Rated: K+

Summary: Kikumaru sings the randomest song ever and Fuji joins in. The rest of the team ponder on their sanity. Llama Song Parody

Pairings: Implied Dream Pair and implied pillar pair

Category: humour/parody

Characters: Seigaku

Disclaimer: Konomi Takeshi owns PoT

It was a normal day in Seigaku, well as normal as Seigaku can be. I mean, it IS Seishun Gakuen. Anyways that is beside the point, the point is, a normal day in Seigaku was just bound to be corrupted… It was in the clubhouse when they heard the acrobatic player Kikumaru start singing a random song:

"Here's a Fuji, there's a Fuji
And another happy Fuji
Sexy Fuji
Funny Fuji
Fuji, Fuji Tezuka

Fuji, Fuji
Tennis Fuji
Fuji, Fuji
Syusuke Fuji

Kikumaru paused, as if thinking of lyrics when another soft voice started singing:

"I was once a freshman
I had to see a shrink
But I never saw the way
Inui made the drink
I was only twelve years old
But the world was cruel
Now listen little Ryoma
And just stay in school

Kikumaru turned to see Fuji standing there with his oh-so-innocent smile and grinned. Both of them started bawling out the lyrics in unison:

"Did you ever see a Fuji
Met a Fuji
Fought a Fuji
Fuji's Fuji
Taste of AOZU
Fuji, Fuji

Half a Fuji
Twice the Fuji
Not a Fuji
Fuji in a court
Taka and Fuji
Fuji, Fuji

Is this how it's told now?
Is it all so old?
Is it made of veggie juice
Now this song is running thin
And I've run out of luck
Time for me to retire now
And go bug Tezuka…

"Nya Fuji! What a great song!" Kikumaru smiled, pointly ignoring the dirty looks his team was shooting him.

"Saa Eiji, it's very fast."

"That's why it's so great!" Kikumaru jumped up and down.

"So Tezuka, did you like it?"



"……." After a moment, Tezuka let out a reluctant, "Hn."



"Can you please order them laps?"

"…" Tezuka only wished that a normal day would stay normal, just once. "Twenty laps."

All through the twenty laps, the same song could be heard… and strangely enough, the regulars were playing tennis in beat to the music.

A/N: Really random I know, I felt like taking a break from Hyoutei for once. Anyways, yeah, I was bored and the llama song and Fuji just kinda popped into my head. Not sure if this idea has been stolen or what …