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The very next morning, the appointed families arrived at Crosswinds junior high each one talking to their respective children except for Bruce.

Judge Baker was saying to Zaira, "Honestly, I'd thought you'd be past getting into school fights, next you skip an eye examination?"

"Now really, it's only an eye examination what's the worse that could've happened?" Dr. Pantheon asked Beth.

Mrs. Schaffer asked Theo randomly, "Honey, is it me or do you notice everyone wearing the same glasses?"

Even now the friends couldn't help but notice it too. Now it looked like half the school had the same dull, boring spectacles.

They walked into the nurses office where they're greeted by both Nurse Junko and Mr. Hinomoto.

"You must be the parents of the missed out students," Nurse Junko said to them.

Judge Baker nodded curtly, "A pleasure Miss…"

"Just Junko."

"Oh like Cher?" asked Mrs. Schaffer

Nurse Junko said stressfully, "Not quite."

Mr. Hinomoto explained, "Nurse Junko is developing a master plan to expand free vision care to Jyuuban and eventually all of Tokyo citizens, you too. "

"How interesting…" Mrs. Schaffer said, trying to be polite.

Judge Baker turned to his daughter, "Wouldn't be that an accomplishment?"

"Oh yes, great." Zaira said dully.

Nurse Junko looked at the youngsters, "Girls, Bruce, there's nothing to worry about. And since your parents were all so kind to visit I'll put you next."

Theo shrugged aimlessly, "Fine by me."

Nurse Junko grinned. "Say bye-bye now."

Beth shrugged, "Take care now, Bye-bye then."

The others all say good-bye to their leaving parents.

"Mr. David, Misses Schaffer, Baker and S. Pantheon follow me. K. Pantheon, Goodman, Romero and Kisaragi, you all wait here."

The kids followed quietly though paused when they spotted Tony.

"Tony, are we glad to see you!" Bruce exclaimed softly.

Beth added, "Got the camera and the glasses right here. It's up to us, we gotta save the rest of the school."


Theo motioned with her head, "C'mon let's go. Better not leave the wicked witch of the East waiting."

Beth nodded, "Wish us luck."

They all waked in with Tony and sat down on separate chairs while Nurse Junko motioned to Theo.

"Why don't you take a seat Miss Schaffer?"


Nurse Junko said to them, "Just relax all of you, that's one of my little rules and things go so much easier so long as people follow the rules."

"The ones that are ok, but those I find dumb they mean little to me."

"Well, Mr. David, I've worked with children all my life I think of myself as an expert."

Beth scoffed nastily, "Yeah, right."

"Big whoop. I'm so excited." Zaira said sarcastically, rolling her violet eyes.

"And well you may not believe this, but I've seen your type before."

"Oh really? Confident? Street-smart, maybe?" Theo asked cockily.

"I've had my eye on you and your young friends Miss Schaffer," Nurse Junko said rather edgily, "You're all very interesting. You have a lot of imagination and a queer sense of courage."

Bruce smirked. "We'll take that as a compliment."

"Well in this day and age, we don't want courage and imagination!" the older woman suddenly snapped.

Beth glared back with angry defiance, "Wanna bet? Maybe you've got something against seeing kids happy using it? Or having fun?"

Nurse Junko- "Fun is poison. It frees the mind and makes it wander, who knows where it will take you? Who knows what difficult questions you'll start asking?"

"What now you're against curiosity too?" Bruce asked with a scowl.

"You madame, are positively primeval." Theo said mockingly.

"I've corrected the vision of many children in my lifetime. And you four are prize catches."

"I'll bet."

The lights are turned off.

Nurse Junko continued, "I'm sorry to say this may hurt but pain can be so instructive. Now relax and look at the chart I want you think about how it feels to make nurse Junko happy. You know I'm not really as bad as you think. Some people even picture me as a good role model…. Saving children from their own nasty habits. Why some day you might thank me."

Bruce hissed to Tony: "Tony, catch!"

He throws bag at him. But the entranced boy walks over and hands the bag to Nurse Junko.

"Ahh, thank you, Tony." Nurse Junko smiled.

Tony said montonely. "You're welcome nurse Junko."

Zaira hissed furiously, "Tony what do think you're doing?"

Nurse Junko said calmly, "Tony knows how to behave miss Baker. He told me about your little scheme and your dangerous after school activities too."

Beth- "You know if I wasn't so sweet and nice I'd have beaten you to a pulp this very minute if that stupid binding potion still wasn't in full effect!"

The nurse didn't appear to be listening, she sets goofy glasses on one side as if they were something revolting.

Bruce quickly puts them on, Tony sees and laughs, snapping out of it

However at the same time he remembers where he is and what's going on, "Oh-oh!"

"We can't have any of that!" she pressed some buttons.

Bruce, Zaira, Theo and Beth jumped out of their seats

The youngsters start running.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

Zaira turned back once and snapped, "To the actual authorities!"

Just as they open the door, they hear Yui's fearful voice: "Oh, gang…?"

They all see more hypnotized people staring down at them with creepy smiles.

Hypnotized teacher- "Something wrong? "

Kylie shook her head, "No we're fine thank you. I do believe it's already our turn, excuse us!"

They all backed up inside the office with Nurse Junko waiting for them.

"I don't know why you're all making such a fuss, my world is orderly and peaceful." As she talks, her true form is revealed: a boggle!

Lisa pointed triumphantly at the monster "Ha! I told you!" then she turned to Zaira, "Pay up!"

Zaira shook her head and tossed some yens into Lisa's outstretched hand.

"A world that's dry and has no life, I like mine full of life and adventure! And I believe it's show time!" Beth glowered pulling out the Heart of Etherea.

In multicolored flashes of light, the girls were all changed into their guardian form. Bruce stood by preparing for anything.

"I'm still not used to this." Zaira commented.

"Nor I." Kylie added, "Though only because of the clothes."

"You shouldn't have misbehaved, things would've been much easier."

The monster sends report cards flying at Sara and Haruna, and they have more than failing marks on them.

They also have razor edges! The others dodge those and the second salvo of cards the monster fires.

Some suddenly pin Beth, Theo and Kylie to the wall.

More cards fly at them, but the boggle stops them and offers her a chance to surrender.

"I'm giving you two choices: one, you surrender now, or two, you surrender later."

The girls' answers were naturally honest.

"No way!"

"Over my dead body!"


Soon, they're trapped by the hypnotized students.

"Where's Dana when we actually need her!" Zaira snapped as she dodged more cards.

"They don't let kids out of elementary school during school hours unsupervised no matter what, that's why!" yelled Theo.

And as if right on cue from the camera's part, we see Dana stuck in the middle of class unable to escape with the teacher standing by the door as they watched a slide show of the ecosystem.

"I told you rules should be followed -

"Think again! " Bruce swung a heavy bag at the boggle.

At the same time of the strike the hypnotized people abruptly fell into place literally.

"Let's finish this! Together! "

All seven guardians aimed, sending forth a blaze of multicolored power towards the boggle and it's soon reduced to dust!

Freed from the boggle's control, the students soon wake up.

They're coming around! Lisa commented.

"And you're in plain sight!" Bruce elbowed Beth.

"Oh!" Beth remembered they can't let people see them like this. "Girls!"

The guardians all pulled the shades and changed back to their original shapes.

Later that afternoon, the gang's walking down the street on their way to eat hamburgers.

"Say, Z I thought you said you didn't want to do anything embarrassing. What changed your mind?" Theo said mischievously.

Zaira smiled a genuine smile, "I didn't do it because I'm a guardian or something or other…I can't really explain, but...I wanted to fight alongside you all."

"That's what friends are for!"

"Glad to hear it."

Peace and having calm life is okay but every once in while you've got to live dangerously too.

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