Note: This is bizarre. It's not my favorite drabble, but I have a prompt list to complete

"How old are you, anyway?" Hidan asks him one day as he sidles up to the other man, all boyish grins and glinting white teeth.

He only replies with "too old." The concept of age had long ago lost its significance. As a child, he would painstakingly count each day until his birthday, but even boyhood has an end. Kakuzu has more precious things to count.

"That's not a real answer, asshole." His lips twist into a more familiar scowl at the vague answer and he laughs when Kakuzu tells him he has forgotten.

Hidan closes the space between them until only inches separate the two men, smiling as he offers to cut Kakuzu in half and count the rings.

"That way, you'll know," he says, his tone playful despite the dark, sadistic glint in his eyes, and laughs again.