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In the very beginning, spirits and creatures coexisted in the same world, one vast realm. But eventually, evil entered the world.

Years passed, and the world was split into those who wished for peace and those who to gain power over everything.

Such was this, that the new worlds were created, so that hundreds living beings would live separated from the world of man.

To guard and protect what was left of magical good in the universe, the mighty stronghold of Candracar was created, raised in the very center of Infinity. There, a congregation of powerful spirits and creatures keep vigilance; chief among them was the Oracle. His wisdom is much needed; at times, Candracar is all that keeps evil from entering where it should have no place.

And to ensure that no evil can crossover to neither Earth or the new worlds, the Veil was created. A precious barrier between good and evil, that was to be guarded by a handful of good beings that controlled the forces of nature.

But to make doubly sure that no evil from the Earth nor any tempted being from beyond the Veil would venture out, Guardians would be chosen to keep the Universe safe. Five for Kandrakar and Eight for the legendary kingdom of Etherea.

In the process of creating the Veil during this age, there were crowds of daughters of Eve that were both righteous and fair, for they cultivated the Earth and nurtured the harmony of nature.

So that one day, the Great Creator approached these women as a shining ray of sunlight.

"My daughters," said the great Creator, "I wish to give you a blessing."

The women said "Our deepest apologies, but we must prepare our homes and protect our children and friends, for our foes still roam the land. If you still wish to bless us, you'll have to bless…our hands and our backs."

"Very well, it shall be done."

And the women received new abilities, in the process, half of them sprouted wings while the other half felt one with the Earth.

And eight out of those daughters of Eve were chosen as guardians for the realm of Etherea - - blessed with the powers of Earth, the Stars, Fire, Water, Thunder, Air, the Heavens and the Heart. Unlike the Guardians of Candracar, they are chosen to defend not only the Earth, but many, many new worlds from supernatural cataclysms.

And the Great Creator called after them all, "Beware my daughters, for all the evils of the world, and many a man, shall be your enemy, my daughters, and if they are to catch you, they will humiliate, ravage or kill you . . . but first they must trap you: Flyer, healer, seeker, child of Nature.

Be brave, resourceful, loving, and just as I had promised El-ahrairah, your people and your friends will never be destroyed."

And so, every few years, the powers of the elements would choose a worthy owner to reside in for all eternity, therefore, that living being would become a Guardian of the Veil. And so as it is, their eternal gifts would not only be those of their respective element but the respect and friendship of the animal kingdom.

For thousands of years, each coming generation of Guardians would grow stronger and stronger, culminating in the arrival of eight girls -- the strongest the Universe had ever seen; the eight girls would form the Ethereal Guardians, the most powerful magical force ever.

And it began, approximately on Halloween 1995. . .