The It Girl: The next generation
Chapter One

Freshman Madolyn Elizabeth Walsh, aka Maddy, stepped out of her parents black BMW and took in her first breath of Waverly Academy air. Finally. Maddy had been waiting to go to Waverly her whole life. Her time had finally, finally come to leave her familes Upper East Side penthouse for wonderful, magical Waverly! She wasn't going to get to see her little two year old sister Lily every day but when she weighed it all out, it was worth it. Both Easy and Callie, Maddy's parents, had gone to Waverly when they were her age. So had the rest of her family. And now it was finally her turn!

Maddy had accumulated the best features of both her parents. She had Callie's beautiful strawberry blond hair and Easy's hypnotic dark blue eyes. She'd been a child model since she was six, she had dozens of trophies from the countless beauty pagents she'd won, and everywhere she went people would remark on how beautiful she was. Maddy was gorgeous- and the worst part was that she was well aware of it.

Callie Walsh smiled as she stepped out of the car, admiring her former home away from home. Not all of her times at the school had been picturesque, true. She and Easy had tred on Dean Marymount at the times toes perhaps one too many times- yet somehow they'd made it to graduation. And the times that had been fun, which greatly outnumbered the bad, depending on how you looked at it, had been fun. Easy and Callie's generation had gone down in Waverly history as one of the most rebelous groups the school had ever seen. And now they're daughter had arrived, ready to give her parents a run for their money. Did they expect her to avoid scadels? Sure. But did they want her to be a wall flower and leave no reason for anyone to remember her when she was gone? Hell no!

The driver Dennis was unloading Maddy's plethra of Louis Vuitton baggage while Maddy watched him, impatiently tapping her red Gucci sandles.

"Dennis, sometime today would be nice!" Maddy screeched at him.

Dennis glanced at Easy and Callie, half wishing that one of them would say something to her. Scold, call her off on being rude. Anything?

Nope. Callie simply got Lily out of her car seat and Easy talked to Maddy about the school. He had to ask for a raise.

"Hon, she's in the same room as you were." said Easy, glancing at Maddy's papers.

"Really? Wonder if Ava's going to be in their too-"


Callie twirled around and came face to face with an ecstatic Tinsley Ferro, racing toward her. Tinsley had been Callie's best friend since her years at Waverly and she'd married Heath. They had two kids who were Maddy's age, twins Ava and Zach. They both had Tinsley's wild violet eyes but Ava had Heath's shaggy blond hair and Zach had Tinsley's thick black hair.

"It has been too long Call! It's been what a year?"

"Yeah, about that. How've you been?"

"I'm good. The modeling's going really well, Heath started up a gym in January and that's been successful. Enough about that though, let me hold this little angel!" she cooed as she took Lily out of Callie's arms.

While Tinsley made silly faces at Lily, Callie had to cough down a giggle. Tinsley could be the most awesome person in the world- to some people. Like Callie, Easy, Heath, and the kids. But most definitly not to-

"Oh my god. What the hell is she doing here?"

Heath and Easy had been talking when Callie and Tinsley looked past them- and saw none other then Jenny and Julian, and their son Sean, who was also freshman.

Tinsley saw Ava's eyes sparkling in Sean's direction and she raced in front of her. No fucking way was her daughter going to end up with that little ho-bag's kid.

"Do not talk to that boy."

"Why not, he's cute-"

"I don't care Ava! I said don't talk to him!"

Ava glared at Tinsley with those famous violet eyes she'd inherited from her mom, her shaggy golden bond hair whipping all about her face. Tinsley folded her arms across her chest and glared back at her questionably, daring her to try and fight her. Ava finally heaved a deep sigh.


Tinsley patted her on her the head. "That's my girl."


Tinsley simply flashed her a loving smile as Ava rolled her eyes and walked over to Maddy.

"Maddy, I don't want you talking to him either." said Callie.

"Jesus Christ, mom, you and Aunt Tinsley are being such bit-"

"Maddy!" Easy said sternly to her. "Listen to your mother!"

Maddy's eyes grew wide in pissed off-ness. When were they going to leave?

Zach had been talking with his dad and Easy, not sure what to think of the situation. Sean looked cool enough.

Heath saw Zach glancing at Sean. "I don't care what you do Zach, just don't let your mom find out."

On the other side of the enterance yard, Jenny and Julian were catching up with old friends when Jenny spotted Brett and Kara in the crowd and she ran over to them.

"Oh my god, I missed you guys!" she squealed, hugging them both.

Brett and Kara had gotten married and lived in Boston. They had adopted adopted a girl, Hailey, from a foster home they knew of. Hailey was also a freshman.

"How have you guys been, I havn't seen you in years?" she asked them.

"We've been good." said Kara. "Oh, and this is Hailey!"

Hailey shook hands with Jenny. Hailey Messerschmidt-Whalen had long dirty blond hair and shiny brown eyes. And when she locked eyes with Sean, she felt like she was melting. She awkwardly stook out her hand to shake his.

"Hi I'm Hailey."

"Hey. I'm Sean."

Hailey simply tried not to blush and just smiled at him, praying that he couldn't hear her heart beating through her chest.

It was finally time for the parents to leave. The kids all hugged their parents one last time, Maddy and Ava practically shoved their mothers into the cars, and then they all walked into the main hall for the beginning of year speech and dinner.

"Parents are so gay." Ava muttered, as she and Maddy waved to all the cute boys, finding a seat in the room.

"I know." Maddy giggled, feeling like a ten year old. "I was crossing my fingers when I told my mom that I wouldn't talk to Sean."

Ava barked out a laugh. "You honestly thought that she believed me when I said I wouldn't talk to him?"

Dean Marymount was older but he was still very much the dean. As he looked around the room, he saw several familiar faces in the new students. Great. The spawn of the rebel class had finally arrived. He stood in front of his podium as he cleared his throat and everyone turned to look at them.

"Welcome to Waverly! I am very pleased to see all of you here and I look forward to an enjoyable, prosperous year together." Sure. If these kids were anything like they're parents, the next four years were going to be anything but what Marymount hoped for.

Ava rolled her head back, her eyes shut. "My mom that Marymount is an prick. God, I hate when she's right!"

Maddy nodded in agreement, and her heart skipped a beat when she spotted Sean, in all of his magnificent hottness, sitting a few rows ahead of them. He was really tall, like Julian, and he had a mess of dark curly hair. She could look at him forever.

Callie and Easy had wanted Maddy to relatively avoid scandels but not be a total loner. Well she certainly would not be a loner. She was going to be with Sean, whether her parents liked it or not. After all, it wasn't like they could stop her- and it was really a little hypocritical of them to act like they were a couple of good damn saints, she'd heard stories about what they'd done while at Waverly. And all good Waverly owls live up to their families name.

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