Under the Same Sun

Summary: after Achilles tells him to guard the ship when they arrive in Troy, men that are neither on the Greek or Trojan side capture Patroclus. When the same group takes Paris, Achilles finds himself allied with the most unlikely person to get his cousin back safely.

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Chapter I

"I can't fight the Trojans if I'm concerned for you. Guard the ship."

That's what Achilles had said. Patroclus knew that he was ready to fight, but his cousin did not. Instead of fighting the Trojans by Achilles' side, he had been left behind to guard the ship. Why didn't he trust him? The great warrior had taught him everything he knew, so why couldn't he let him get the chance to use that knowledge?

"I know I'm ready." Patroclus said to himself as he leaned against the wooden side of the boat he was guarding. His eyes ran over the Greeks as they ran toward the walls of Troy, watching as the Trojans met them in the charge. "I should be there." the young warrior thought, sighing as he turned away from the scene and looked out at all of the other ships that they had brought, thinking about Achilles angrily.

"Why did I have to stay behind?"

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed when he saw slight movement from the ship next to him. Wondering what it was, Patroclus leaned forward, not able to see clearly…

Then, he gasped when he saw a man appear on the deck that he didn't recognize, but he could tell by the armor that he was not Greek, or even Trojan. He anxiously looked around, and he found the spear that he had been preparing to use in the battle. Picking it up, he watched with dread as one of the servant boys that they had brought with tried to fight off the strange man, but was easily killed.

Angered by this action, Patroclus took careful aim and threw the spear, watching with grim satisfaction as it pierced the man through the neck. "If only Achilles were here…" he thought as the man fell.

Then, his smile vanished when he felt the boat he was on rock slightly as he heard heavy footsteps on the wooden deck. "Who are they?" Patroclus wondered to himself, pressing himself as flat as he could against the wooden side of the cabin that led below deck, watching as the men wandered around the ship, searching it for something. The young warrior knew that he would be discovered soon if he didn't do something. But he also knew that he couldn't leave the ship to get more soldiers. Achilles was expecting him to guard it…

Then, the young warrior brightened up. This would be his chance to prove himself to Achilles that he could wield a sword. If he could defeat these men before they took over the ship, then maybe next time, his cousin would let him fight the Trojans alongside him. Patroclus laid his hand lightly on the hilt of his sword and watched as the strange men came nearer to him.

"Search for the boy." one of the men ordered. "He's on here somewhere…"

As soon as he was in range, the young warrior lunged his sword out, dropping the man instantly. Then, he hid himself again on the other side of the cabin as the other men heard the noise and hurried over. But they didn't see anything or anyone who could have killed one of their men. The area was abandoned, except for their fallen comrade.

Then, Patroclus appeared behind them and took out one more before the rest of the three could react. They took out their swords, but the warrior took out two more before they had the chance to fight back. As Patroclus fought with the remaining man, he remembered his sparring lessons that he had with Achilles. He was taught never to hesitate, which he wasn't as he swung a blow at the only soldier left.

But the last man was different. He was stronger than the others, but perhaps that was because he hadn't been caught off guard like his comrades had been. The two warriors moved over the ship's deck, exchanging blows with each other as they both tried to gain the upper hand. Patroclus glanced out at the beach and noticed that the rest of the Greeks and Myrmidon were still fighting with the Trojans. He was on his own.

Suddenly, the young warrior gasped as a large arm grabbed him roughly from behind, the edge of a sword blade appearing in front of his throat as he struggled to breathe. The man who he had previously been fighting with slowly lowered his sword and put it away.

"Careful." he advised. "We had strict orders to bring him back alive."

"I'm just making sure that he's not thinking about escaping." the man who was holding onto Patroclus replied as he loosened his grip slightly. "We wouldn't want that…"

Patroclus struggled fiercely in the hands of the man that held him, but to no avail. Even though he was getting nowhere, he still continued to try.

The man that had a hold on him was getting irritated since he was trying to begin tying his hands together. "Would you stop struggling?" he demanded, forcefully pulling on his left arm as he bound the boy's hands together behind him. "It's not going to get you anywhere!"

The seventeen-year-old cried out as his arm throbbed with pain, and he looked warily over at the Trojan beach. He wondered if by some lucky chance that one of the Greek soldiers or one of the Myrmidon had heard him, but he realized that he couldn't have been heard over the loud sounds of the battle raging on…

"Let's leave a little something behind for Achilles to find." the man who had been previously fighting with Patroclus said with a grin.

Patroclus gasped when he heard his cousin's name. What did they want with him? Who were these men? The boy tried to move back a little as the man reached his arm out toward him, but he didn't have anywhere to go because of the man behind him.

The soldier then grabbed onto the seashell necklace that Patroclus always wore after Achilles had given to him and roughly and painfully yanked it off his neck. The string snapped and a few of the seashells fell off as it hit the wooden floor of the ship. Patroclus' eyes widened as he looked down on it, horrified that something he held so dear had been taken from him.

"All right. We have overstayed our welcome." the man that now seemed to be in charge muttered a little nervously. "The Greeks could be returning at any moment."

They larger man nodded and walked forward, roughly dragging his captive with him. Patroclus looked over at the Trojan beach again, watching with dread as the Greeks and Myrmidon continued to fight with the Trojans.

Then, his gaze faltered when he saw Achilles, taking a small break after he killed another man. But before he could shout out his name, the seventeen-year-old cried out as a large hand applied pressure to the base of his neck and his world went black, his cousin the last thing he saw.


Achilles was exhausted by the time the battle had ended. He ran his hand through his long, golden hair as he walked toward the ships, hoping that Patroclus was all right with guarding the ship for so long. He found himself feeling surprised that his young cousin wasn't running to greet him yet…

The warrior looked behind him when Eudorus joined him, smiling slightly. "Are you displeased with how the battle turned out, my lord?" he asked.

"We are walking, are we not?" Achilles answered as he anxiously looked out at the ship that Patroclus was supposed to be guarding. "Though we have gained the beach, we lost against them. The word about Hector is true. His is an able warrior…"

"There is something that is distracting you, my lord?" Eudorus asked, looking at the warrior in confusion.

Achilles didn't answer, only continued to look out at the ships. Something wasn't right… Suddenly, he ran along the beach, anxiously heading toward where the ships were.

"My lord!" Eudorus shouted, running after him.

The great warrior didn't listen to him. He had to reach the ships… his cousin… Odysseus smiled when he saw Achilles coming toward him.

"What are-!" he began to ask, but stopped in confusion when he was given a dark glance.

"Check the other ships!" Achilles snapped, interrupting him as he ran onto the ship that Patroclus was supposed to be on. Sensing his friend's urgency, the king of Ithaca ran to the ship next to him.

"Patroclus!" Achilles cried, looking for his cousin. "Patroclus!"

But he got no reply. Achilles sighed in anger, not believing that his cousin had left even when he had given him specific instructions to guard the ship. What had he been thinking?

Eudorus came up onto the ship behind the warrior. "What is wrong, my lord?" the second in command asked, sensing his anger.

Achilles sighed and ran his hand through his hair again in frustration. "Patroclus has left the ship." he answered, the anger he felt showing through in his eyes. "Even when I told him to guard the ship, he broke my word and left. He-!"


The warrior looked over at the ship next to them, the one that Odysseus was on. When the king of Ithaca saw that he had his attention, he held up the limp form of one of the servant boys that they had brought along with them. He was dead.

Eudorus gasped, and he began to check the ship that they were on. Achilles looked at the Ithacan king in horror, the lifeless form of the boy driving his fear. Had Patroclus left the ship, or had something worse happened…

"My lord!"

Achilles turned in the direction of where his second in command's voice had come from, hearing that he had an anxious tone to his voice. The warrior hurried toward him, expecting the worst. He imagined the man holding his cousin's lifeless body, Patroclus' face pale against his golden hair…

But that is not what he saw.

Instead, he saw Eudorus standing near the lifeless bodies of four men. Achilles slowly walked over to them, looking at them carefully. He was shocked but angered to see that they weren't Greek soldiers. The only thing he wasn't sure of was where Patroclus was.

Then, something caught his eye; something that affected him more than the finding of the dead servant boy and the dead bodies of the four mysterious men. It was something small, but something that he knew very well.

It was the seashell necklace that he had given to his cousin that his mother had made as a gift a few years before. Patroclus never went anywhere without wearing it…

Achilles slowly knelt down next to it, picking up the broken necklace and running his fingers over it. He then picked up the loose seashells and put the entire thing into the pouch on his belt. He stayed there for a moment, staring blankly down on the wooden floor. Eudorus cautiously moved forward toward him.

"My lord?" he muttered softly.

The great warrior continued to stay that way for a moment longer, then took a deep breath and got to his feet. He made sure that his sword was tightly on his belt as he walked down the ramp of the ship and stepped onto the Trojan beach.

"Achilles, where are you going?" Odysseus shouted from the deck of the ship, still holding the form of the dead servant boy in his arms.

"To find my cousin!" Achilles replied angrily, continuing to storm through the sand. At that moment, the great warrior wasn't sure what to believe. When he had first discovered Patroclus' necklace had been broken, he had thought that he was dead. But they hadn't found his body, so something else must have happened to him…

And to find out what, he would start with old King Priam himself.

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