Disclaimer: I own nothing. And I totally didn't type that saying it in a Fawlty Tower's Manuel style accent…

It's just a bit of pointless drabble I thought up really... Set sometime Post Doomsday, just Rose.

Sarah-Jane had once told Rose that "Some things are worth getting your heart broken for." and that Rose should find her one day, if she needed too.

Rose supposed she believed that, but decided that being stuck on a parallel world to her own, with no chance of ever seeing the Doctor again wasn't one of those things. At least Sarah-Jane had managed to see him again. She'd got to say goodbye twice, and Rose had never got too.

And going to find her was all well and good, only the Sarah-Jane on the parallel world, wasn't his Sarah-Jane, she'd have no idea who, or what the Doctor was. Rose was all alone.

So Rose decided that she had to do something about it, and find a way to get back to the Doctor. A way to get home. A way to him.