All Tommy Shepard could do was stand impatiently in the hallway wondering when that Noriko chick had decided to re-dye her hair to black, where all the kids had gone so suddenly at 3:00 in the morning, and why the X-men'd decided to shrink the place and redecorate. It wasn't like it had been blown up again, right?

Billy would have realized that he'd somehow crossed into another dimension, but Tommy hadn't read enough science fiction as a child. In the end, he decided that the wealthy could do whatever the hell they wanted to. Old people like Baldy were crazy anyway, even without the psychic powers.

And he didn't have time to think about that stuff, what with everyone being back at the tower battling for their lives while trying to get his insane mo- no. While trying to get the insane Scarlet Witch into custody so that she'd stop messing with the world.

They'd been losing when Tommy had left, for obvious reasons. That Woman could play with reality, after all. There's not much you could do against a bad-guy who used to be a good guy who can warp a triangle so that it's only made up of right-angles and parallel lines.

On top of that problem, for some reason the Avengers were off on a mission in space Sector Insert Number Here. Not that Tommy wasn't used to being left to his own devices. Adult supervision was always gone when Tommy needed it. Seriously, if there had been a teacher around before he'd blown up the school?

Tommy rolled his eyes in a grand gesture to tell the world what he thought of that. He expected that sort of irresponsibility from normal adults, but these were the damned Avengers? That meant they should be taking care of Earth first and worrying about those crazy alien freaks later. Not that he had anything against the aliens or anything, he liked Teddy well enough, didn't he? It's just that if Tommy had to choose between the people that he knew and the people that he didn't, he would really prefer that he people he knew were safe. That was a normal feeling, right?

And the people that Tommy knew, the only people who'd ever even tried to really accept him without worrying about his powers or his attitude, well, they weren't safe right now. Weren't even only in a mild sort of 'a building's gonna fall on you' danger. Bil-no, Wiccan(he had to start thinking of them by codename if he was gonna talk to the big psycho-path, or whatever those brain-readers called themselves) had been holding his own against the Witch when Tommy had left, but ...

He didn't want to think about how long Wiccan could hold his spells before he passed out, because that wouldn't happen. He'd do things right for once, and make them proud.

So, instead, Tommy thought about how this Xavier guy had kept the Witch down for ages, and how he'd probab- no he would be able to do it again.

He was so preoccupied that he didn't notice the presence of other people until the Asian chick started waving her hands in his face.