A/N: Yes, this is the last chapter to this story

A/N: Yes, this is the last chapter to this story. Don't worry; I'll have a prequel to this series. I just have a lot of other story ideas that I have to work on. Thank you for giving this story over one hundred reviews. I'll stop talking so you can read on!


After the Rumble

"How could you?!" Sarah shouted as she ran toward John.
John made it to the back before Sarah. Now she was running full force at the man she couldn't believe she called her father. Before she could make it to him some stars got in the middle and pulled her back. She tried her hardest to get out of their grasps. She flailed her arms and kicked her legs as she tried to reach John.

"Sarah please…" John started to plead.

"You have no excuse for what you did!" Sarah shouted through tears.

"If you could let me explain…" John tried to say.

"I don't give a damn about what you think!" Sarah shouted.

Sarah could see a couple of cameramen come onto the scene. She paid no attention to them as she kept trying to fight her way out of the stars grasps. Vince came running out of his office to look at the situation. Linda followed behind him walking behind her husband. Stephanie rushed to the side of Sarah and tried holding her back also. Shane was standing with John trying to reason with him.

"Sarah could you possibly give me five minutes?" John asked.

"You're not worth my time." Sarah spat out.

"Let me explain!" John shouted.

"What do you have to explain? Why you eliminated your only daughter in one of the most important nights of her life? Why you just totally turned on your own 'little girl?' How you lied and said you wouldn't even be here tonight? How the hell can you explain that?!" Sarah shouted.

"Sarah calm down! I want to hear this explanation more then you do." Vince said.

Sarah stopped kicking but was still being held back. John started to move closer to Sarah. As he did she kicked at him when he was close enough. He moved back before Sarah could kick him in the legs. Some stars moved her back a little.

"I know I lied to you and said I wouldn't be here tonight. I know I wasn't supposed to come back till October. But you have to understand Sarah. I missed you and this business too much. And the title…I so badly wanted that title back. When I found out you were in the Rumble I was so happy for you sweetie. Ames and I were happy for you. But then Vince told me I could be in the Rumble if I was ready. And trust me I was. I thought you would get out earlier so I wouldn't have to face you. But when I entered and saw you were still in I didn't know what to do. In that ring all I saw was me with that title. I want that title sweetie. Please understand." John explained.

Sarah couldn't believe what she had just heard. There was nothing in that whole explanation that had anything good. Sarah got out of the stars grasped as they all gasped. Her first instinct was to jump at him and give him everything he had. Instead she laughed and put her hands on her hips. She let the tears flow freely down her cheeks. She couldn't believe the night she was having.

"So let me get this straight. You wanted that title more then you cared about me? And you doubted my skills as a wrestler? How early did you think I would get out huh? One minute? Maybe three? Wanna give me an estimate? You went behind my back and something so low John. Hell, its lower then low. If you think I'm gonna automatically forgive you because of some half assed 'apology' then your way over your head. And you think I can understand about you and 'your' title? Hell no! No man would ever betray his own daughter for some title or prize!" Sarah gradually yelled.

John sighed as he tried to get closer to Sarah. Sarah just moved back farther. Soon Sarah stopped walking back as John moved closer. Soon they were toe to toe. Sarah looked into John's eyes. She couldn't even see the littlest bit of remorse for her.

"Sarah...sweetie…my daughter…" John started to say before Sarah stopped him.

She didn't stop him with words. She didn't stop him with a look.

She stopped him with a hard slap across the face.

She pulled herself to release all her anger in the slap that made John stumble back a little. He held his cheek as Sarah saw his cheek grow red. He stared back at his daughter with tears in his eyes. This time Sarah had no sympathy for him. The words she was about to say would sting more then that slap.

"You have NO right to call me your daughter anymore. As far as I'm concerned I'm not your daughter. And you're NOT my father!" Sarah screamed.
She pushed back the stars and ran to her room. She couldn't bear to see the look on John's face. She reached the diva locker room and locked the door. She slid down the door and cried.

Sarah's image of a dad was someone who cared for you and looked out for you. A dad would do anything for his little girl to make sure she was happy. If he saw a tear, he would tell her everything would be okay. If she was mad, he would let her vent out all her anger. If she was happy, he would be happy with her. For a while John was that dad. He would give her anything she wanted. He fought for custody of her and stood by her side. For a while, John was the perfect image of a dad.

Now when Sarah imagined John she didn't see a dad. She didn't even see a person. She saw no one and nothing. John was dead to her. She couldn't bring herself to even utter the word dad out loud or in her mind to him. To her John was no longer dad. He was no one. He was someone who once loved her but let obsession take over. If John thought that Sarah was some obstacle to him getting the title…

She would be gone soon.


Two hours later

Sarah walked out of Vince's office and closed the door lightly. He was still talking to John about what he had done out there. Sarah picked up her bags so that they wouldn't make a noise as she walked down the halls. In her mind she went over the check list she made up. Sarah nodded her head once she knew that everything she wanted to do was done.

But there was one more thing that she wanted to do, but she knew she couldn't do it.

Sarah sighed as she reached the exit door to that night's venue. The halls seemed too bare to her. She felt like there should be wrestlers running out the door to get to the hotel and sleep. Either they were all tucked away in their rooms or somewhere else in the building. Vince didn't want any star to leave the building till things settled down. But Sarah could care less. Sarah opened the exit door and looked back. She let one more tear roll down her cheek as she sighed and closed the door.

She would sure miss all of this.

Sarah walked out to the air and took a deep breath. She saw her taxi waiting for her on the street corner. She walked to the taxi as her mind raced. What could she do now? What was in store for her? Was there anyone she could go to? Where would she go? Sarah put her stuff in the trunk and got into the cab.

"Where to miss?" The cab driver asked.

"The airport please." Sarah said quietly.

"Going home?" He asked again.

Sarah stayed silent for a while as she looked out the back window to the arena. Part of her wanted to run back into that arena and try and start things over. But she knew that this was the right thing to do. Maybe she would change her mind; maybe not. But she made her decisions.

"Something like that." Sarah answered the cab driver.

And just like that, she was gone. She was off to the airport. She knew where she was going. She knew what she was doing now. It didn't seem real yet, but it would. But some things she knew were already reality.

She was no longer the daughter of John Cena.

John Cena was no longer her daughter.

She would no longer attend her high school to avoid drama.

And most importantly…

She was no longer part of World Wrestling Entertainment.


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