew every emotion, could read me better than a bible in Latin, but then again he had had a lot of practice.

"Off now." I demanded.

"Slow." He replied.

He moved towards me with panther like grace that had me lying back on the bed with a sigh, I felt the bed dip with his weight and gloried in the feeling of his body atop of mine when he kissed me. My hands wound around his neck while my legs wrapped tightly around his hips, he chuckled and unwound my legs, trailing his fingertips from my calf to my left inner thigh where he drew circles up with the inside edge of my panties. I clenched my jaw in response, biting my lip almost painfully in anticipation; silently I begged that he would go on.

I moaned again when his finger slipped inside my panties and glided along the inner, slick folds of my labia to touch the tight nubbin of flesh that had my hips flying off the bed in reaction. My legs clenched and my body went into sexual overdrive, it had been so long since I had felt the pleasure of having his body so close, been too long for me. I needed this, the intimacy of having him with me, thinking about only me, being with just me. His thumb brushed my clit again, circling lightly while two of his long blunt fingers slid inside me, a tight sensation began in my hips, making me circle them to extend the pleasure. I felt tight and hot, and hoped he felt the same as he began a thrusting motion with his hand, still circling my clit with his thumb, my head spun and my heart thundered painfully against my ribcage.


Things are going just that way I planned it, she's still the same Minnie, and she still wants me even if she wants to verbally deny it she can't deny what her body wants and that's me. I'm drowning in her, in her smell, her taste, her touch, the way her hands flutter over me, or the way her nails dig into the skin of my back when she's restless, I can feel her hands sliding over my front, lightly raking her nails over my chest as she follows the arrow to the waistband of my boxer briefs where she slides her hand into them playfully. I hiss and freeze when her hand wraps around my cock, squeezing lightly and shaking my resolve to do this slowly, every muscle in my body clenches and my nerves focus on the sensation of having her touch me so intimately. My eyes slide closed and I begin my thrusting motion with my hand, rubbing her clit harshly to get a response, she arches and screams softly then returns the favor but shifting her hand up and down slowly, torturing me with her slowness.

"Slow, Dean." She throws my words back in my face with a feline smile.

"Screw slow." I say roughly, trying to regain the last semblance of my control.

Without much of my usual finesse I pull off her panties and throw them on the floor along with my boxer briefs, when I come back to her, her eyes are dark and passionate, the seductress with her hair flared out on the pillow and her body lying in a position that best showed off her body. Her eyes slide down my body to my cock with interest as it stands painfully hard, jutting from the shallow valley of my hips, she curls her finger at me and I come closer, shifting her body so she's lying on her back with me on top of her, nestled in the cradle of her thighs. A low moan erupted from my body as she brushed my erection with her thigh, purposefully teasing me, I grip her thigh and kiss her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth while her hands grip my shoulders. My free hand slides down between our bodies and touches her clit again, making her gasp and arch, honeyed heat coats my finger.

Slowly I position myself at her entrance, pushing a little so I'm only slightly inside her, she gasps again and twists her hips impatiently.

"Slow." I say, gaining the reigns of control.

"No!" she moans. "More."

I shake my head and push a little more, biting my lip as I feel her tight passage knead me, trying to draw more of me inside her, I wanted to draw it out though, enjoy the moment so that if she still felt the same at least I would have one memory of her. One memory that would last me until I died. Gently I rocked, pushing into her, enjoying the tight feeling of her wrapped around me, her body pulsing with passion and lust, her heart thudding against my chest. Screaming, she scratches down my back once more, arching and clenching tightly around my cock, gripping her hips I plunge forward, filling her to the hilt and moaning myself. Pleasure scrapes over every nerve as I lay there on top of her, filling her with my cock, hearing her breathy moans in my ear, feeling pain from her scratches that I can barely distinguish as pain.

Minnie bucks beneath me, her eyes closed, a sweaty lock of hair clinging to her forehead, her face glistening in the candlelight, I watch her as I shift out of her body and thrust back into her body slowly. Her eyes fly open and meet mine, gold facets in her dark eyes glint with hazy passion and glow with unfulfilled need, I smile and kiss her deeply, beginning a rhythm of thrust and withdraw I'm sure will drive her crazy with passion. I roll my hips as I thrust, imitating the motion with my tongue.

"Dean." She whispers weakly, her body tight as a bowstring.

"Minnie." I whisper back, nipping her earlobe.

I can feel when she finally comes, her body taut, her passage soaked with honeyed warmth, her body spasming and clenching tightly around me, she arches and tilts her head back releasing an animalistic moan from deep inside her throat. Her body starts to shake as I thrust wildly in and out of her body, touching her cervix with each deep, penetrating entrance. After a while she lies quiet beneath me, breathing heavily while I reach for my own pleasure, roughly gripping her hips before thrusting once last time and spilling into her. Heavily I lay on top of her, too boneless to move and yet I do anyway to withdraw from her and hold her close to me, brushing her hair with my hands.

"I'll never let you go." I whisper.

"I don't want you do." She whispers back.