!Spoilers for Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World's End!

Of Love and Lust

It's funny how being in love can make you realize what it really is and is not.

Love is not lust.

Lust is not love.

You can lust while you love, but you cannot – and do not – love while you lust.

She knows now that all she felt for Jack was lust. Mere lust.

She did want him. The compass did not lie. She wanted him to take her, to pillage and ravish her body like the daring, rough, and brilliant pirate he is.

And they probably would have had wild, bold, and possibly even heroic adventures together on the high seas.

But she knows it wouldn't have lasted forever.

Eventually she just would've been another Giselle or Scarlett, waiting in a long line of, well, loose women hoping to either slap his bleeding brains out or to finally get called upon again; to be whisked away by Captain Jack Sparrow, who has finally realized he loves her and her alone, and cannot live his life without her.

But that's not Jack's way. For he loves freedom far more than he could ever love a woman, loves freedom in the form of a big, beautiful ship and the open seas.

And now that she has Will, she doesn't think she could ever love another like she loves him.

Kind, gentle, brave, beautiful Will.

It's funny how being in love can make you realize just how very lucky you really are.

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